10 Dec 2018 News > Championships ~ Drawings

National Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship Drawing

Dec 12, 2018
Sportsmen’s Association Grounds, Grovesprings, MO
Judges: Gailen Cooper, Caleb Bryson

1a. Wolf Creek Colby, PM, Dan Crunk
1b. Sulther Creek Woodman, GSM, Emmet Sasser

2a. Skyview High Regard, SF, Jason Patty
2b. Hainline’s Silver Star, PF, Jeff Hainline

3a. Ruth’s High Flying Goose, PM, Mike Roper
3b. Bye Bye GG, PF, F. Schoenborn

4a. Blair’s Witch Project, SM, Greg Blair
4b. Beauchoup Creek Buck, SM, Don Heisner

06 Dec 2018 News > Championships ~ Drawings

2018-2019 National Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational Championship Drawing

Dec 7, 2018
Round Pond Plantation, Leesburg, GA
Judges: Judd Carlton, Mark McClean

Day 1

1a. Iron and Oak, SM, Ross Leonard
1b. Pineywoods Jackpot, SM, Darron Hendley

2a. Conway Twitty, PM, Alan Atkins
2b. At A Boy Roy, PM, George Kimbrell

3a. Sugarknoll Bushwacker, PM, Pete Del Collo
3b. Rentz’s Fire and Ice, PM, Joe Rentz

4a. Mac’s Hi Ho Silver, PM, Tim McClurg
4b. Back Country Bonnie, PF, Kevin Joyce

23 Nov 2018 News > 20th Century Fund

20th Century Fund Success Story – West KY WMA

20th Century funding has been a tremendous asset to field trial clubs all across the country. Following is a short description of benefits the West Kentucky Wildlife Management Area and clubs using the area have received.

Since 2007 the area has used 20th Century funding to improve habitat in several ways. Use of heavy equipment was one of the first ways funding was used in cooperation with the area management team.

17 Oct 2018 News > Championships ~ Drawings

2018-2019 National Amateur Pheasant Championship Drawing

Oct 19, 2018
Tri-Valley Wildlife Area, Zanesville, OH
Judges: Jon Lam, Keith Lowry

1a. Stonefree B, SM, Marian Brown
1b. Mac’s High Ho Silver, PM, Tim McClurg

2a. S F Saltwater, PM, Larry Smith
2b. Miller’s Arctic Breeze, PF, Jack Alexander

3a. S F Stetson, PM, Larry Smith
3b. Windy Hills Rayban, PM, Kent Merryman

4a. Nosam’s Rock Creek, PM, Ray Wheeler
4b. S F Benchmark, PM, Larry Smith

5a. Wibaux Sun B, SM, Marian Brown
5b. Dialed In, PF, Jim Pendergest