Top Amateur Handler - Challenge for the Blue

The most significant season long and inclusive award for amateur handlers in AFTCA’s 100 year history!

  • Award recognizes the most eligible events in Field Trial competition.
  • Award supports and promotes its more than 350 Member Clubs.
  • Real Time Standings, including sponsor, amateur handler and club profiles.
  • Competition is sanctioned by the AFTCA and their Amateur Sports and Conservation Non- Profit 501(c)3 “20th Century Fund”.
    This Non-Profit has sanctioned thousands of amateur competition events over their more than 100 year history and donated more than $250,000 to upland bird conservation.
  • Sponsor Recognition at the annual Purina Top Bird Dog and Handler Awards Banquet.
  • Promotional advertising throughout the season for Sponsors of this event who believe outdoor activities with family, friends and dogs is a healthy pastime.

Sponsorship levels:

  • Yellow Ribbon Sponsor $500
  • Red Ribbon Sponsor $1,000
  • Blue Ribbon Sponsor $2,500

Please join us by sponsoring this existing new field trial event!

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Top Amateur Handler Sponsorship

Amateur Handler Award
  • Predicting more than 1,500 handler participants
  • Potentially more than 5,000 bird dog participants
  • Potentially more than 2,500 horses involved
  • Events in the United States, Canada and Japan
  • Includes 100s of events over a 10 month period


  • Sponsorship Exposure:
    • Website Promotion
    • Social Media Promotion
    • Email Promotion
    • Event Promotion
The AFTCA is the single largest Amateur Organization solely focused on the development and success of Amateur Bird Dog Handlers and the Clubs that support them.