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2021 National Amateur Derby Championship

National Amateur Derby Championship
March 6, 2021   Dixie Plantation, Livingston Place
Judges: William Smith and Johnny Atkinson


1a. Stormed In, PF, Matt Pendergest
1b. Rester’s Cajun Queen, PF, IS, Cecil Rester
2a. Spencer’s Ramblin Justice, PM, Robbie Thomas
2b. Neely’s Business Man, PM, John Neely
3a. Redhills Rain, PM, Bart Goodson
3b. Touch’s Time To Shine, PM, Scholar/Watson
4a. Burches Set Em Up Joe, PM, Jonathan Burch
4b. Touch’s Walk The Line, PM, Keith Wright
5a. Southern Bear Necessity, PM, Cantrell/Copeland
5b. Silverlines Destroyed Gold, PM, Daniel/Goodson
6a. Southern Nation, PM, John Ivestor
6b. Touch’s Wild Heir, PM, Keith Wright
7a. Dubose’s Wonder Bog, PM, Bobby Dubose
7b. Great Nation, PM, Jason Brooks
8a. Conner’s Trigger Man, PM, Ralph Connor
8b. Tennessee Game Kate, PF, Mike Crouse
9a. Game Heir, PM, Keith Wright
9b. Rester’s Speculation, PM, Bart Goodson
10a. One Day Labandita, PF, Lane Hodges
10b. Dubose’s What A Dog, PM, Bobby Dubose
11a. Como Rain, PM, Blackwell/Russell
11b. Touch’s Wild Finale, PM, Keith Wright
12a. One Day Queen Bee, PF, Lane Hodges
12b. Shagtime Scott, SM, Chris Cagle
13a. Erin’s Prime Time, PM, Sean Derrig
13b. One Day Lucky Strike, PM, Lane Hodges
14a. Como Thunder, PM Blackwell/Russell
14b. Touch’s Whitey Ford, PM, Scholar/Watson
15a. Game Rebel, PM, Keith Wright