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Important Information for Individual Members

With the launch of this new website, there are some things that you should do to make certain that your AFTCA Membership is properly handled moving forward.

We have migrated all membership and dog information from the old website into a more expansive database on the new system. We ask that all AFTCA Members take a minute to review their Member Profile and their Active and Inactive Dogs lists and details. Please take this opportunity to make any necessary changes. By taking these steps now you will eliminate questions and issues later. Below is a simple outline to follow:

Your Login credentials (email username and password) on the new site will be the same as it was for the old website.

Member Profile
When you log in, you will be immediately taken to your Member Profile page. Please make sure the information is current and add your AFTCA Member# to your profile. This is important.

If you do not know or can’t remember your AFTCA Member#, you can find it by following the these simple instructions:

Go to your NEON Account. Log in using your same login credentials used to log in to your AFTCA Account and your Member# will appear.

Once your data is updated and completed please click on the SUBMIT button and your updated Member Profile information will be saved.

My Dog List
Under Member Area scroll the drop-down menu and select My Dog List. Quickly review your dogs’ information and make any necessary changes using the edit tab (pencil icon). Your dogs’ information is YOUR responsibility. Check each field. Having accurate data is essential. Make sure to include your Member# in both the owner and handler fields for each active dog.

Please use uppercase and lowercase letters when entering dog names and information and when filling out forms on this website. Please do not use all caps or all lowercase letters. This can lead to confusion in the database.

If a dog is co-owned, the dog must be managed and appear on the Primary Owners and Handlers dog list only.  Co-owners are added from the Primary Owner’s dog list. Do not manually add the same dog to multiple owner’s dog lists. A dog can have only one Primary Owner and Handler on this database system. Take this opportunity to move retired or deceased dogs from the Active List to the Inactive List. (Moving dogs to the Inactive List does not affect the Dog Win database.)

This website has been designed to be a great asset for our Membership but relies on you to keep the Dog Database accurate. Thank you for your co-operation!