Top Amateur Handler Award Update!

From just beginning the 3rd month of the 2019-2020 Field Trial season handlers from 7 different regions have already earned Handler Points in the inaugural season of the Top Amateur Handler Award. With most of the season in front of us things are sure to heat up. All Half Hour Amateur Shooting Dog and All-Age stakes hosted by AFTCA Member Clubs qualify for points. Keep an eye on your points. If you don’t see a win posted check with the hosting club to confirm that trial results have been reported.

Keep in mind ANY amateur currently an AFTCA Member or Pre-member (1 year free trial membership) automatically is included in the competition. If you’re not an AFTCA Member or Pre-member simply click on “Become A Member” in the top right of the homepage, it’s simple and for Pre-members it’s free!

We are thankful to Purina for taking the lead and providing “Blue Ribbon” sponsorship of this National Awards Program. Their quality foods power many of the handler’s dogs competing. If you’re looking for a quality dog food consider Purina, thousands of amateur handlers already are!

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