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Invitational Points & Win Certificates

Not seeing your dog’s Win Certificate?… or are your dog’s Invitational Points not awarded or incorrect?

Win Certificates that are displayed in the Dog Win Database as well as the Invitational Points standings are as current as the Essential Data Forms that are received in the AFTCA office. Typically, Essential Data Forms (EDFs) are reviewed, approved and posted within three business days of being received in the AFTCA office or posted online.

Almost without exception the primary reasons for Win Certificates or Invitational Points not being accurately accounted for are:

• Essential Data Form has not yet been submitted by the host club or is has been submitted with partial information.

• An individual member has not completed their Member Profile or their Active Dog List which causes delays in submitting the Essential Data Form by the host club.

• Essential Data Form was submitted but did not properly indicate it was an Invitational Points Stake.

The first two reasons account for over 90% of the omissions.

The current AFTCA website was designed for individual members to manage their own dogs.

You, the individual AFTCA member, are the first line of offense to make sure that your dog’s wins are properly documented. It starts by making sure your Member Profile is accurate and complete. Completing your Active Dog List is beyond simple. If you have your dog’s registration paper in hand, you can complete the dog info screens in under a minute per dog. It cannot be stressed enough how important this is. If you don’t have access to a computer, please ask a friend to help.

Once you know your Profile and Dog List is accurate and complete, you can manage the dog’s Invitational Points by going to the real time graph and clicking on your dog. That dogs winning performances in the current field trial season will display in a popup window.

If you know that there are placements missing, please contact the club responsible to make sure the Essential Data Form(s) has been submitted to the AFTCA. Information is not shared between the AFTCA and American Field (Field Dog Stud Book), so the Essential Data Form must be submitted to both the AFTCA and the American Field.

Please allow for up to a week from the date the Essential Data Forms is mailed for mail time and processing to complete the task of entering the information into the AFTCA database. We encourage clubs to complete Essential Data Forms online, reducing processing time to hours and avoiding misspellings and other errors.

Frank LaNasa
AFTCA Trustee