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2017-2018 National Amateur Free-For-All Drawing

Thursday, February 22, 2018
Sedgefields Plantation, Union Springs, Alabama

Judges: Pat Varner, Rick Furney
Reporter: Morgan Brewer

1a Miller’s Henesy, PM, Richardson
1b Smokin Joe’s Rambo, SM, Bruner

2a Neely’s Paint the Town, PM, Linder/Sanchez
2b Neely’s Rock & Roll, PM, Neely/Atkins

3a Miller’s Unfinished Business, PM, Miller/Miller
3b Lonetree Showbiz, PM, Owen/McDuffie

4a CS Power Play, PM, Roach/Brewer
4b Walden Ridge Play Boy, PM, Steele

5a Erin’s Rebel Rum, PM, Moses/Hughes
5b Pineywoods Fire Storm, PM, Hendley/Peterson

6a Sioux Showboat, PM, Lunsford/Moore
6b CS Lil Ann, PF, Roach/Brewer

7a Miller’s Armed And Dangerous, PM, Crosby
7b Sedgefield’s Shadow Rises, PM, McDuffie

8a Conway Twitty, PM, Atkins
8b High Drive Ranger, PM, Linder/Sanchez

9a Lonetree Splish Splash, PF, Owen/McDuffie
9b Little White Lies, PF (IS), Richardson

10a Walden Ridge Country Girl, PF, Steele
10b Windy Hill War Creek, PF (IS), Linder/Morrison

11a CS Pressure Test, SM, Peterson
11b Ironstone Lone Star, SM, Richardson

12a Quicksilver Blue Jade, PF, Stallings/Hughes
12b The Black List, PF (IS), Rhyne/Goodwyn

13a Paint the Town, PM, Servais/McDuffie
13b Jessie’s Bojangles, SM, McNamee/Sanchez

14a Erin’s Trace, PM, Mason
14b Miller’s Just Plain Rowdy, PM, Miller/Miller

15a Mosiac, PM, Moses/Hughes
15b Rentz’s Fire & Ice, PM, Rentz

16a Redland’s Jacked Up, PM, Rentz
16b Hawk’s Line Up, PM, McDuffie

17a Miller’s Unbridled Forever, PM, Miller/Miller
17b Zumbro Stinky Pete, PM, Gilbertson

18a Sedgefield’s Power House Turbo, PM, McDuffie
18b DuBose Daddy Boy, PM, DuBose

19a Miller’s California Dreamer, PF, Miller/Miller
19b Back Country Bonnie, PF (IS), Joyce

20a Thomas’ Adirondack Turbo, PM, Thomas/Joyce
20b Pinson’s Imagine, PM, Pinson

21a High Drive Awesome Justice, PM, Linder/Sanchez
21b Marque’s Lucky Charm, PM, Strausbaugh

22a Smokin Joe’s Bandit, SM, Bruner
22b Sioux Yankton, PM, Lunsford/Moore

23a Erin’s Rain Man, PM, Stallings/Hughes
23b Pineywoods Jackpot, SM, Hendley

24a Great River Survivor, PM, Sanchez/Linder
24b County Line Bo, PM, Bolindorf

25a Sugarknoll Buzz Saw, PM, Del Collo
25b Dragonfly, PM, Hughes

26a CS Joe Kidd, PM, Roach/Brewer
26b Smokin Joe’s Boz, SM, Bruner

27a McRee’s Glory B, PF, McPherson
27b Knight’s White Lady, PF (IS), Owen/McDuffie

28a Daniel’s Creek White Hawk, PM, Owen/McDuffie
28b Elhew G Force, PM, Moore/Lunsford

29a Cassique’s Boss, PM, Stallings/McDuffie
29b Miller’s Up Graded Version, PM, Miller/Miller

30a Panther Creek Snow Queen, PF, Rutland
30b Sassy Creek, PF (IS), McHugh

31a Waiting Till Midnight, PF, Crosby
31b Miller’s Miss Clamity Jane, PF (IS), Linder/Sanchez

32a Lester Prime Poison Lane, PM, Peterson
32b Great River McKenzie, PM, McNamee/Sanchez

33a Erin’s War Paint, PM, Linder/Sanchez
33b Chief’s Rising Sun, SM, Mathys

34a Miller’s Locked And Loaded, PM, Miller/Miller
34b Erin’s Country Thunder, PM, Linder/Sanchez

35a Seeking a Thrill, PM, Leonard
35b Born on the Fourth of July, PM, Gilbertson

36a Panther Creek EZ, PF, Rutland
36b North Country Girl, PF (IS), McKay/McHugh

37a Erin’s Prometheus, SM, Mathys
37b Bad Bourbon, PM, Strausbaugh

38a Wild Hawk, PM, Moses/Hughes
38b Lumen, PM, Pendergrass

39a CS Shoe Shine, PM, Brewer/Roach
39b At’a Boy Roy, PM, Kimbrell

40a Great River Bayne, PM, Sanchez/Linder
40b Phillip’s Wind Line, PM, Pinson

41a Sugarknoll Bushwacker, PM, Del Collo
41b Northwoods Charles, SM, Owen/McDuffie

42a CS Coldwater Rex, PM, Brewer/Roach
42b Shadow Oak Doc, SM, Sanchez/Linder

43a American Express Lane, PM, Peterson
43b Miller’s Handsome Ransom, PM, Linder/Sanchez

44a Meadowwood’s Fastbreak, PM, Roach/Brewer
44b CS Trump, SM, Peterson