19 Dec 2018 News > 20th Century Fund

20th Century Fund Monies Awarded in 2018

This past year, 20 applicants were awarded grant money in the amount of $20,750.00. Grants were as follows:

• Georgia Field Trial Club: $1,000
• Ames Amateur Field Trial Club: $1,000
• Cedar Valley Field Trial Club: $500
• Moran Field Trial Club: $1,000
• West Texas Field Trial Club: $500
• Virginia Amateur Field Trial Association: $1,000
• Husker Bird Dog Club: $1,000
• Kentucky Field Trial Association: $1,000
• Ohio Valley Field Trial Circuit: $1,000
• Field Trial Sportsmen’s Association: $2,000
• Cahaba Bend Field Trial Club: $1,500
• Camp Robinson Field Trial Club: $2,000
• Southern Illinois Bird Hunter’s Association: $2,000
• Continental Amateur Field Trial Club: $500
• North Carolina Field Trial Association: $2,000
• Hell Creek Field Trial Club: $1,000
• Hawkeye Brittany Club: $250
• Holler Point Field Trial Club: $500
• Mid Carolina Field Trial Club: $500
• Sacramento Bird Dog Club: $500

These grounds are used by many field trial groups including U.S. Complete, National Bird Hunters and AKC. If anyone has any influence with these organizations, please encourage them to do their part by donating to the AFTCA’S 20th Century Fund so we continue to allocate funds to care for and improve these shared venues.

For groups who were awarded grants for grounds improvements, please share your success stories by providing a short description and a few photos of the improvements made. They will be posted on this website and shared through social media like Facebook. Sharing your successes will help illuminate the importance of the 20th Century Fund and encourage giving. Email your photos and stories.

Learn about your options for making tax deductible donations to the AFTCA 20th Century Fund.