2018-2019 National Amateur Championship Calendar

Dates and judges will be posted as information is received.

Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship, Circle, MT. August 18, 2018, Judges: Marty Middleton & Jason Staley
Chicken (All-Age) Championship, Mortlach, Sask, Canada. September 8, 2018, Judges: Sean Kelly & Andy Daugherty
Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog Championship, Wisconsin Rapids, WI. September 21, 2018, Judges: Jeff Wagoner & Phil Ruff
Chukar Shooting Dog Championship, Payette, ID. September 22, 2018, Judges: Larry McConnell & Jeremy Skousen
Grouse Championship, Gladwin Field Trial Area, Meredith, MI. September 27, 2018, Judges: Tim Tufts, Bill Holtan
Pheasant (All-Age) Championship, Dresdan, OH. October 19, 2018, Judges: Jon Lam, Keith Lowry
All-Age Invitational Championship, Ames Plantation, Grand Junction, TN. December 3, 2018, Judges: David Williams, Gary McKibben

Shooting Dog Invitational Championship, Round Pond Plantation, Leslie, GA. December 7, 2018, Judges: Judd Carlton, Mark McLean
Walking Shooting Dog Championship, Grovespring, MO. December 11, 2018, Judges: Gailen Cooper, Caleb Bryson
Free-for-All Championship, Union Springs, AL, February 22, 2018, Judges: Elton Bray, Jonathan Burch
Woodcock Championship, Arcadia, RI
Shooting Dog Championship, Camp Robinson, Conway, AK
Shooting Dog Derby Championship, Camp Robinson, Conway, AK
Quail Championship, Ames Plantation, Grand Junction, TN
Derby Championship, Ric Peterson’s, TN
Chukar (All-Age) Championship, Reno, NV,  April 13-14, 2019