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2021 National Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship

National Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship
Judges, Bill Elliott & Jim Lawless
Friday Nov. 12, 2021. 8:00 AM  Covington, IND

1a.Georgia Born Windstorm, PM, Margie Ridings
1b. Pond Rivers Pressure On, PM, Joshua Griggs
2a. Penrosa Behr Devil, PM, Tim Penn
2b. Stella’s Natural Disaster, PF, Mike Duvall
3a. Crow Creek Sugarbaby, PF, Ken Black
3b. Right Stuff’s Warrior, GSP, William Padovan
4a. Tenacee Rowdy, PM, Isenberg/Phillips
4b. Cates Rocket Girl, SF, David Cates
5a. Royal Rock Allota Hard Cash, PM, Roper/Duvall
5b. Emert’s Show Me Mo, SM, Dave Emert
6a.Bob’s Elhew Sage, PF, Phillips/Isenberg
6b. Hainline’s Silver Star, PF, Jeff Hainline
7a. Beaucoup Creek Buck, SM, Heisner/Feider
7b. Cairds Lefty, PM, Sam Ridings
8a. Right Stuff Rock N Roll, GSPM, William Padovan
8b. Rocky Ridge’s Perfect Storm, PM, Roper/Duvall
9a. Crow Creek Duece, PF, Ken Black
9b. Alliwoods Shady Shay, PF, Delude/Blair
10a. Bullfrogs Happy Patch, PF, Jeremiah Feider
10b. Bob’s Elhew Holly, PF, Phillips/Isenberg
11a. Thumper’s Anything But, PF, Mike Duvall
11b. Touch’s Valiant Lady, PF, Keith Lowry
12a. Georgia Born Braveheart, PM, Sam Ridings
12b. Blair’s Calvary Mountain, PM, Greg Blair
13a. Beaucoup Creek Gus, SM, Heisner/Feider
13b. Tenacee Copper, PM, Isenberg/Phillips
14a. Emert’s Show Me Mo To, SM, Dave Emert
14b. Bob’s Elhew Kate, PF, Sam Ridings
15a. Redbuds Country Girl, PF, Aaron McAfee
15b. Penrosa Hidden Cash, SM, Tim Penn
16a. Bob’s Elhew Sushi, PF, Phillips/ Isenberg
16b. Faith’s Maximum Justice, PM, Ken Delong

**** 6 braces a day with 1 on standby each day ****
Meals provided on the grounds
Purina Dinner Friday evening-need a head count by this Wednesday evening.
Private message Greg Blair or Adam Delude with count