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AFTCA Annual Meeting Minutes 2020

Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America, Inc.

Via Conference Call

June 25, 2020

President Rick Stallings welcomed all the Trustees to the 103rd Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America annual meeting of 2020. He thanked everyone for taking the time to join the meeting via conference call. The group was advised that the meeting was being taped for the purpose of constructing the minutes.

President Rick Stallings asked for the roll call. The following replied: Secretary, Piper Huffman, President Rick Stallings, Region 1: Eli Richardson, Region 2, Brian Sanchez, Region 3, Gary Winall, John Ivestor, Region 4: Jim Pendergest, Ray Wheeler, Region 5: Tony King, Sean Derrig, Region 6: David Williams, Dr. Fred Corder, Region 7, Buck Neil, Ray Black, Region 8: Gary Young, Brandon Johnson, Region 9: Harold Chadwick, Region 10: Todd Schaaf, Region 11, Tom Griffin, Region 12: Ric Peterson, Region 13: Jeff Haggis, Region 14: Lou Qualitere, Region 16, Mike Moses, Larron Copeland, Region 17: Dr. Pat McInteer, Don Beauchamp, Region 19: Frank LaNasa, Trustee At Large: Dr. Bob Rankin, Mark Johnson

Minutes of the 2020 AFTCA annual meeting were presented by Secretary Piper Huffman. No corrections or changes were made following the reading. A motion was made to accept the minutes by Eli Richardson and seconded by Ray Black.

The group was made aware by President Stallings that past AFTCA President Dr. Angelo Lurus had passed away. He stated a great friend had been lost.

Ric Peterson reported for the financial committee. Mr. Peterson stated consistent with previous years the CPA has issued a “clean opinion” by the independent CPA firm of Dempsey, Vantrease & Follis PLLC. The three year audit report is dated for the annual AFTCA meeting therefore Mr. Peterson’s report reflects the finances of this current fiscal year through mid-June. Net income and net loss is down however there will be more income coming in at the end of June. $705,000 money invested is down based on net income and net loss throughout the current year. The money has been invested very conservatively. Mr. Peterson said the interest rates are down and he projects these to remain down in 2020-2021. Club and Individual dues are down as well as 20th Century donations compared to past years. He apprised the group that overall it’s been a tough year due to the impact by Covid 19 for our trials and interest income. Mr. Peterson believes the forefront of people is their own personal finances and not on memberships with the organization. It was noted March through June has hugely impacted the AFTCA finances. Eli Richardson made a motion to accept the financial report seconded by Brian Sanchez. All were in favor.

Frank LaNasa highlighted the insurance coverage for the AFTCA. He explained the insurance remains the same as it has for a number of years. There are five policies which all remain the same with a 5% increase. The increase is contributed to general liability which still continues to be a really good buy. Mr. LaNasa stated the portfolio should remain as is and we should continue as is. Eli Richardson made a motion to accept the insurance report seconded by Johnny Atkinson. All were in favor.

The Continental Breed Working Committee was presented by Tony King. The committee members represent their Continental Breed, Mark Jonson, Vizsla, Dr. Bob Rankin, Brittany, Don Beauchamp, Red Setter, Todd Schaaf, Region 10, Tony King, Committee Chairman. The committee discussed items presented in their agenda.

  1. The current standing of each members representative breed groups.
  2. Integrating multiple breed groups to AFTCA field trial venues.
  3. Discussion on strategies of how to approach and invite additional breed groups (i.e. GSPCA, NGSPA, Weimeraner) and how to potentially involve their membership base into the AFTCA/FDSB participation model.

Mr. King emphasized it should be noted the Viszla and Brittany groups put a full page ad for the AFTCA Top Handler Award Program was published in the American Brittany Club magazine and in the Viszla Group magazine. He informed the group on integrating multiple breed groups to AFTCA field trial venues and on how to invite and incorporate AKC, Continental Breeds membership into AFTCA and club activities. The concept of approaching Continental Breed groups members through a different approach then previously used was discussed. The new strategy involved evaluating the process of approaching various breed groups through a “local field trial club membership approach” versus an organizational approach.  The Continental Breed Committee was accepted as presented.

Piper Huffman presented the membership report. She stated there are a total of 1159 individual members and 257 AFTCA clubs. The individual and club membership numbers have been up and down. It was stated the field trial chairman and trustees were encouraged to make sure all individual members are current with their dues upon entering an AFTCA event. It was encouraged for clubs to pay their dues in a timely manner first or July and to support the AFTCA with memberships even if they haven’t hosted an AFTCA event. The membership report was accepted as presented.

Piper Huffman enlightened the group on the Land Tax report. Secretary Huffman shared the very positive feedback received by many for the in-kind tax deduction for field trial owners by virtue of our 501 C 3 tax status. There has been 24 land tax applications submitted and approved. Ric Peterson stated overall the program has run very smooth and all the feedback has been nothing but positive. The land tax report was accepted as presented.

Frank LaNasa presented the Top Handler Award report. Mr. LaNasa stated the Top handler Award Program’s committee consists of Jeff Haggis, Brandon Johnson, Mark Johnson and Chris Mathan. The concept was presented to the trustees before the start of last year’s field trial season and was cleared to move forward with it. Covid 19 had a lot to do with cancellations of many trials this spring and affected the points. Points were accumulated throughout the year posted on the website in real time. He stated, we had a well-qualified winner that won numerous placements. This program along with the Land Tax program have bright futures and is “spot on” to what the AFTCA should be doing. The program could be expanded with sponsorships and making it more aware to people. The program is for 30 minute All Age and 30 minute shooting dog stakes and could be expanded to derby stakes in the future. The goal was to put the spotlight on the 30 minute stakes and not lose sight of the big role these stakes play in our sport. The report was accepted as presented.

Buck Neil presented the 20th Century Fund report. Buck Neil apprised the group that the committee meet via conference call and granted the money out to 24 clubs. The grants are as follows: Oil Capital Field Trial Association, $750.00; Kansas Red Setter Field Trial Club, $500.00; Field Trial Sportsmen’s Association, $1500.00; Southern Circuit Field Trial Association, $1000.00; Camp Robinson Field Trial Club, $2000.00; Rocky Creek Field Trial Club, $250.00; Georgia Field Trial Association, $500.00; North Carolina Field Trial Association, $500.00, Ames Amateur Field Trial Club, $250.00, Association Field Trial Club of Florida, $500.00; Southern Illinois Bird Hunters, $1000.00; Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club, $500.00; Field Trial Clubs of Illinois, $250.00; Bama Quail Club, $500.00; Cahaba Bend Field Trial Club, $1250.00; Carroll County Field Trial Club, $1000.00, Virginia Amateur Field Trial Association, $750.00; Sunflower State Field Trial Club, $750.00; Continental Field Trial Club, $500.00; Moran Field Trial Club, $750.00; West Tennessee Field Trial Club, $750.00; West End Pointer and Setter Club, $500.00; Oakdale Bird Dog Club, $500.00; Russell County Field Trial Club, $500.00. A total of $18,000.00 was granted out. A motion was made to accept the 20th Century Report by Eli Richardson and seconded by Todd Schaaf.

New Business:

It was proposed to host an International Amateur Walking Pheasant Championship by the Nova Scotia Pointing Dog Club. Eli Richardson stated the grounds are 10,000 acres with wild pheasant and a fantastic venue to host this championship. As of today there is not an amateur walking pheasant stake and Mr. Richardson would like to see this evolve making it a possibility for these walking participants. As of now there is a National Amateur Pheasant All Age and a National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog but no National Amateur Pheasant Walking. He stated he simply wants it equal for All Age, Shooting Dog and Walking. A motion was made by Sean Derrig to run the International Amateur Walking Pheasant Championship as a classic for 1 year. It was seconded by Harold Chadwick. All were in favor.

A discussion was brought to the floor regarding an email that was sent by Bill Owens on Invitational Championships, Essential Data forms, Member Relations and Upcoming Amateur trials. These items were addressed, discussed and some of the points he made are being reviewed and looked at.

Harold Chadwick stated concern from region 9, due to Covid 19, what happens to derby dogs who were not given the opportunity to qualify in the spring and may not be able to in the fall. David Williams explained one way to resolve this was to go back to historical stand and hold a junior all age or shooting dog restricted stake for first year dogs to give them the opportunity to qualify for championships. Mr. Chadwick is going to get a letter together to address this issue and present it to the FDSB before the board of trustees makes any decisions on this matter.

With no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 2.30 PM.


Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America

Via Conference Call

Open Meeting a motion


President Rick Stallings called the meeting to order at 5:15 PM.

David Williams entertained a motion to accept the reading of the minutes. Ric Peterson seconded the motion.

The various committee chairmen and Secretary Huffman gave their reports for the Financial, Insurance, Continental Breed, AFTCA Membership, Land Tax, Top Handler Award, and 20th Century fund Committees.

President Rick Stallings recapped old business and new business of the trustee meeting held Thursday June 25, 2020 at 1:00 PM.

President Rick Stallings announced the retirement of 3 trustees Region 6, Michael Shears, Region 11, Torben Hansen and Regions 17, Dr. Pat McInteer. He stated that all 3 men were past AFTCA Presidents and thanked them for their devoted service and commitment to the AFTCA.

Nominating Committee Chairman Larron Copeland presented the following candidates for trustee by region.

Region 1, Eli Richardson; Region 3, John Ivestor; Region 5, Sean Derrig; Region 6, Jonathan Burch; Region 6, Dr. Fred Corder; Region 7, Dr. Buck Neil; Region 8, Gary Young; Region 9, Harold Chadwick; Region 10, Todd Schaaf; Region 11, Jarry Walton; Region 12, Ric Peterson; Region 13, Jeff Haggis; Region 16, Rick Stallings; Region 16, Mike Moses; Region 17, Luke Topp; Region 17, Don Beauchamp; Trustee At Large, Bob Rankin

Eli Richardson made a motion to accept the recommendations of the Trustees seconded by Mark Johnson

President Rick Stallings adjourned the meeting at 5:45.