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2023 National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship

National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship
Bloomingdale, OH, September 21,2023
Judges, Aaron McFee & Leroy Long

1a. Miller’s Little Duce Coupe, PM, Madison McDonald
1b. Reedy Creek Dial Tone, PM, Joe McHugh
2a. Backcountry Buddy, PM, Chris Catanzarite                                                                                          2b. Just Plain Rowdy, PM Buddy Morrison
3a. Calico’s Over The Top, PM, Alex Smith
3b. Bull Finch, PF, Ernie Saniga
4a. Dunn’s Ever and Onward, PM, Will Dunn
4b. Miller’s Record Heat, PF, Madison McDonald
5a. Tian Butterbean, PM, Clifford Mesnard
5b. Wayward Flying Tomato, SM, Chris Catanzarite
6a. Miller’s Upgraded Version, PM, Fran Miller
6b. Raag’s Rich and Rare, PM, Greg Strausburg
7a. Miller’s Triple Digit Heat, PM, Buddy Morrison
7b. Calico’s County Strong, PM, Alex Smith
8a. Miller’s Strolling For Gold, PF, Madison McDonald
8b. Springflows Backcountry P, PM, Chris Catanzarite
9a. Miller’s Upgrading The Anti, PF, Madison McDonald
9b. Dunn’s Seekin In, PM, Will Dunn
10a. Miller’s War Bonnett, PF, Joe McHugh
10b. Wicked Quick, PF, IS, Kelsey Hajek
11a. Miller’s Cover Girl, PF, Fran Miller
11b. Face To Face, PM, Jeff Gilbertson
12a. Calico’s Skys The Limit. PF, Madison McDonald
12b. Calico’s Guns and Roses, PF, Alex Smith
13a. Hightailing Penny, PF, Kevin Joyce
13b. Bella Bulli, PF, Ernie Saniga
14a.Miller’s Upgraded Design, PM, Fran Miller
14b. Mac’s Real McCoy, PM, Tim McClurg
15a. Backcountry Pure Gold, PF, Chris Catanzarite
15b. Answered Prayers, PM, Madison McDonald
16a. Fluid Drive, PM, Joe Lordi
16b. Glenmere’s AmaeZing, PF, Jeff Haggis
17a. Miller Sweet Talking Candy, PF, Joe McHugh
17b. Miller’s Flowers and Lace, PF, Madison McDonald
18a. Waybetter Bobby, PM, Bob Verosa
18b. Backcountry Bruiser. PM, Chris Catanzarite
19a. Joleen Joleen, PF, Dave McHugh
19b. Calico’s Sugar and Spice, PF, Alex Smith
20a. Navajo Cody, PM, Joe Lordi
20b. Miller’s Automatic Upgrade, PM, Madison McDonald
21a. Backcountry Missy, PF, Chris Catanzarite
21b. Erin’s Demolition Man, PM, Paul Kelly
22a. Miller’s Heat Wave, PM Fran Miller
22b. Hillhavyns Wild Child, PF, Joe McHugh
23a. Miller’s Southern Gossip, PF, Fran Miller
23b. Dunn’s 10 West, PM, Will Dunn

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