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2017-2018 National Amateur Championship Calendar

Listed below are the 2017-2018 season National Amateur Championships. Dates and judges will be added as soon as they are secured.

National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship, Circle, MT
August 19, 2017 ~ Judges: Glen Johnson & Jason Staley

National Amateur Chicken Championship, Mortlach, Canada
Sept. 9, 2017 ~ Judges: Colin Kennedy & Roger Shelswell

National Amateur Prairie Shooting Dog Championship, Wisconsin Rapids, WI
September 22, 2017 ~ Judges: Frank LaNasa & Jerry Kolter

National Amateur Chukar Championship, Payette, ID
September 23, 2017 ~  Judges: Richie Robertson & Emily Robertson

International Amateur Woodcock Championship, New Brunswick, Canada
October 7, 2017 ~  Judges Kelly Short & Jim Wade

National Amateur Pheasant Championship, Dresdan, OH
October 20, 2017 ~ Judges: Dennis Sneed & Scott Kermicle

National Amateur Grouse Championship, Marienville, PA
October 28, 2017 ~ Judges: Tony Bly & John Malone

National Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship, Grovespring, MO
November 30, 2017- Eddie Berendzen & George Hill

National Amateur All-Age Invitational Championship, Ames Plantation, Grand Junction, TN
December 4, 2017- Michael Shears & Jonathan Burch

National Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational Championship, Round Pond Plantation, Leesburg, GA
December 8, 2017- Luke Eisenhart & Mark McLean

National Amateur Quail Championship, Ames Plantation, Grand Junction, TN
March 5, 2018

National Amateur Free-For-All Championship, Union Springs, AL
Feb 22, 2018 Rick Furney & Pat Barner

National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship, Camp Robinson, AR
Immediately following thee National Amateur Shooting Dog Derby
Feb 9, 2018 Judges for both stakes Tony King & Tim Penn

National Amateur Shooting Dog Derby Championship, Camp Robinson, AR
Feb 8, 2018- Tony King & Tim Penn

National Amateur Derby Championship, Huntingdon, TN

National Amateur Chukar Shooting Dog Championship, Sunnyside, WA
March 17, 2018 Sheldon Twer & Tim Zick