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2016-2017 National Amateur Free-for-All Championship Drawing

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Sedgefields Plantation, Union Springs, Alabama

Judges: Johnny Atkinson, Mike Jackson
Reporters: Hope & Max Eberle

1a Kendal Hills Dawson Creek, PM, McPherson
1b High Tailing Miss Kate, PF, Joyce

2a Ladywoods Keepsake, PF, Sanchez
2b CS Lou, PF, Gibson

3a Waybetter Rocky, PM, Bishop
3b Meadowwoods Gunslinger, PM, Roach

4a Elhew G Force, PM, Moore/Pinson
4b Desire, PF, Wilcox

5a Rentz’s Fire and Ice, PF, Rentz
5b Panther Creek Snow Queen, PF(IS), Rutland

6a Lesters Snowy Night, PM, McDuffie
6b Meadowoods Joe Dirt, PM, Roach

7a Waldens’ Ridge Country Girl, PF, Steele
7b Smokin Joe’s Bandit, SM, Brunner

8a Bo Bunda, PM, Atkins/Arlington
8b Millers Lite Cruze, PM, Moses

9a Millers Bring the Heat, PF, Miller
9b Sioux Yankton, PM, Lundstrom/Moore/Pinson

10a Sugarknoll Bushwacker, PM, Del Collo
10b CS Fade Away, PF, Gibson

11a High Tailing Bud, PM, Joyce
11b Sedgefields Shadow Rises, PM, McDuffie

12a Millers Stray Bullet, PF, Miller
12b Fast Times, PM, Wilcox

13a Smokin Joe’s Pilot, SM, Brunner
13b Warrant Officer, PM, Goodwin/Harkins/Rhyne

14a Bail Me Out, PM, Puckett/Moore
14b Marques Lucky Charm, PM, Strausbaugh

15a Thomas Adriondack Turbo, PM, Thomas
15b Hawks Line Up, PM, McDuffie

16a Pineywoods Jackpot, SM, Hendley
16b Erin’s War Creek, PM, Steele

17a CS Joe Kid, PM, Gibson
17b Ironstone Spec, SM, Richardson

18a Millers Unfinished Business, PM, Miller
18b Quicksilver Blue Jade, PF, Stallings

19a Let’s Get Smart, PM, Roach
19b Ironstone Lonestar, SM, Richardson

20a Showtime Sam Houston, PM, Copeland/Moore
20b Erin’s Rain Man, PM, Stallings

21a Native Lucky, PM, Harkins
21b The Black List, PF, Rhyne

22a Jessie’s Bonanza, SF, McNamee
22b Suemac’s Sashay, PF, McPherson

23a County Line Bo, PM, Peterson
23b Showtime Automatic, PM, Copeland/Moore

24a Panther Creek Wild Thing, PM, Rutland
24b CS Coldwater Rex, PM, Gibson

25a Millers Armed and Dangerous, PM, Crosby
25b Thomas Adriondack Mason, SM, Thomas

26a Walden’s Ridge Shadow Dancing, PM, Steele
26b Dragonfly, PM, Hughes/Stallings

27a Lester’s Prime Poison Lane, PM, Peterson
27b Strut Nation, PM, Jordan

28a Panther Creek EZ, PF(IS), Rutland
28b Slip Around Sally, PF(IS), Roach

29a CS Pressure Test, PM, Gibson
28b Whites Scatter Gun, PM, White

30a Neelys’ Chocolate Chip, PM, Atkins
30b Erins Prometheus, SM, Mathys

31a CS Shoe Shine, PM, Gibson
31b Ironstone Kings Ransom, SM, Richardson

32a Talladega, PM, Richardson
32b CS Power Play, PM, Gibson

33a Waywards Flyn Tomato, SM, McPherson
33b Smokin Joe’s Copilot, SM, Brunner

34a American Express Lane, PM, Peterson
34b Wait Til Midnight, PF, Crosby

35a Suemac’s Roll Tide, PM, McPherson
35b Conway Twitty, PM, Atkins

36a Steele City Karen, PF, Reed/Archer
36b Redland’s Jacked Up, PM, Rentz

37a Millers Bushwacker, PM, Miller
37b Phillips Wind Line, PM, Pinson

38a Bojangles, SM, McNamee