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2020 National Amateur Grouse Championship

NATIONAL AMATUER GROUSE CHAMPIONSHIP BY RUSSELL OGILVIE LITTLE MISS BELLA-CHAMPION  GROUSE HILL ANNIE-RUNNER UP   This year’s National Amateur Grouse Champion came out of the 11 brace. Little Miss Bella, owned and handled by Tim Cavanaugh was paired with Grouse Hill Pepper (Capocci) on Moosehorn. Moosehorn is a tough course for dogs. Not only is it thick making it hard to find dogs, it is has some twist and turns…
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2020-2021 National Amateur Grouse Championship Drawing

National Amateur Grouse Championship Kilkenny, NH September 11, 2020 Judges: Adam Dubriske and Bill Bonnetti   1a. Stokely’s B Ricky, SM, Lloyd Murray 1b. Wild Apple White Lightening, PM, Tim Kisielestic 2a. Moose Look Mac, SM, Jack McNutty 2b. Islander, SM, Capocci/Kazic 3a. Rock Solid Tucker, SM, Douglas Dix 3b. Zuke’s Rambling Man, PM, Marty Zukovich 4a. Wild Apple Spot On, PM, Kisielestic/Doherty 4b. Hog Hill Kissamee Ace, PM, Tim…
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2020-2021 Field Trial Season Announcement- Covid 19

The AFTCA has NOT required a Covid document be released to participate in any AFTCA amateur events or any amateur stakes. This was NOT a requirement to hold the amateur championship by the AFTCA. Re: 2020-2021 Trials This was stated, “One additional, we have required all parties, including gallery riders to sign a Covid document that releases all club members, officers, landowners, aftca, ect, from any liability whatsoever should they…
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2020/2021 National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship

    National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship Circle, MT, August 20,2020 Judges, Tim Schillereff & Alex Rickert 1a. Rebelitta, PF, Austin Turley 1b. Perkins Renegade, GSPF, Chris Perkins 2a. Cap’ N Sam, SM, David Huffine 2b. Traveler’s Split Rail, SM, Greg Sand 3a. Ramblin River’s Rolling Stone, VM, Stapleton/Delude 3b. Name Like Mike, PM, Robbins/Jones 4a. Rocky Knoll Annie, SF, Pat Lockhart 4b. Beau’s Funseeker’s Rebel Roy, PM, Paul…

2020-2021 National Amateur Championship Calendar

National Amateur Championships 2020-2021 Pheasant Shooting Dog, August 20, 2020, Circle, MT, Judges, Tim Schillereff, Alex Rickert Grouse, Sept. 11, Kilkenny, NH, judges, Adam Dubriske & Bill Bonnetti Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog, September 18,2020 Wisconsin Rapids, WI, CANCELLED Pheasant All Age, Dresdan, OH, Judges, Mike Jackson & Mary Sue Schalk All Age Invitational, December 7,2020, Ames Plantation, Judges, Greg Bain & Joe Hughes Shooting Dog Invitational, December 11, Round Pond…
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AFTCA Annual Meeting Minutes 2020

Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America, Inc. Via Conference Call June 25, 2020 President Rick Stallings welcomed all the Trustees to the 103rd Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America annual meeting of 2020. He thanked everyone for taking the time to join the meeting via conference call. The group was advised that the meeting was being taped for the purpose of constructing the minutes. President Rick Stallings asked for the…
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Minimum Requirements by American Field/FDSB & Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America

The Minimum Requirements shows:    “As adopted by The American Field Publishing Company/FieldDog Stud Book and the Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America.”   Requirement No. 1 addresses the announcement of an upcoming trial appearing in the  Fixtures in an issue dated a minimum of fourteen (14) days before the trials are to be run.   No issues being printed. New wording has to be agreed on by the American Field and the AFTCA.  …
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The AFTCA open meeting will be held Thursday June 25, 2020 at 5:00 PM CST. Anyone who wishes to join the conference call on please follow the participant instructions. Your dial-in number is 978-990-5155 and your access code is 4232191. If you have any question please contact AFTCA secretary Piper Huffman 662-223-0126 office 662-471-1700 cell  

2019-2020 National Amateur Quail & Derby Championship Report

The National Amateur Quail Championship returned to the historic Dixie Plantation after an absence of two years to allow maintenance on the field trial courses. This trial is considered by many to be the creme de la creme of amateur trials. There was a collective sigh of relief by the field trial community when permission was granted for this trial to return to Dixie. Fifty-six were drawn to compete—55 pointers, seven being females, and one setter.