How do you become an Individual Member of the AFTCA and what are the payment options?

Simply click on Become an AFTCA Member and follow the process to make an online payment on our secure server. If you would prefer paying by check, email AFTCA for an Individual Member Application.

How does a club become a member of the AFTCA and what are the payment options?

Simply click on Become an AFTCA Member and follow the process to make an online payment on our secure server. If you would prefer paying by check, email AFTCA for a print Club Application.

How and when are Individual and Club Memberships renewed?

You will receive several Membership Renewal email reminder. Please be sure your contact information remains currant in your Membership profile so the email reminders reach you. Check your spam filter to make sure emails from the AFTCA are not going to your spam folder.

You can also select to have your Membership renew automatically on our secure server. Your credit card will be billed on a yearly basis and you will receive an email informing you that your membership renewal has been made. Membership fees will not change without notification.

What are the guidelines of an Individual Member participating in AFTCA events and who needs to purchase a Membership?

Individual Membership must be current to participate in AFTCA sponsored events excluding youth stakes. Participants include the handler, owner(s) or kennel name included on the registration certificate with the American Field (Field Dog Stud Book). All must be current members for a dog to be entered an AFTCA stake.

How long is my membership good for?

Annual Memberships run from July 1 to July 1 of the following year regardless of when you purchase your membership. Individual Memberships expire at midnight on June 30th of each calendar year.

Can I purchase a membership after I place my dog in an amateur event?

No. A handler and all owners shown on the dog’s registration must be paid Individual Members prior to the event (except for youth events). Memberships are not retroactive and any placement awarded without all owners of a dog having current memberships will not be recognized.

What is the definition of a Professional and an Amateur?

Any person who receives or has received either directly or indirectly, compensation for training or handling dogs (including handling of dogs on a plantation or shooting preserve) is not an amateur. Any amateur who handles a dog not solely owned and registered in their name or in the name of a member of their immediate family, who is awarded a placement for that dog’s performance shall waive payment or any division of the cash purse or shall lose their amateur status. The funds waived shall remain the property of the Club.

What is the required eligibility for All-Age, Shooting Dog and Walking Shooting Dogs to compete in Regional Championships?

To be eligible for the Regional All-Age Championships, dogs and handlers must have an AFTCA Win Certificate for a win in a derby or an all-age event. To be eligible for the Regional Shooting Dog Championship and the Regional Walking Shooting Dog Championship, dogs and handlers must have an AFTCA Win Certificate for a win in a shooting dog or derby event.

How do you apply for amateur status having been a professional dog trainer/handler?

Any person who has worked as a professional; or who has met the definition of a professional by the AFTCA; or any person who has been barred from competition in amateur events because of professionalism, who has not received payment for training or handling services (outlined in Section 1 of the By-Laws and Running Rules) for three years, may apply to have their amateur status reinstated. Please visit Reinstatement of Amateur Status.

What are the cell phone rules and recovery device requirements?

Refer to page 33, Article VIII of the AFTCA By Laws and Running Rules.

What are the approved safety blanks for shotguns and where can they be purchased?

AFTCA approved safety blanks for shotguns (410 bore). Only specified safety blanks used in re-enactment events and endorsed by the AFTCA may be used. (1/2 loaded-grey) safety blanks emit no solid material from the barrel.
Approved (1/2 load-grey) safety blanks can be purchased thru:
Western Stage Props, 3935 W. Reno Avenue, Suite E, Las Vegas, NV 89118 ~ 702-873-1100

My Dogs Win Certificate is not in the Dog Win Database, why not?

The two most common reasons are that a completed Essential Data Form has not been submitted to the AFTCA for processing or that the club sponsoring the event is not current with their Club Membership dues. Check with the Field Trial Chairman of the sponsoring club to confirm these two issues are resolved.

I cannot print my Win Certificate in the Dog Win Database.

Make sure that your dog is included on your Dog Profile page which is located in your Individual Membership Profile on this website. Once that is completed the Win Certificate number will change to a hyperlink which you can click on, open the PDF certificate and print or save.

How are Invitational points calculated?

Please visit Invitational Points.

The Invitational points total for my dog is not correct.

Click on your dog in the Invitational points standing and a window will open showing the dogs recorded wins in the current season. Contact the sponsoring club of any unreported events and confirm that the Essential Data Form has been submitted and that the club is current in its membership dues. If both those items are confirmed, contact Piper Huffman and explain the situation for resolution. You are responsible for monitoring your dog’s recorded point totals.

Are there any qualifications to enter the National Amateur Derby or National Amateur Shooting Dog Derby Championship?

There are no derby qualifications to enter the either of the derby championships.