2018-2019 National Amateur Championship Calendar

Dates and judges will be posted as information is received.

Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship, Circle, MT. August 18, 2018, Judges: Marty Middleton & Jason Staley
Chicken (All-Age) Championship, Mortlach, Sask, Canada. September 8, 2018, Judges: Sean Kelly & Andy Daugherty
Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog Championship, Wisconsin Rapids, WI. September 21, 2018, Judges: Jeff Wagoner & Phil Ruff
Chukar Shooting Dog Championship, Payette, ID. September 22, 2018, Judges: Larry McConnell & Jeremy Skousen
Grouse Championship, Gladwin Field Trial Area, Meredith, MI. September 27, 2018, Judges: Tim Tufts, Bill Holtan
Pheasant (All-Age) Championship, Dresdan, OH. October 19, 2018, Judges: Jon Lam, Keith Lowry
All-Age Invitational Championship, Ames Plantation, Grand Junction, TN. December 3, 2018, Judges: David Williams, Gary McKibben
Shooting Dog Invitational Championship, Round Pond Plantation, Leslie, GA. December 7, 2018, Judges: Judd Carlton, Mark McLean

Walking Shooting Dog Championship, Grovespring, MO. December 11, 2018, Judges: Gailen Cooper, Caleb Bryson
Shooting Dog Derby Championship, Camp Robinson, Conway, AK, January 31, 2019

Shooting Dog Championship, Camp Robinson, Conway, AK, February 1, 2019

Free-for-All Championship, Union Springs, AL, February 22, 2018, Judges: Burke Hendrix, Jonathan Burch
Woodcock Championship, Arcadia, RI, March 30,2019, Judges: Steve Forest,  Lenard Sinclair
Quail Championship, Ames Plantation, Grand Junction, TN, March 4, 2019
Derby Championship, Ric Peterson’s, TN, March 9, 2019
Chukar (All-Age) Championship, Reno, NV,  April 13-14, 2019