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2018-2019 National Amateur Championship Winners

Congratulations to all the Winners of the 16 National Amateur Championships of the 2018-2019 Field Trial Season. Congrats extend also to the winners of all Amateur Regional Championships and those who won amateur stakes across the US, Canada and Japan!

National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship
Ch: Touch’s Hail Stone 
Owner/Handler: Alex Rickert
R-U: Nemaha Cinch 
Owner/Handler: Pat McInteer

National Amateur Chicken Championship
Ch: Erin’s Full Throttle 
Owner/Handler: John Ivester
R-U: Worsham’s Silver Comet 
Owner/Handler: Joe Worsham

National Amateur Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog Championship
CH: Strut Nation 
Owner/Handler: Scott Jordan
R-U: Jumpstart 
Owner/Handler: Frank LaNasa

National Amateur Chukar Shooting Dog Championship
CH: Painted Owyhee Sagebrush 
Owner/Handler: Bridget Ledington
R-U: Northwoods Charles 
Owner/Handler: Bill Owen

National Amateur Grouse Championship
CH: Nobody’s Shadow 
Owner/Handler: Bob Wheelock
R-U: All On 
Owner/Handler: Thor Kain

National Amateur Pheasant Championship
CH: SF Saltwater 
Owner/Handler: Larry Smith
R-U: Ascension 
Owners: Matt Pendergest and Norris Sims, Handler: Matt Pendergest,

National Amateur All-Age Invitational Championship
CH: CH Touch’s Firedancer 
Owner/Handler: Keith Wright
R-U: Dialed In 
Owner/Handler: Jim Pendergest

National Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational Championship
CH: Rentz’s Fire and Ice 
Owners: Joe & Trish Rentz, Handler: Joe Rentz
R-U: Erin’s War Creek 
Owners: Allen Linder and Madison McDonald, Handler: Allen Linder

National Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship
CH: Crow Creek Sugarbaby 
Owners: Ken Black, Fran Brown, Handler: Ken Black
R-U: Craig’s Running Roxi 
Owner/Handler: Craig Hiatt

National Amateur Shooting Dog Derby Championship
CH: Rebel Survivor 
Owner/Handler: David Williams
R-U: Erin’s Ty Breaker 
Owner/Handler: Ted Roach

National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship
CH: Tangled Sheets  Owners: Johnny & Rita Ornsby, Handler: Johnny Ornsby
R-U: Hale’s Kickstarter
Owner/Handler: Dr. Jeff Hale

National Amateur Free-for-All Championship
CH: Crown’s Black Ice 
Owners: Stephens Walker and Tracy Swearingen, Handler: Brian Sanchez
R-U: Dragonfly 
Owner/Handler: Jim Hughes

National Amateur Quail Championship
CH: Touch’s Firedancer 
Owner/Handler: Keith Wright
R-U: Pendy’s Good Grace 
Owner/Handler: Matt Pendergest

National Amateur Derby Championship
CH: Mohawk Mill Trail Warrior  Owner/Handler: Gary Winall
R-U: Bonner’s Excalibur 
Owner/Handler: Derek Bonner

International Amateur Woodcock Championship
CH: Brae Val Bearcat Laddy 
Owner/Handler: Gregor McCluskey
R-U: Stoke’s Willie Bly 
Owner: Anthony Bly, Handler: Jamie Leitch

National Amateur Chukar Championship
CH: Rocking J’s Amy 
Owner/Handler: Jarry Walton
R-U: Kelly’s IB Butler 
Owner/Handler: Sean Kelly