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AFTCA Individual Membership Fee

Dear Members,

Effective for the 2023-2024 upcoming season, the Individual Membership fee will be increased to $50 by a unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees in a special meeting held on March 30th, 2023.  Club fees will remain at $100.  We are all experiencing rising costs to run a household, business, or hobby, and field trialing is not immune from those same pressures.

As a volunteer, nonprofit organization, we have weathered the rising costs for nine years since the board of trustees first established the Individual Member fee.  It’s time to adjust to continue providing the services and obligations that the AFTCA brings to the sport.

We are including a summary of not all but of many highlights of what the AFTCA has brought to the sport and continues to service.  Many do not realize the breadth of influence the AFTCA has on the entire sport of BOTH Amateur and Open competition.  To be viable in the future, the organization must remain financially responsible to its members so that it can continue to fulfill its significant obligations to the sport.  And with growing importance, the AFTCA is committed to remaining in a responsible financial place to make any necessary future adjustments.

As the current season enters its final months of competition, we wish all member clubs and member competitors the best of fortune.

All the Best,

The Board of Trustees, AFTCA


 Mission Statement: The AFTCA’s mission is to advocate and support Amateur Bird Dog Field Trial competition in quality events and to strive to make available to amateur participants extraordinary Upland Bird venues on which to compete.

 To foster and increase interest in and knowledge of Upland Game Birds and their conservation in order to perpetuate them for future generations.

 To organize for the purpose of strengthening our capacity to meet our objectives of improving the status and existence of Upland Birds and the genetics and performance of Bird Dogs.

 Governing and Managing body for the sport of Amateur Field Trialing

    1.           a. Grass roots organization comprised of 15 Regions with approximately 300 hundred clubs                      across North America and Japan and approximately 1,800 individual members.
    2.           b. Provides rule and regulation oversight.

                                     i.      To more than 1,000 Amateur stakes across the country

                                     ii.      Hosting 16 National Amateur Championships

                                    iii.      Sanctions 45 Regional Championship events for both horseback and walking handlers.
c. AFTCA awards over 2,000 winner certificates from more than 1,000 amateur stakes annually to individual members.

 1. Works as a liaison between American Field/UKC and Amateur field trials. Provides more than $250,000 of volunteer boots-on-the-ground annual labor, oversight, participation, and feedback using Regional Trustees at events around the country.
a. Affords regional voice in field trial club business via a defined trustee/member-at-large representation protocol, including holding an annual trustee and open membership meeting.
2. Established the Standards to Field Trial Procedures, Judicial Practices, Handler, and Bird Dog Performance as adopted by all FDSB field trials.
a. Makes necessary updates, clarifications, and interpretations.
3. Establish Minimum Requirements, Rules, and Regulations for field trials as adopted by all FDSB field trials.
a. Makes necessary updates, clarifications, and interpretations.
4. Principle collaborator with AF/UKC and their FDSB registry regarding matters of joint interest.
5. Developed the 20th Century Fund and distributed more than $325,000 to date to field trial clubs across the country.
6. Development and Management of the Land Contribution Program
a. Tax benefit program to landowners that allows clubs to host trials on their land and use their facilities.
7. Development and Management of the AFTCA Dog Wins Data Base and Winners Certificate Program
8. Development and Management of the AFTCA Top Amateur Handler Awards Program
9. Promote Amateur competition, including the youth program.
10. Organizes and contracts key sponsors to help offset organizations’ full expenses, which includes regional as well as national events.
11. Developed and maintains member access website.