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National Amateur Derby Championship Drawing 2022

National Amateur Derby Championship
Livingston Place, March 4, 2022 (starting immediately following Quail Championship)
Terry Chastain Sr, and Terry Chastain Jr


1a. Haney’s Storm Warning, PM, Chris Cagle
1b. Dunn’s Ever N Offender PM, Will Dunn
2a. Nine To Five Nation PF, Moore/Jordan
2b. Touch’s Too Much, PM, Keith Wright
3a. Imagine PM, Jim Pendergest
3b. Erin’s Lost Creek, PM, Sean Derrig
4a. Dunn’s Sneekn In, PM, Will Dunn
4b. Notorious Slap Shot, PM, Mathys/McTavish
5a. Awakened PF, Matt Pendergest
5b. Shagtime Buck, PM, Chris Cagle
6a. Rester’s Cajun Justice, PM, Rester/Watson
6b. Houston’s Sam PM, Scott Jordan
7a. Erin’s High Note PM, Mike Moses
7b. Southern Drag Racer, PM, Ivester/Epp
8a. Southern Confidence PM, Frank LaNasa
8b. Erin’s Southern Comfort PM, Sean Derrig
9a. Rentz’s Hi Jacked PM, Joe Rentz
9b. Touch’s Flo Rider PF, Keith Wright
10a. Touch’s Lone Dominator, PF, IS Cantrell/Daniel
10b. Cold Creek Belle SF, McTavish/Mathys
11a. Northern Confidence PM, Frank LaNasa
11b. Marque’s Pistol Pete PM, Ivestor/Epp
12a. Silverline Destroyer Gold PF, Paul Daniel
12b. Notorious Front Range PM, Mathys/MacTavish
13a. Erin’s Code Of Honor PM, Sean Derrig
13b. Rester’s Powered Up, PM, Rester/Watson
14a. Cold Creek Uncle Sam, PM, McTavish/Mathys
14b. Call Me Clyde PM, Chappell Padgett
15a. Erin’s Grey Justice SM, Sean Derrig
15b. Touch’s Pearl Cadillac PF, Keith Wright
16a. Erin’s Young Offender PM, Alan Atkins
16b. Touch’s Midnight Rider PM, John Milton
17a. Cold Creek Single Malt PM, McTavish/Mathys
17b. Dubose Another Chance PM, Dubose