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2021 National Amateur Quail Championship

National Amateur Quail Championship
March 1, 2021   Dixie Plantation, Livingston Place
Judges, William Smith and Johnny Atkinson


1a. Sims Ramblin Rex, PM, Junior Sims
1a. Silver Line’s Storm, Daniel/Ford
2a. Touch’s Mega Mike, PM, Scholar/Watson
2b. Lester’s Prime Poison Lane, PM, Peterson/ Sevais
3a. Chief’s Rising Sun, SM, John Mathys
3b. Confident Nation, PM, Scott Jordan
4a. Rester’s Amazin Grace, PF, Gibson/Rester
4b. Masters Touch, PM, Leisfeld/Mills
5a. Touch’s Dancing Nancies, PF, Cantrell/Copeland
5b. James Pond Bull, PM, Watson/Scholar
6a. Chipper Jones, Epp/Ivestor
6b. Redhill’s Rose, PF, Daniel/Ford
7a. Rocky Ridge Second Chance, PM, Grayson Francis
7b. Myakka Lucy Diamond, PF, Beth Brown
8a. Rester’s Cowboy Bill, PM, Cecil Rester
8b. Lester’s Top Recruit, PM, Servais/Peterson
9a. Walnut Tree Blue, PM, Mills/Leisfeld
9b. Touch’s Grey Street, PM, Keith Wright
10a Crouse’s White Dragon, PM, Mike Crouse
10b. Matt’s Big Orange Banche, PM, Ford/Daniel
11a. Dunn’s Tried and True, PM, Will Dunn
11b. Cheyenne Nation, PF, Scott Jordan
12a. Crouse’s Equalizer, PM, Mike Crouse
12b. Myakka Time Shifter, PM, Beth Brown
13a. Showtime Game Changer, PM, Copeland/Cantrell
13b. Marque’s Armed Robber, PM, PM, Ivestor/Epp
14a. Touch’s White Knight, PM, Scholar/Watson
14b. Pendy’s Good Grace, PF, Matt Pendergest
15a. Rebel Cause, PM, David Williams
15b. Southern Shadows T Rex, PM, Peterson/Servais
16a. Wild Hawk, PM, Moses/Cantrell
16b.Touch’s Indiana Joan, PF, Keith Wright
17a. Rester’s Cajun Charlie, PM, Cecil Rester
17b. Notorious Dominator’s Heir, PM, John Mathys
18a. Rebel Pirate, PM, David Williams
18b. Showtime Sam Houston, PM, Copeland/Cantrell
19a. Strut Nation, PM, Scott Jordan
19b. Touch’s Smooth Rider, PM, Keith Wright
20a. Touch’s Blue Knight, PM, Scholar/Watson
20b. Rebel Dream, PM, David Williams
21a. Dialed In, PF, IS, Jim Pendergest
21b. Southern Sparkling Jule, PF, Cantrell/Copeland
22a. Notorious King Ransom, PM, John Mathys
22b. Rebel Survivor, PM, David Williams
23a. Game Warden, PM, Fred Corder
23b. Misty Mourn Masked Man, PM, Joey McAlexander
24a. Redeemed, PM, Shannon Nygard