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2021-2022 Top Handler Award Winner and Regional winners



     Rodney Shoemaker wins the 2021-2022 AFTCA Top Handler Award

Handling his four derbies to seven different club derby events Rodney Shoemaker of Kearney Kansas accumulated an impressive 355 total topping all amateur handlers during the just concluded amateur season.  Rodney placed his HP Social Distancing three, HP Dirty Dancing three times, HP Shockwave twice and HP Shots Fired an impressive five times for a total of thirteen placements in recognized amateur 30 minutes stakes held by member clubs.   The placements include seven first places, three second places and three third places, all in derby competition.   The competition wasn’t decided until the final weeks as Shoemaker, Thor Kain and Warren Parrott were all within high point striking distance. Nearly 200 different handlers accumulated almost 10,000 competition points this season.  Rodney has been invited as our guest to the 2022 Purina Banquet to accept his award.

The top points earners from each region are recognized below.  Each will receive a blue crystal award commemorating their impressive accomplishments in handling excellence.

It was rewarding to see member clubs hosting an increasing number of 30 minute amateur All Age, Shooting Dog and Derby stakes this season.  These all important stakes are the foundation and front door to pointing dog competition participation.  The AFTCA certainly encourages its membership to invite their local clubs to become members of the AFTCA and host these important stakes allowing their individual members to join the competition.

AFTCA Regional Top Handler Awards


                            AFTCA                 Amateur                                                                     Total

Region                Handler                             City, State            Points  

1                           Tim Cavanaugh               East Hampton, CT           97

2                           Thor Kain                          Carbondale, PA               315

3                           Warren Parrott               Scranton, SC                    304

4                           Kenric DeLong                 Greenville, MI                 224

5                           Jack Glover                       Shelbyville, MO               178

6                           Bubba Spencer                Bolivar, TN                       104

7                           Jason Super                     Ft. Worth, TX                   161

8                           Bob Barker                       Inola, OK                           14

10                        Sergio Velez                     Chilliwack, BC                  141

11                        Gina Bosio                        Modesto, CA                    71

14                        Louis Qualtiere                Saskatoon, SK                  24

16                        Patrick McPherson         Evergreen, AL                  168

17                        Rodney Shoemaker        Kearney, KS                      355

19                        Mike Duvall                      Janesville, WI                  118

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