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20th Century Fund Success Story – Field Trial Sportsmen’s Grounds (Grovespring)

The Field Trial Sportsmen’s Association grounds near Grovespring, Missouri are well known to all mid-western field trialers given the number of important trials — open, amateur, shooting dog and all-age — held on that venue throughout the season. They include the Missouri Open All-Age Championship, and this past season — the National Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship, the The Region 5 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship, the NBHA National Amateur Championship as well as many other trials.

The grounds boast three one-hour all-age courses and a pre-release bird program. That program’s success is dependent on many miles of edge planting feed strips and edge feathering to provide habitat for quail. The Sportsmen’s Association is grateful for the money received from the 20th Century Fund used for the purchase of seed, as well as for the tilling, planting and fertilizing of the feed strips.

Thanks to long time Association President Don Arnold for providing this information.

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Field Trial Sportsmen’s Grounds, Grovespring, Missouri

Thanks to other AFTCA members who sent in short stories and photos describing how their clubs have used money awarded by the 20th Century Fund for improvements to their field trial grounds. We’ll post more stories over the summer. If your club has received money from the 20th Century Fund, please share your success story.

Reminder: The application submission deadline for the 20th Century Fund is May 1st of every year. You must submit your Request Application Form to both Piper Huffman and Hunter Wilcox VMD, Chairman by this date. Club Officers can find the Request Form and enrollment criteria in the AFTCA Club Area.