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National Amateur Quail Championship Drawing 2022


National Amateur Quail Championship
Livingston Place, Greenville, FL Monday Feb. 28, 2022
Judges: Frank LaNasa and John Hicks


1a. Redhill’s Rose PM, Paul Daniel
1b. Myakka Time Shifter, PM, Beth Brown
2a. Game Rebel, PM, Fred Corder
2b.Touch’s Breakaway Fred, PM, Gary Futch
3a. Southern Bear Necessity, PM, Cantrell/Daniel
3b. Mohawk Mill Gangster, PM, Gary Winall
4a. Notorious Dominator’s Heir, PM, Mathys/McTavish
4b. Touch’s Blue Knight, PM, Watson/Rester
5a. Chipper Jones PM, Epp/Ivestor
5b. Game Warden, PM, Fred Corder
6a. Mohawk Mill Knight Hawk PM, Gary Winall
6b. Casey Creek Crystal Ice PF, Buster Tucker
7a. Rester’s Cajun Charlie PM, Cecil Rester
7b. Confident Nation PM, Scott Jordan
8a. Game Heir, PM, Fred Corder
8b. Touch’s Dancing Nancies PF, Cantrell/Daniel
9a. Mohawk Mill Trail Warrior, PM, Gary Winall
9b. Dubose’s Wonder Dog, PM, Bobby Dubose
10a. Dialed In, PF, Jim Pendergest
10b. Showtime Mocking Jay, PF, IS Larron Copeland
11a. Always Dreaming, PF, IS, Cantrell/Daniel
11b. Cheyenne Nation, PF, Scott Jordan
12a. Storm’s End, PF, Matt Pendergest
12b. Marque’s Armed Robber PM, Ivestor/Epp
13a. Pendy’s Good Grace PF, Matt Pendergest
13b. Rester’s Cowboy Bill PM, Rester
14a.Showtime Game Changer, PM, Larron Copeland
14b. Rebel Grace PF, David Wiliams
15a. Mohawk Mill Image, PM, Gary Winall
15b. Southern Shadow T Rex PM, Brian Peterson
16a. Dunn’s Tried and True PM, Will Dunn
16b. Rebel Dreams PF, David Williams
17a. Lester’s Top Recruit PM, Lance Servais
17b. Rebel Survivor PM, David Williams