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2018-2019 National Amateur Derby Championship Drawing

March 8, 2019
Ames Plantation, Grand Junction, TN
Judges: Garland Priddy, Collier Smith

1a K H Game Wardon, PM, Griffin/Bonner
1b SF Benchmark, PM, Larry Smith

2a Big Creek’s Coldwater Frank, PM, James Heimdal
2b Superstition Final Touch, PM, Peterson/Spencer

3a Bad Praires Valley Girl, PF, Quinton Wiseman
3b Small’s White Gold, PF, IS, Small/ Ashburn

4a Mohawk Mill Trail, PM, Gary Winall
4b Bad Prairie Strom Force, Pm, Quinton Wiseman

5a Cocklebur’s X Files, PM, Spencer/Peterson
5b SF Stetson, PM, Larry Smith

03 Mar 2019 News > Championships ~ Drawings

2018-2019 National Amateur Quail Championship Drawing

March 4, 2019
Ames Plantation, Grand Junction, TN
Judges, Garland Priddy & Collier Smith

1a Mohawk Mill Pirate, PM, Gary Winall
1b Erin’s Full Throttle, PM, Ivester/Epp

2a Mac Golva B, SM, Marion Brown
2b. Dubose’s Daddy Boy, PM, Bobby Dubose

3a Rester’s Super Chief, PM, Cecil Rester
3b Erin’s Trace, PM, Mason/Epp

4a Rebel Pirate, PM, David Williams
4b Marque’s Armed Robber, PM, Ivester/Epp

History of the National Amateur Free-for-All Championship

Many thanks to Darron Hendley whose many National Shooting Dog Championship catalogs from past years, Tony Gibson and Bernie Matthys of the American Field for other pertinent materials and information used to compile the historic of this important amateur championship still held on the grounds it was founded on, Sedgefield Plantation, Union Springs, Alabama. If anyone has additional information or corrections, please let us know.  National Amateur Free-for-All Championship