Purina Events Sponsorship Program and the AFTCA Online Store

In partnership, the AFTCA and Purina are excited to announce the launching of the Purina Events Sponsorship Program and the AFTCA Store! 

The Purina Events Sponsorship Program is available to all AFTCA member clubs hosting either Open or Amateur events. The program will provide Pro Plan dog food and substantial AFTCA Store coupons for your event’s awards, gifts, and apparel.

This exciting new program will allow Purina and the AFTCA to deliver benefits directly to member clubs, elevating their events while providing a convenient one-stop AFTCA Store for quality awards, apparel, and gifts.

The program is now ready to accept Sponsorship requests, and the AFTCA Store can now take Member Club orders for events starting on or after January 1st 2024.  Clubs are encouraged to submit their online sponsorship applications immediately to meet six-week deadlines. Get the word out and start applying for your event sponsorships today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Purina Events Sponsorship Program?
Purina remains committed to supporting pointing dog field trials.  With this program, member clubs can now seek targeted Sponsorship for their Club event in the form of Pro Plan dog food and significant AFTCA Store coupons for their event awards, apparel, and gifts.

Using the Event Sponsorship online application on the AFTCA website, member clubs will submit their request for Sponsorship at least six weeks before the event date. If the application is successful, Purina will award both Pro Plan Dog food for your event as well as a $200 AFTCA Store coupon for Club weekend events, a $300 AFTCA Store coupon for Club Classic and Special Events, and a $500 AFTCA Store coupon for Championship events. The combined value of food and coupons is a significant commitment to helping member clubs provide quality events.

What is the AFTCA Store?
The online AFTCA Store is available for both Club and Individual member purchases on the AFTCA website www.aftca.org. Only Clubs are eligible for Sponsorship coupons, but Individual members are encouraged to shop the apparel and gift items. Currently, the AFTCA Store provides over 50 quality awards, apparel, and gift products. As priced, all products will include the Sponsorship Logo, custom printing, engraving, shipping and handling. You must log in to the AFTCA website to see the AFTCA Store.

What Clubs can apply for Sponsorship?
Only AFTCA member clubs can receive Pro Plan dog food and AFTCA Store Coupons. Whether your club hosts Open or Amateur events or both, this benefit is available to AFTCA Member Clubs. Club memberships are $100 for the season from July 1st until June 30th each year regardless of when you join.  If your club is not a member, we encourage you to join and take advantage of this and many other outstanding benefits by contacting the AFTCA Secretary Piper Huffman, Office phone: 662-223-0126 or email: piper.huffman@aim.com. Membership is simple, convenient and quick.

If my club is not a member of the AFTCA can we receive Purina Pro Plan Dog Food for our events?
Purina Pro Plan Dog Food delivered to your event is now part of the Purina Events Sponsorship Program and requires Club membership in the AFTCA (exempting those events with active contracts with Purina that pre-date the launch of this program).

If my club is not a member of the AFTCA, can we buy products in the AFTCA Store for our events?
Only member clubs can have access to the AFTCA Store for their events.

Where can I apply?
Join the AFTCA! Once logged in as a member, you will find the Event Sponsorship Application under the Club Area tab on the AFTCA home page. Complete the simple 11 question application for your club event and hit the submit button! That’s it! The whole process takes less than 5 minutes. This method is the ONLY method allowed to request Sponsorship.

When can I apply for Sponsorship for my club event?
To meet shipping requirements for food and fulfillment requirements for items in the AFTCA Store, applications for Sponsorship must occur at least SIX (6) WEEKS before the event’s advertised date.

How are we notified if we are awarded a Purina Sponsorship for our event?
Once you complete your application and hit the “Submit” button, you will receive an online confirmation that your request has been sent, and it will go directly to Purina for review. If approved, you will receive a Sponsorship notification by email, which will let you know the amount of dog food, the Coupon amount, and your club’s AFTCA Store Coupon Code. If denied, you will receive an email explaining the denial, which can be appealed if further review warrants.

How does my Purina Coupon Code work in the AFTCA Store?
Once logged in, you can shop for your event awards, apparel, and gifts. Your awards can be customized to your event. When your shopping is completed, and you go to your cart, you will see the notice of an available coupon, which will reduce your cost by the coupon amount when applied. For example, your shopping cart has Awards and Gifts totaling $595 for a Championship event, which would be discounted $500 when you use your coupon, leaving a total to be paid at checkout of $95 with your credit card.

Who can use the Clubs Coupon in the AFTCA Store?
Only the person submitting the sponsorship application will be able to use the Club coupon.

Can I use my Purina Discount Coupon at other Stores?
The coupon can only be used in the AFTCA Store.

Does my Purina Coupon expire?
Yes, the coupon will expire two weeks after your event’s advertised date.

Can I use a part of my coupon in one shopping event and use the balance in another?
If a balance remains on the coupon after a shopping event, you may use it on another visit to the AFTCA Store up to 2 weeks after your event’s advertised date.

Can a Club receive Sponsorship for more than one event a year?
Yes. Each event is considered an individual request and will be reviewed by Purina for Sponsorship.

As an Individual AFTCA member can I purchase items in the AFTCA Store?
Individual members are encouraged to shop in the AFTCA Store for high quality apparel and gift items. Branded apparel includes Eddie Bauer, Carhartt, The North Face, Columbia, Crown, Richardson and more high-quality garments designed for outdoor use. The price shown on the item includes the logo, shipping and handling.

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