Author: Piper Huffman

25 Sep 2018 News > Championships ~ Drawings

2018-2019 National Amateur Grouse Championship Drawing

September 27th, 2018
Meredith, MI
Judges: Tim Tufts & Bill Holtan

1a. Blast Zone, SM, Thor Kain
1b. Vitali’s Grouse Ringer Tony, SM, Gary Vitali

2a. Deep Timber Puma, SM, Pete Casgrain
2b. Quail Trap Will, SM, Dave Hawk

3a. Thornapple Cody, SM, Bob Leet
3b. Highbanks Back N Black, PM, Nelson/Merlington

4a. River’s Edge Molly, SF, IS, Pat Cooke
4b. All On, PF, IS, Thor Kain

5a. Glenrae’s Outlander, PM, Ann Naus
5b. Travel Alert, SM, Harold Holmes

19 Sep 2018 News > Championships ~ Drawings

2018-2019 National Amateur Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog Championship Drawing

Sept 21, 2018
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 
Judges: Jeff Wagoner & Phil Ruff, Reporter: Frank LaNasa

1a. Stone Free B, SM, Marion Brown
1b. Skydancer Dancing Spur, SM, Dennis Lutynski

2a. Erin’s Coin Toss, PM, Derrig/Sheehan
2b. Strut Nation, PM, Scott Jordan

3a. Cal’s Wiki Mai Tai at Sunet, VF, Chad Chadwell
3b. Last Touch B, SF, Marion Brown

4a. Skydancer’s Fire Feet, SM, Boumeester/Mathys
4b. Thumper’s Anything But, PF, Mike Duvall

15 Aug 2018 News > Championships ~ Drawings

2018-2019 National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship Drawing

Saturday, August 18
Circle, Montana
Judges: Marty Middleton & Jason Staley, Reporter: Jason Staley

1a. Crazy Mountain Buck, SM, David Huffine
1b. Erin’s Ramblin River, PM, Austin Turley

2a. Nemaha Boot, PM, Pat McInteer
2b. Eltin Somedays Razzmatazz, SM, George Lutz

3a. Neely’s Seal The Deal, PM, Neely/Kimbrell
3b. Rocky Knoll Peaches, SF, Pat Lockhart

4a. Traveler’s Blackthorn, SF, Greg Sand
4b. Upland Elhew Dakota, PM, Robbins/Jones

17 Jul 2018 News > Annual Meeting Minutes

2018 AFTCA Annual Meeting

Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America, Inc.
St Louis, Missouri
June 22, 2018

President David Williams welcomed all trustees to the 101th annual Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America meeting of 2018. The meeting was called to order at 10:05 AM. The group was advised the meeting was being taped for the purpose of constructing the minutes.

09 Jul 2018 News > Announcements

AFTCA Memberships Vital for the Future of Amateur Competition

Individual AFTCA Membership Summarized ONCE in a while it’s a good thing to lift our heads from the passions of our sport and look around with a discerning eye. Who are we? Why are we? What will we become? These are questions that bear repeating each year and deserve sound answers. We are the Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America. The AFTCA, a near century old organization originating with the…
02 Mar 2018 News > Championships ~ Drawings

2017-2018 National Amateur Derby Championship Drawing

Sunday, March 11, 2018
Huntingdon, TN
Judges: David Williams, Allen McPherson

1a. Touch’s Malcolm Story, PM, Wright
1b. Hendrix’s Dak Attack PM, Jonathan Burch

2a. Nemaha Rio, PM, McInteer
2b. Miller’s Dialing Hot Line, PM, Bonner

3a. Dunn’s True Decision, PM, Dunn
3b. Rester’s Amazin Grace, PF, Rester

4a. Dubose’s Daddy Boy, PM, Dubose
4b. Barshoe La Traviata, PF, Harmon

02 Mar 2018 News > Championships ~ Drawings

2017-2918 National Amateur Quail Championship Drawing

Monday, March 5, 2018
Ames Plantation, Grand Junction, TN
Judges: Bill Mason, Frank LaNasa

1a. Game Bo, PM, Corder
1b. Crouse’s Smokin Joe, PM, Crouse/Schalk

2a. Hodge’s Beast Mode, PM, Hodges
2b. Chipper Jones, PM, Epp

3a. Hendrix’s Signature, PM, Hendrix
3b. Cole Train, PM, Corder

4a. Bad Prairie Billboard, PM, Wiseman
4b. Crouse’s Ebony Masterpiece, PM, Crouse/Schalk