13 Aug 2019 News > Top Amateur Handler

New AFTCA Competition: Top Amateur Handler!

The AFTCA is excited to announce the creation of the largest and most inclusive Amateur Handler Award in the organization’s history and in the sport of Field Trialing!

Over 100 years ago the Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America (AFTCA) was created to offer amateur handlers the opportunity to participate in Bird Dog Field Trials. At the creation of the AFTCA, Clubs made up the membership because they provided the most efficient grass roots way of supporting amateur field trial venues. The organization has now grown to include individual members as well.

The AFTCA began with 30-minute amateur club stakes designed to allow amateurs the opportunity to compete with their bird dogs on weekends. The 30-minute duration was intentional because it allowed amateur handlers the opportunity to show their dogs competitively while tending primarily to their families and occupations. The weekends were used for the same reason. Over time, as amateurs became more committed and competitive more and more hour stakes, including championship stakes were developed. Some of these more complex competitions, over time, contributed to the trend of fewer and fewer 30-minute amateur stakes. With that in mind the AFTCA is beginning to undertake an effort to refocus our attention on what serves individual amateurs and clubs the best. Our goal is to provide information, support, opportunity for both clubs and individual members in a fun, competitive and prestigious Top Amateur Handler format.

Details to be announced in the coming days! Please check back here and look for AFTCA mail in your Inbox!