Top Amateur Handler

The most significant season long award for amateur handlers in AFTCA's 100 year history!

Highlights of this Award Program

Contest: All points earned in 30 minute Amateur All-Age and 30 minute Amateur Shooting Dog stakes will be combined into a single points total for each AFTCA Individual Member or Pre-Member handler. All points will be calculated and displayed in a real time standings on this page based on Essential Data Form Submissions received within 45 days of events conclusion.

Eligible Stakes: American Field/Field Dog Stud Book sanctioned amateur stakes including Horseback, Walking, NBHA, ABHA, US Complete, and Dual Sanctioned events (run in accordance with AFTCA Running Rules and Minimum Requirements).

Points Awarded to the handler for each stake: 3pts for 1st, 2pts for 2nd and 1pt for 3rd times the number of dogs entered in the stake.

  • Host Club must be a current AFTCA Member or Pre-Member Club prior to the trial event’s running.
  • Handler must have a current AFTCA Individual Member or Pre-Member number prior to entering an eligible event for points to be awarded.
  • All stakes must meet AFTCA Minimum Requirements and follow AFTCA Running Rules.
  • In order to have points awarded the dog must be registered with the Field Dog Stud Book. All pointing dog breeds are welcome and encouraged to participate.
  • Recognize Top Handler in each Region

2019 Top Amateur Handler Points Standing

Handler City Region Total
Eric Munden Philipsburg 2 63
Aidan Malone Bolton 1 42
James Spencer Milton 16 40
John McKellop III Guys Mills 2 39
Kenric DeLong Greenville 4 39
William Langley Bernice 8 36
Robert Thomas Trussville 16 36
Bobby Phillips Jonesborough 6 30
Larry J King Shepherdstown 3 30
Gregor McCluskey Harwinton 1 28
Mike Duvall Janesville 19 27
Brian Sheehan Carol Stream 5 27
Dean Avillion White Haven 1 27
Jeanette Heise Saskatoon 14 24
Jim Womack Clermont 16 24
Chris Catanzarite Scenery Hill 2 21
Sharon Townley Richardsville 3 20
Michael Spotts Bloomsburg 2 18
Sig Guggenmoos Sherwood Park 14 16
Joseph Lordi Atco 2 14
Whitley Stephenson Smithfield 3 12
George Doyle South Hill 3 10
Darrell Miller Center cross 3 8
Keri Sims Milton 16 8
Grayson Francis Nathalie 3 4
Amateurs Competing
Amateur Handler Award
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