History of the National Amateur Quail Championship

“Shanghai Express, white, liver and ticked pointer dog, coming like Lochinvar from out of the West, but for the past year the property of Dr. Frank H. Lahey of Boston, Mass., is the winner of the annual Amateur Championship of the Association of Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America.

The runner-up is a white, black, tan and ticked setter dog, Sport’s Peerless, owned by Louis M. Bobbitt of Winston-Salem, N.C. Both dogs were handled by their owners and that makes the victory even more distinctive. Thirty-three dogs were originally drawn to run in the stake, but owing to last minute withdrawals thirty-one actually competed. Nevertheless, it is a new record and attests the popularity of this rapidly growing amateur movement in field trials, which has indeed spread over the country like wild fire.”

Reporter A. F. Hochwalt, February 17, 1934 edition of the American Field


This year another admired field trial reporter, Steve Standley, diligently researched and wrote the history of this, the very first National Amateur Championship, later to be renamed the National Amateur Quail Championship.

The next National Amateur Quail Championship (for All-Age dogs) will be contested on the famed Ames Plantation, Grand Junction, TN on
March 5, 2018. Read Steve’s history of the National Amateur Quail Championship first run in 1918.

Winners of a few past National Amateur Quail Championships…


1955 National Amateur Quail Winners
CH: Paladin’s Jubilee  Owner/Handler: Claude A. Hinton Jr.
R-U: Arilway  Owner: R. M Kleberg Sr., Handler: J. D. McConnell
March 10, Ardmore, Oklahoma


1982 National Amateur Quail Winners
CH: Music City Rex  Owner/Handler: Dr. George C. Olive
R-U: High Fidelity  Owner/Handler: Dr. Jack Huffman
March 9, King Ranch, Texas


1988 National Amateur Quail Winners
CH: Addition’s Go Boy  Owners: Mr. & Mrs. Pete Frierson, Handler: Jerry Black
R-U: Bisco Big Jack  Owner/Handler: Barry Carpenter
March 7, Chinquapin Farms, Brandon, Florida