Invitational Championships

Eligibility for the National Amateur Invitational Championships are based on a point system as follows:

  • 3 points for 1st place dog times the number of dogs drawn.
  • 2 points for 2nd place dog times number of dogs drawn.
  • 1 point for 3rd place dog times the number of dogs drawn.

Bonus points shall be awarded as follows:

All Regional Championships:

  • 25 points to the champion; 10 points to the runner-up.

All National Amateur Championships:

  • 30 points to the champion; 15 points to the runner-up.

National Amateur Free-For-All Championship:

  • 75 points to the champion; 50 to the runner-up.

National Amateur Quail Championship:

  • 100 points to the champion; 50 to the runner-up.

National Amateur Invitational Championship:

  • Only the previous year’s winner is automatically qualified for the following year’s event.
  • Previous year’s runner-up in the Invitational shall receive a total of 75 points.

A gun of not less than .32 caliber shall be used in one-hour Invitational Qualifying Stakes. Shotgun (209) primers may be used in lieu of .32 caliber.

2020 Invitational Points Standing

Shooting Dog
* = a previous AA or SD Invitational Champion
Dog Owner Total
Dialed In Jim Pendergest 311
Showtime Mocking Jay Larron Copeland 310
Touch's Grey Street Keith Wright 308
Marques Armed Robber John Ivester 241
Phillips Off Line Nathan Phillips 210
Erin's Full Throttle John Ivester 190
Touch's Firedancer Keith Wright 189
Touch's Indiana Joan Keith Wright 183
Small's White Striker Mike Small 172
Mohawk Mill Trail Warrior Gary Winall 162
Miller's Creative Cause Tom Liesfeld 162
Touch's Malcolm Story Alexander Rickert 148
Hendrix's Touch Up Burke Hendrix 142
Rebel Pirate David Williams 115
Confident Nation Scott Jordan 108
Nosam's Rock Creek Ray Wheeler 107
Worsham's Silver Comet Joe Worsham 105
Mohawk Mill Image Gary Winall 104
Rebel Survivor David Williams 93
Touch's Blue Knight Woody Watson 92
Master's Touch Tom Liesfeld 84
Woods R Calling Sam Bill Frahm 84
Misty Morn Masked Man Joey McAlexander 84
Crouses's Equalizer Michael Crouse 78
Bonner's Excalibur Derek Bonner 76
Chiefs Rising Sun John Mathys 73
Stoney Run's Spector Dennis Snyder 73
Painted Molly Jim & Bridget Ledington 73
Bo Of Piney Woods richard warters 72
BK Damascus Sureshot Sergio Velez 70
Coldwater Thunder Rachel Blackwell 70
Showtime Sam Houston Larron Copeland 68
Showtime Game Changer Larron Copeland 67
Greypointe Islamorada Doug Meyer 65
HP Wiggins Express Rodney Shoemaker 64
Intensive Chain Breaker Steve Auxier 62
Set Up Man Jim Rose 61
Cavenaugh's River Shadow Ken Cavenaugh 56
Tim's Setter Earl Tim Callahan 56
Superstition’s Final Touch Ric Peterson 54
Pendy's Good Grace Matt Pendergest 54
Islander Pedrag Kazic 48
HP Tornado Watch Rodney Shoemaker 48
H P Final Decision Rodney Shoemaker 48
Fibber's Working Class Steve Auxier 44
SF Bandwagon Larry Smith 42
White's Crossbow Danny White 42
Boumeester's Duramax Rich Boumeester 42
Kelly's Rebel Louie J. Sean Kelly 42
Ascension Matt Pendergest 39
Cocklebur X Files Bubba Spencer 36
Swampfox Davey Crockett Johnny Atkinson 36
H P Cotton Mouth Rodney Shoemaker 36
Sleepless In Sacramento Jim & Cami Wolthuis 34
Crouse's White Dragon M.D. Crouse 32
Thin Ice Kirk Swanson 32
Hendrix's Copperline Burke Hendrix 30
Touch's White Knight Eddie Sholar 30
Home Suits Me Paul Gadd 28
Sioux Showboat LJ Lundstrom 28
River City Cowboy Kent Walker 28
BMB's Free Ride Brandon Blum 28
Meadowoods Fast Break Ted Roach 26
Crouse's White Dragon Michael Crouse 24
SilverLine Rebellions Gator James Goza 24
Crouse's Samuri Warlord Michael Crouse 24
Pleasant Run Gal David Hendricks 24
Greypointe Luminoso Doug Meyer 24
Rester's Amazing Grace Cecil Rester 21
Ransom's Jack Flash Rachel Blackwell 20
Meadowwood's Matt Dillon Keith Bollendorf 20
Bonafide Bocephus Darrell Miller 19
Mac's Hi-Ho Silver Tim McClurg 18
Chupacabra Tyson Traw 18
Matt`s Big Orange Banche Scott A Ford 16
Wild Hawk Mike Moses 16
James Pond Bull Woody Watson 14
McRee's Glory B Patrick McPherson 13
Rebel Maiden David Williams 12
Rebel Cause David Williams 12
Iron and Wine Jon Humphrey 12
Crouse's Iron Man Alan Benson 8
Myakka Time Shifter Beth Brown 8
S F Stetson Larry Smith 7
Dunn's True Rein Will Dunn 7
* = a previous AA or SD Invitational Champion
Dog Owner Total
Miller's Unbridled Forever Brian Sanchez 631
Dragonfly Jim Hughes 336
Lester's Prime Poison Lane Brian Peterson 319
Backcountry Bruiser Chris Catanzarite 266
Nickajack Pathfinder Ross Leonard 258
Seekin A Thrill Ross Leonard 253
Waybetter Billy Thom Brigman 238
Mac's Hi-Ho Silver Tim McClurg 194
Miller's Special Edition Fran and Jack Miller 168
Lawless Speck Jim Lawless 158
Touch's Katrina Austin Turley 157
Beckworth's Firefighter Alan York 156
Upfront's Southern Star Lance Schultz 153
Ten Oaks Annie A Jeanette Heise 153
Neely's Party Girl John Neely 151
Bromance Jon Humphrey 147
Hale's Southern Touch Jeffrey hale 147
Neely's Seal The Deal John Neely 137
Hale's Kickstarter Dr. Jeffrey A Hale 130
Little More Shine Kristine Hammons 129
One Day Daddy Boy Christopher Lane Hodges 127
Prime Passion Lane Brian Peterson 124
Mac's Silver Chief Tim McClurg 122
Wibaux Sun B Marion Brown 120
Jumpstart Frank LaNasa 111
Cheyenne Nation Scott Jordan 103
Windy Hill War Creek Buddy Morrison 102
Time Flies Mike Moses 102
Miller's Cover Girl Fran and Jack Miller 99
Lone Tree Splish Splash Bill Owen 98
Emmalita Austin Turley 97
Baja Blues Buck Neil 97
Absolute Diva Joyce Taylor 93
AT'A Boy's Strangle Hold George Kimbrell 91
Springflow's Backcountry P Chris Catanzarite 90
Electronic Warfare William Goodwin 90
Warioto's Baby Ruth Scott & Lisa Little 86
DK'S Wild Child David Nelson 84
Glenmere's Amae zing Mathew Haggis 82
Topp's First JR Luke Topp 80
Crown's Black Ice Tracy Swearingen 80
Miller's California Dreamer Fran Miller 78
One Day Frost Christopher Lane Hodges 74
Northwoods Charles Bill Owen 72
Game On Joe & Kent Walker 71
Millers Packing Heat Fran and Jack Miller 69
Strut Nation Scott Jordan 69
Lester's Ritz Scott Griffin 66
Ima Redneck Flirt Todd Babbel 64
Fastforward's BK Gunner Sergio Velez 63
Mia’s Wiki Hour of Kalua Charles Chadwell 62
Lester's Top Recruit Lance +Servais 60
Miller's Upgraded Version Fran and Jack Miller 60
Miller's Heat Wave Fran Miller 60
Sims Ramblin Rex Junior Sims 59
Chicks Dig It Buck neil 58
Heard Hill's Tom Cruise Buck Heard 58
Heard's Hill Rebel Polly Buck Heard 56
Southern's Shadow T Rex Lance +Servais 55
Touch's Knight Belle Keith Lowry 54
Casey Creek Crystal Ice Buster Tucker 52
Calico's Touch of Class Muriel Primm 51
Maybellene Tom Griffin 48
Comeback Trump Joe Edwards 48
Terry's White Tyler Chris Cornman 48
Osceola's Rebel Chief Ted Roach 48
Roses Are Red Tim Hammons 45
At'a Boy Roy George Kimbrell 42
Calvary Sergeant William Goodwin 42
BK Pablo Escobar Sergio Velez 42
Redland's Jacked Up Joe & Tricia Rentz 40
Myakka Freddie The Freeloader Beth Arthur 39
Walden's Ridge Shadow Dance David Steele 37
Penrosa Hidncash Tim Penn 36
Nemaha Nell Steve Auxier 36
Daphne's Gage William R Rogers 36
Glitz & Glamour Tammy & Jeremy Taylor 36
American Express Lane Brian Peterson 34
Electric Lady Tom N. Griffin 32
Nosam's Rock Creek Ray Wheeler 30
Native Lucky Boy William Harkins 30
Littlewing BK Tia Sergio Velez 28
Harbor City Cruz Tom Brigman 28
Panther Creek Merlin Frank Rutland 28
Manatee Rock Paul May 26
Upper Ten Riley John Adsit 26
Skyz The Limit Bill Adams 24
Nemaha Rio Pat Mcinteer 24
Little More Shine Kristine Hammons 20
Bad Bourbon Greg Strausbaugh 20
Mac's Gunny Lou Tim McClurg 19
Lily An Creag David Creagan 17
Swift Justice Brad Kennedy 16
Raags Air Supply Ray Wheeler 16
Miller's Direct Line phil morgan 16
Blue Darter Tyson Traw 16
Fox Creek Peezie Michael Fox 12
Just A Rebel Heart Kirk Swanson 12
Outlaw Rocky River John Hoover 8
RW Susie Q Roger Watson 6

National Amateur Invitational Championship Standard (All-Age)

The purpose of this trial is to determine the best amateur all-age dog in America! The winner of this championship is expected to display exceptional qualities, including: hunt independently at extreme range, adjust to terrain and cover as the course dictates, respond to handler, demonstrate stamina, show determination under adverse conditions, exhibit an intense desire to find game. They must locate game with speed and accuracy, display loftiness and intensity on point, have impeccable manners around game, and honor of bracemate if the occasion arises. Dogs must exhibit exceptional bird finding ability with quality superseding quantity always. If there is any question in the judge’s mind whether a dog is of all-age caliber, then this dog is not to be considered worthy of winning this Championship.

National Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational Championship Standard

The purpose of this trial is to determine the best amateur shooting dog in America! The winner of this championship is expected to display superior, natural bird dog characteristics such as: pace, range, bird sense, nose, stamina and style. The sought after contender must render a balanced, biddable performance, search intelligently and exhibit exceptional bird finding ability with quality superseding quantity. They must manifest accuracy of location, loftiness and intensity on point, impeccable manners around game and honor of bracemate if the occasion arises. The dog must show subservience to the handler and proper handling response without the benefit of scouting and excessive handling. If there is any question in the judge’s mind whether a dog fulfills this demanding standard, then this dog is not to be considered worthy of winning this Championship.

National Amateur Invitational Championships Format

Braces of dogs are drawn for the first day’s running. Each dog will have a different bracemate, course and time to compete on the second day. All dogs will compete for one-hour on the first two days. A brace is complete when the dogs are ordered up. The competition the first two days is to qualify the dogs for a third day. The judges will call back at least two dogs. After one hour, the duration of the heats on the third day is at the judges’ discretion. The Champion is named based on its performance all three days. A runner-up is not mandatory but may be named if the judges deem a dog especially worthy.