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2017 AFTCA Annual Meeting

Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America, Inc.

Lexington, KY
June 23, 2017
Trustee Meeting

President Hansen spoke on behalf of two trustee’s Bob Baylis of Region 7 and Herb Anderson of Region 10 who passed away this past year. A moment of silence was held for both these respectful gentlemen. President of Region 10, Todd Schaaf was introduced. He spoke very kind words portraying Mr. Anderson as a respectful, kind, and honorable gentleman. Mr. Anderson was a well-known respected participant in the field trial world. He was an active AFTCA trustee for 15 years.

President Torben Hansen reflected on his two year term as President by thanking everyone for their participation, especially secretary Piper Huffman for handling all the minor aspect of the AFTCA, stating she has done a wonderful job. He highly commended Frank Lanasa for all his hard work, time, and efforts on the website. He stated the AFTCA is right on track and is moving in a very forward and positive way. He commended Ric Peterson with the financial committee and Tony King of the Breed Committee.

The meeting was called to order by President Torben Hansen at 8:45 AM. The group was advised the meeting was being taped for the purpose of constructing the minutes.

President Hansen asked for the roll call. The following replied: Secretary, Piper Huffman, President, Torben Hansen, Region 1: Eli Richardson, Region 2: Dr. Hunter Wilcox, Region 3: Johnny Atkinson, John Ivester, Gary Winall, Region 4: Jim Crouse, Ray Wheeler, Region 5: Sean Derrig, Tony King, Region 6: David Williams, Dr. Fred Corder, Michael Shears, Region 7 : Dr. Buck Neil, Region 8: Gary Young, Region 9: Harold Chadwick, Region 10: Todd Schaaf, Region 12: Ric Peterson, Region 14: Lou Qualitere, Region 16: Rick Stallings, Larron Copeland, Region 17: Don Beauchamp, At Large Trustee’s: Dr. Bob Rankin, Mark Johnson.

Bernie Matthys and Bernie Matthys Jr. were present for the meeting.

Minutes of the 2016 meeting were presented by secretary Piper Huffman. Jim Crouse made a motion to accept the minutes and Johnny Atkinson seconded it.

Ric Peterson enlightened the group on positive information regarding the finances of the AFTCA. He stated the good news is all the finances are in great order. The assets in the Stephen’s account in Memphis, TN are $635,000.00. The AFTCA has the books audited every year for a 3-year audit comparison. The auditor looks at the books, reviews them, and makes sure all entries are recorded properly. It’s good to have a 3rd party looking into the finances. Mr. Peterson stated the net assets continue to increase and all finances are in order with the AFTCA making good progress.

Dr. Hunter Wilcox presented the 20th Century Fund report. He thanked the committee Sean Derrig, Ric Peterson, Rick Stallings and Tony King for their help in awarding 20 clubs grant money. More clubs applied this year with 21 applicants compared to 14 last year. Milton reported from last year’s financial committee $27,000.00 could be used to grant out to clubs but he recommended the committee stay within the $23,000.00 or below. A total of $21,000.00 was awarded to the following clubs: Mid Carolina Field Trial Club, $500.00; Holler Point Field Trial Club, $500.00; Continental Amateur Field Trial Club, $1000.00; Maine Bird Dog Club, $500.00; Cahaba Bend Field Trial Club, $1500.00; Virginia Amateur Field Trial Club, $1000.00; Fort Campbell Association, $1000.00; Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club, $500.00; Northwest Field Association, $1000.00; Cockade Field Trial Club, $1000.00; Georgia Field Trial Association, $1000.00; Ohio Valley Field Trial Circuit, $1000.00; Ames Amateur Field Trial Club, $1000.00; Big Sky Field Trial Club, $1000.00; Cedar Valley Field Trial Club, $1000.00; Stranger Creek Field Trial Club, $500.00; North Carolina Field Trial Club, $2000.00; Sportsman Association Field Trial Club, $2000.00; Kentucky Field Trial Association, $1250.00; Camp Robinson Field Trial Club, $2000.00.

Frank Lanasa highlighted the Insurance coverage for the AFTCA. He explained there are 5 policies that show no changes since the previous year and all aspects are in place. The policies consist of the Office Policy (which covers property at the AFTCA office), auto and fire, General Liability (which covers events away from the office), Workman’s Comp, Officer and Director’s policy, and Employee Dishonesty policy which have been in place for decades. This year’s total insurance bill is $4914.00 which is an increase of $120.00 from last year. All coverages and policies are renewing fine with no issues.

Tony King reported on the Continental Breed Committee. Tony explained this issue was discussed at last year’s meeting electing two new at large trustee’s Mark Johnson representing the Vizsla’s and Mike Aldrich representing the German Shorthair Pointer’s. The committee reached out to numerous groups and got together with their thoughts through phone conference’s and emails. It was determined the Vizsla’s were completely on board with the AFTCA. However the German Shorthaired Pointer’s understand the AFTCA programs and policies but their trustee’s voted to take a “wait and see” approach towards rejoining the AFTCA at this time. The committee recommended a motion to eliminate Trustee At Large Mike Aldrich representing the German Shorthair Pointer’s. Johnny Atkinson moved the motion and Jim Crouse seconded. All were in favor. The committee recommended, maintaining the Breed Championship program as defined per Article VII of the By-Laws. In order for any winner to receive a win certificate or Championship scroll they must be a paid member of the AFTCA and must have an AFTCA ID number. Tony king made the motion and Eli Richardson seconded it with all in favor.

Frank Lanasa enlightened the group on the AFTCA website. He stated the website is who we are, how we want to project, and where we want to go. This website is a business asset for this organization. Our club numbers have grown from 400 clubs to over 1500 members. The goal for the AFTCA is how we can grow our individual memberships, so that the AFTCA can financially operate on its own. As soon as we become financially independent enough to handle all operating costs through the membership dues, the better the organization will be. We need to make it enticing for people to become members, not have to. We are moving forward to make all aspects of the AFTCA operate on the same field trial calendar from June 30 to June 30th of the following year same as the memberships as well as the financial fiscal year. We need to make people aware of what defines a member. It was put in place at last year’s meeting that any owner (s) kennel name on the FDSB registration paper must have a $25.00 membership to enter an AFTCA event, excluding youth trials. It was made clear there are no exemptions except youth (16 and under) do not have to have a membership ID number. Using WordPress for our content management system will allow us to grow our website easily to meet our future demands. We can add sponsor links to go on certain pages of the website, as well as linking the website to social media sites, adding a store and adding classifieds. The website is on track and has come a long way in the last 12 months and will continue to grow and improve. A well informed demonstration of the website impressed all. Frank Lanasa made a motion that the AFTCA hire Sportsman Cabinet as our media technical and design consultant for one year. Harold Chadwick seconded the motion; all were in favor.

As the first order of new business Dr. Hunter Wilcox wanted to discuss the issue of tracking device’s being turned on or off when handing the recovery device to the judge. After a brief discussion, Sean Derrig stated the recovery devices must be turned off and the top 12 rules for electronic devices remain in place. Bernie Matthys, of the American Field, sternly stated the FDSB took control of these rules for electronic devices a few years ago with the cooperation from trustees Torben Hansen, Sean Derrig, Frank Lanasa and Rick Stallings.

Torben Hansen brought to the floor a request from Glenn Conover of the Big Sky Field trial club to start a new National Amateur Prairie Grouse Championship in Winnitt, MT. It was discussed that there are already 16 National Amateur Championships which cover all species and quite a bit of them loose money. It was recommended by the board to run this trial as a classic this year then it can be looked at again in the future. The big issue is the endangered species (Sage Grouse) associated with this trial.

A short lunch break was taken

The meeting was called back to order at 12:00 PM. The issue of sponsors for Regional Championships was discussed and it was said that it would be best for Regional Championships to reach out to a Purina Representative to try and gain their sponsorship for National Amateur Regional Championships. Regions have to survive the best way they can with many different sponsors. It is hopeful Purina can sponsor more AFTCA regional championships. The AFTCA greatly appreciates all Purina does for this sport we love, along with their support and sponsorship of this organization.

Reinstatment of Amateur status was opened for Mr. Joey Degross. His information was presented and voted on by the board of trustees to reinstate Mr. Degross.

The secretary was given a 3% raise.

With no further discussion the meeting was adjourned at 12:45 PM





Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America, Inc.

Lexington, KY

Open Meeting


President Torben Hansen called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM with a nice crowd at the Thoroughbred Center.

President Hansen presented a memorial plaque to Todd Schaaf of Region 10 in honor of Herb Anderson who served as a trustee for 15 years. Mr. Schaaf said kind words on behalf of Mr. Anderson and enlightened the group that Region 10 has raised $2000.00 to buy a display case in honor and memory of Mr. Anderson. This display case will be placed at the Bird Dog Museum in Grand Junction, TN.

Ric Peterson reported for the financial committee stating the finances are in good shape with the net assets up from the previous years. The investment account has about $636,000.00 which is up $32,000.00 this year. He explained the AFTCA has an auditor that does a 3-year comparative audit to make sure all the books are in good order. The last audit was in 2016 another will be prepared in November. The fiscal year runs from July 1, to June 30th.

Tony King spoke on behalf of the 20th Century Fund. He stated the 20th Century Fund has given over $240,000.00 in grant money to clubs all over the country since inception. The committee granted out $21,000.00 this year awarding 20 clubs. This grant money can only be used for wildlife enhancement and habitat improvement.

Frank Lanasa stated the AFTCA has five Insurance policies that are continuing and in place. There is a $120.00 increase in the overall costs this year. Bringing the total insurance premium just shy of $5000.00.

Tony King reported for the working Continental Breed Committee. He explained President Hansen asked him to form a committee which he did consisting of himself, Trustee’s At Large; Mark Johnson with the Viszla’s, Bob Rankin with the Brittany’s, Don Beauchamp with the Red Setters and Mike Aldrich with the German Shorthaired Pointer’s. Since that time the committee spent hours on the phone, emails and phone conferences trying to find a way to get these Continental Breeds more involved with the AFTCA. In the committee meeting, it was proposed to maintain the Breed Championship Program as defined per Article VII of the By-Laws. In order for any winner to receive a win certificate or championship scroll, they must be a paid member of the AFTCA and must have an AFTCA ID number. It was voted on and passed. The German Shorthair Pointer participants have not closed the door on the AFTCA, but have decided they do not want to be a part of the AFTCA at this time. A motion was made to eliminate the trustee at large for the German Shorthaired Pointer’s Mike Aldridge until further notice. The motion passed.

Frank Lanasa enlightened the group on the website. He explained that the Sportsman Cabinet was hired last year to design and improve the current website. The newly designed website launched in March of 2017 and has been up and running with all aspects working except the sanction form. It was approved to receive additional funds towards the website to update and improve the club memberships. The website is geared for benefits for individual members. If you are not a member, you cannot explore all aspects of the website. The website will continue to move forward with added features in the future. Torben Hansen highly commended Frank Lanasa on all his hard work and efforts on the website.

President Torben Hansen recapped the AFTCA meeting held Friday at 8:30 AM.

Nominating Committee chairman Larron Copeland presented the following candidates for trustee by region.

Region 1, Eli Richardson; Region 3, John Ivestor; Region 4, Ray Wheeler; Region 5, Sean Derrig; Region 6, Michael Shears, Dr. Fred Corder; Region 7, Dr. Buck Neil; Region 8, Gary Young; Region 9, Harold Chadwick; Region 10, Todd Schaaf; Region 11, Torben Hansen; Region 12, Ric Peterson; Region 13, Jeff Haggis; Region 16, Rick Stallings, Mike Moses; Region 17, Dr. Pat McInteer; Region 17, Don Beauchamp; Trustee At Large, Dr. Bob Rankin.

Trustees Meeting

The slate of officers was presented by the nominating committee. President, David Williams; 1st Vice President, Rick Stalling; 2nd Vice president Frank Lanasa; 3rd Vice President, Tony King. The Nominating Committee’s recommendations for Trustee’s and Officers were elected by acclimation.

It was announced that Piper Huffman, our secretary and lone employee, would receive a merit raise of 3%.

Incoming President David Williams gave a short address to the attendees challenging them to help develop a “Five Year Plan” for the AFTCA.

President Hansen adjourned the meeting.