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AFTCA 2022 Minutes

Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America

Chattanooga, TN

June 24, 2022


President Frank LaNasa welcomed all Trustees to the Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America annual meeting of 2022. He thanked everyone for taking the time to attend the meeting. The group was advised the meeting was being taped for the purpose of constructing the minutes. President Frank LaNasa asked for the roll call. The following replied: Secretary Piper Huffman, President Frank LaNasa, 1st Vice President Tony King, 2nd Vice President Ric Peterson, 3rd Vice President Larron Copeland, Region 1: Eli Richardson, Region 3: Johnny Atkinson, John Ivestor, Region 4: Jim Pendergest, Region 6: David Williams, Jonathan Burch, Fred Corder, Region 7: Brandon Johnson, Region 8: Dr. Buck Neil, Region 9: Harold Chadwick, Region 10: Todd Schaaf, Region 11: Jarry Walton, Region 16: Rick Stallings, Region 17: Luke Topp, Don Beauchamp, At Large: Mark Johnson

Minutes of the 2021 AFTCA annual meeting were presented by Secretary Piper Huffman. No corrections or changes were made following the reading. A motion was made to accept the minutes by Eli Richardson and seconded by Harold Chadwick.

Ric Peterson reported for the finance committee. Mr. Peterson stated the AFTCA received a clean opinion from the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021. The 990, 501 C 3, and the three-year audit report are in order prepared by the AFTCA auditor. Mr. Peterson said the market is down considerably from last year leaving the AFTCA with unrealized losses but it will make a big swing up in the next 3-4 years. He stated this is the biggest fluctuation on the balance sheet along with donations being down considerably. Moving forward managing expenses along with maintaining a solid balance sheet and making the right investments behind it will reflect overall positivity for the AFTCA. Rick Stallings accepted the financial report seconded by Todd Schaaf.

President Frank LaNasa introduced Domenick Muoio Field Manager with UKC to the group. Mr. Muoio explained he is in charge of Hunt Test and the field trial manager. Under his titlefalls all of the affiliated organizations that the UKC manages. He stated the American Field is the longest-standing organization within the UKC and he hopes to attend many AFTCA and American Field events.

President Frank LaNasa highlighted the insurance coverage for the AFTCA. He stated fortunately most Insurance premiums have been stable even with all the increased claim costs within the market. All our coverages are in place as they have been for quite some time. Mr. LaNasa explained an Umbrella policy was added in 2021 to be in excess of our Field Trial GeneralLiability policy. The Philadelphia liability is our coverage out in the field. This policy premium did increase while all othersremain stable. A personal Umbrella policy was highly recommended for all Trustees by Mr. LaNasa which would go a long way to help protect you for the volunteer things you do acting on the AFTCA’s behalf. He explained Liability is our single biggest exposure and therefore our most important coverage. Ric Peterson made a motion to accept the insurance report and Mark Johnson seconded it. All were in favor.

Dr. Buck Neil presented the 20th Century Fund report. Dr. Neil apprised the group that the committee met via conference call and granted out money to 15 clubs and the Alabama Youth Trial totaling 16,500. The grants are as follows: Association Field Trial Clubs of Florida, $750.00; Cahaba Bend Field Trial Club, $1250.00; Carroll County Field Trial Club, $1375.00; Holler Point Field Trial Club, $1500.00; Kentucky Field Trial Association, $1000.00; Moran Field Trial Club, $500.00; North Carolina Field Trial Club, $1375.00; Ohio Valley Field Trial Club, $500.00; Oil Capital Field Trial Club, $875.00; Pacific Coast Field Trial Club, $1000.00; Southern Circuit Field Trial Club, $875.00; Southern Illinois Bird Hunters, $1250.00; Tarheel Brittany Club, $750.00; Virginia Amateur Field Trial Association, $1250.00; Georgia Field Trial Association, $750.00; Alabama Youth Trial, $1500.00. A motion was made by Harold Chadwick to accept the 20th Century Fund Report seconded by Eli Richardson. All were in favor.

He also expressed how important it is to define the 20th Century Fund in a mission statement to effectively offer a way to communicate with the AFTCA memberships. The 20th Century Fund is a most powerful tool within the organizations and it’simportant to broaden what we use the grant money for and take advantage of other opportunities. Dr.Neil read the new mission statement to the group. “The 20th Century Fund is a financial engine designed to power and support the AFTCA in accomplishing its goal of providing amateurs with the opportunity to participate in competitions while promoting, partnering, providing education, grounds, facilities, habitat improvement, and research that will preserve and perpetuate wildlife associated with amateur field trials.” Rick Stallings accepted the Mission Statement and Mark Johnson seconded it. All were in favor.

Frank LaNasa reported on the Top Handler Program. He explained this program started a few years ago and Top Handler points are given to handlers at every amateur 30-minute All-Age, Shooting Dog, and Derby stake. The purpose of thisprogram is to help clubs promote the 30-minute stakes and provide a front door for new amateurs along with promoting the sport. The blue ribbon is the logo associated with the program and would help promote the sport by putting this ribbon in allads for 30-minute stakes. Don Beauchamp accepted the Top Handler report and was seconded by Jim Pendergest. All were in favor.

Tony King reported for the Continental Breed working Committee. He discussed various topics of the Continental Breed Committee via conference call on June 9, 2022. The following items were presented and discussed.

1. The current standing of each member’s representative breed group.
2. Discussion on the American Brittany Club’s position and participation within the AFTCA model.
3. Closing thoughts on the discontinuation of the AKC/American Field dual sanctioned field trial programs.

The group was enlightened that the Viszla participation operates in a strong presence within the AFTCA model and American Field /UKC Avenue. The Red Setters currently run Amateur All-Age Championships and Amateur Shooting Dog Championshipsunder the AFTCA banner with participation relatively stable. The Red Setter Breed group is currently working towards developing a Walking Shooting Dog Classic in hopes of gaining participation. Trustee At Large for the Brittany Breed Group, Bob Rankin informed the committee the American Brittany’s Club’s decision was to no longer participate in the AFTCA Amateur Breed Championships and AFTCA membership program. Dr. Rankin stated due to the AKC’s recent decision to eliminate the dual sanctioned Field Trial Program there would be no need for the Brittany Breed Group to participate under theAFTCA model.

Due to the Brittany Breed Groups’ position Mark Johnson made a motion to eliminate the AFTCA position of the Brittany Trustee at Large at this time. Todd Schaaf seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Tony King made the motion to amend section 1 article V and read as such: In addition, a Trustee at Large to represent specific breed groups and or a Trustee at Large with expertise to facilitate the goals of this organization shall be elected for a term of 3 years.  Mark Johnson seconded the motion. All were in favor.

David Williams made the group aware of the sponsorships committee position on their agenda. He stated the committee was in the door with sponsorships with GMC, John Deere, and Yeti but the timing was not good with the economy and supply change shortage. The committee is going to look into smaller sponsorships and hopefully, be able to acquire more sponsors in the future for the AFTCA.

New Business:
Larron Copeland discussed the issue of proposing to run a Regional Walking Shooting Dog Championship in Region 16. He has been trying to think of a way to get more people involved in Walking Stakes which could potentially get more participation in all stakes. A lengthy discussion was made to change the qualifications of the AFTCA Regional Walking Championships and it was determined there would be no changes at this time.

Larron Copeland brought up the issue of the qualification for the National Amateur Quail Championship. He stated this Championship is the only National Amateur Championship that has specific qualifications due to a large number of entries. He explained this was not an issue anymore. Larron Copeland made the motion that the National Amateur Quail Championship qualifications change to any All-Age placement under an amateur handler in good standings with the AFTCA would qualify you to run in the National Amateur Quail Championship. Johnny Atkinson seconded the motion. All were in favor.
Larron Copeland made a second motion that the winners of the National Amateur Derby Championship would be qualified to run in the National Amateur Quail Championship forever more.Johnny Atkinson seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Buck Neil made a motion that the National Amateur Shooting Dog Derby Championship winners will automatically qualify for the National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship. Larron Copeland seconds it. All were in favor.

Frank LaNasa discussed the Regional Sanctions forms for Championships. He explained all Regional Championships must be filled out on the AFTCA sanction form for that Championship to be recognized. This form is on the AFTCA website to fill out and submit to Secretary Huffman for approval along with the Regional Trustee. Mr. LaNasa enlightened the group about a new National Amateur and Regional Championship calendar that has been added to the aftca.org website. Once sanctions are submitted and approved, the Championship will auto-generate onto the calendar.

Eli Richardson brought to the table the Land Tax originalproposal by David Williams from three years ago. He would like to see the original proposal of $5000 per day instead of $2500 per day. The original data and study conducted support the higher dollar amount as well as inflation, amongst other things.After a discussion, Eli Richardson made a motion that the In-Kind tax-deductible contribution is raised to $5000 per day. Buck Neil seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Tony King discussed the Geographical Regional Update. He explained that certain regions do not have the clubs and support to leave these regions as they are. Region 12 only has one club and does not have the resources to maintain it on its own. Putting Region 12 into Region 11 would combine their resources.

Michigan already partner’s with Region 13 well, and moving Michigan to Region 13 would not harm Region 4.  He described how it would benefit the movement of these regions. After a lengthy discussion, Mr. King made a motion to move Region 12 into Region 11, eliminating region 12, making Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Nevada Region 11. Todd Schaaf seconded the motion. All were in favor. Mr. King made the motion to move Michigan into Region 13, making Michigan, Ontario, and Quebec Region 13. Mark Johnson seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Frank LaNasa presented the idea of raising entry fees. With the economy and high inflation, the expenses of hosting the National Amateur Championships are going up and will continue to rise if the economy remains the same or increases. The fuel itself will be a big expense to get judges and reporters to the National Amateur Championships, along with all other expenses that go along with hosting 16 National Amateur Championships. After discussion, it was determined that all Championships go up $25 with a minimum of $150.

Eli Richardson discussed the International Walking PheasantChampionship, which was held as a classic last two years. He explained they want to make this classic a Championship and rotate it with MI, PA, WI, and NJ. After a short discussion, itwas determined the International Walking Pheasant should remain as a classic host in the different venues and then report back.

Secretary Piper Huffman announced the venues of the upcoming 2022-2023 National Amateur Championships.

She addressed the trustee’s asking for help in locating all the rotating National Amateur trophies. She stated the location of all the trophies is unknown except the Tobe Stallings and Quail Championship trophies reside at the Bird Dog Museum in Grand Junction, TN. The Chukar trophies are accounted for in the Region 10 area maintained by Trustee Todd Schaaf.  Rotating trophies are hard to keep up with, and would be nice for them all to be displayed at the Bird Dog Museum. Secretary Huffman stressed the need for help locating them.

The Blank Ammunition temporarily running rule change was brought before the board by Tony King. He made the motion Shotgun (209) primers and #2 brown .22 Caliber Power Loads may be used instead of .32 be made a permanent running rule change. Mark Johnson accepted the motion. All were in favor.

With no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 2:30.




Open Meeting Chattanooga, TN June 25


President Frank LaNasa called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM

Larron Copeland entertained a motion to accept the reading of the minutes. Ric Peterson seconded the motion.

The various committee Chairmen gave their reports for the Financial, Insurance, 20th Century Fund, Top Handler,  Continental Breed Working Committee, and Sponsorship committees.

President Frank LaNasa recapped old business and new business of the trustee meeting held on June 24, 2022, at 8:30 AM.

Nominating Committee Chairman Jonathan Burch presented the following candidates; Region 3, Johnny Atkinson; Region 4, Jim Pendergest, Keith Wright; Region 7, Ray Black

Mark Johnson made a motion to accept the recommendations of the trustees, seconded by Larron Copeland.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 PM.