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2019-2020 National Amateur Free-for-All Championship Drawing

Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020 at 8.00 AM
Sedgefields Plantation, Union Springs, AL
Judges: Jonathan Burch & Elton Bray

1a. Sugarknoll Bushwacker, PM, Del Collo
1b. Redlands Jacked Up, PM, Rentz
2a. White’s Crossbow, PM, White/Hughes
2b. Lester’s Top Recruit, PM, Servais/Peterson
3a. Neely’s Seal The Deal, PM, Neely
3b. Pinewoods Bellaire, PF, Hendley
4a. High Drive Naughty, PM, Linder/Sanchez
4b. Sioux Warpath, PM, Lundstrom
5a. Miller’s Miss Calamity Jane, PF, Linder/Sanchez
5b. Little White Lies, PF (IS), Richardson
6a. Northwoods Charles, SM, Owen
6b. Panther Creek Gunsmoke, PM, Rutland
7a. One Day Daddy Boy, PM, Hodges
7b. Electronic Warfare, PM, Goodwin
8a. Strut Nation, PM, Jordan
8b. One Day Frost, PM, Hodges
9a. Erin’s Ty Breaker, PM, Roach
9b. Hightailing Maggie, PF, Joyce
10a. Panther Creek Merlin, PM, Rutland
10b. High Drive Whirlwind, PM, Linder/Sanchez
11a. Miller’s Heat Wave, PF, Miller
11b. Southern Ritz Lane, PF (IS), Peterson/Servais
12a. Native Leaf, PM, Howard
12b. Showtime Sam Houston, PM, Copeland/McDuffie
13a. Miller’s Just Plain Rowdy, PM, Linder/Sanchez
13b. Southern Shadows T-Rex, PM, Servais/Peterson
14a. Pride Smoking Gambler, PM, Norris
14b. Meadowwoods Fast Break, PM, Roach
15a. Ironstone Lonestar, SM, Richardson
15b. Showtime Mocking Jay, PF, Copeland/McDuffie
16a. Hightailing Pearl, PF, Joyce
16b. Knight’s White Lady, PF (IS), Owen
17a. Smokin Joe’s Rock, SM, Brunner
17b. Miller’s Armed and Dangerous, PM, Crosby
18a. Miller’s Big Iron, PM, Linder/Sanchez
18b. DuBose Wonder Dog, PM, DuBose
19a. Thomas’ Adrondack Turbo, PM, Thomas
19b. Dragonfly, PM, Hughes
20a. Hightailing Penny, PF, Joyce
20b. Prime Passion Lane, PF (IS), Peterson/Servais
21a. Waybetter Billy, PM, Brigman/Sanchez
21b. Miller’s Cover Girl, PF, Miller
22a. I’ll Have Another, SM, Rentz
22b. Sugarknoll Buzz Saw, PM, Del Collo/Linder
23a. Chyene Nation, PF, Jordan
23b. Miller’s Unbridled Forever, PM, Sanchez
24a. Sugarknoll War Hawk, PM, Del Collo
24b. Thomas’ Adrondack Mick, PM, Thomas
25a. McRee’s Take It Easy, PM, McPherson
25b. Sedgefield’s Shadow Rises, PM, McDuffie
26a. Lone Tree Splish Splash, PF Owen
26b. Neely’s Party Girl, PF, Neely
27a. Dakota Nation, PM, Roach
27b. Smokin Joe’s Sunny, SM, Brunner
28a. Talledega, PM, Richardson
28b. American Express Lane, PM, Peterson/Servais
29a. Notorious Kings Ransom, PM, Mathys/Lundstrom
29b. Lester’s Prime Poison Lane, PM, Peterson/Servais
30a. Smokin Joe’s Bandit, SM, Brunner
30b. Stone’s Tried And True, PM, Crosby
31a. Smokin Joe’s B, SF, Brunner
31b. Jubullee, PF, Saniga
32a. Live Oak Game Point, PM, Roach
32b. Erin’s Promethus, SM, Mathys/Lundstrom
33a. Ascension, PM, Roach
33b. Chiefs Rising Sun, SM, Mathys/Lundstrom
34a. Sedgefield’s Legacy, PM, McDuffie
34b. Bella Bulli, PF, Saniga
35a. DuBose What-A-Dog, PM, DuBose
35b. Sioux Showboat PM, Lundstrom
36a. Bad Prairie Bill Board, PM, Wiseman
36b. Miller’s Upgraded Version, PM, Miller
37a. Bad Prairie Valley Girl, PF, Wiseman