2023-2024 Top Handler Awards

Ken DeLong wins the 2023-2024 AFTCA Top Handler Award

Ken Delong of Greenville, Michigan, handled his 4-year-old Brittany male  KDel’s Eagle Mountain Hotshot and 9-year-old pointer female Faith’s Maximum Justice to 10 Amateur Shooting dog placements during the past field trial season.  This is a repeat win for Ken Delong, who also won this award for the 2022-2023 season.

The top points earners from each region are recognized below.  Each will receive a blue crystal award commemorating their impressive accomplishments in handling excellence.

One hundred ninety-seven winners were recognized this past season with 9,991 total points.  Our sport and member clubs realize that the health and future of the sport are critically connected to these all-important field trial stakes.  The AFTCA thanks all of the member club’s efforts to hold and promote 30-minute amateur stakes in their venues, which remains a critical component to the sport’s future success.  If your club event did not include these point-eligible stakes, we hope you will consider adding them to your 2024-2025 events.

AFTCA Regional Top Handler Awards


                                AFTCA   Amateur                                                                              Total

Region  Handler                               City, State                           Points  

1              Tim Cavanaugh                 East Hampton                    126

2              Thor Kain                           Carbondale                       187

3              Warren Parrott                 Scranton                              215

4              Terry Boatright                 Richmond                            144

5              Craig Hiatt                        Edgerton                             123

6              Amy Snider-Spencer         Bolivar                                156

7              Sean Anderson                 Alvord                                   60

10           Mel Lueck                           Aloha                                   12

11           Gina Bosio                         Modesto                                36

13           Kenric DeLong                   Gladwin                                433

14           Darrell Curtis                      High River                            48

16           Brian Peterson                    Cecil                                    224

17           Luke Tewes                        Bennet                                 78

19           Mike Duvall                        Janesville                             173


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