27 Aug 2015 News > Announcements

AFTCA Individual Membership

At this year’s annual AFTCA meeting, it was voted by the Board of Trustees to implement a $25.00 annual Individual Membership fee. Any person that participates in any AFTCA sponsored event, excluding youth trials, must become an Individual Member. The annual Individual Membership fee will term June 30th to the following year of July 1 regardless of when the membership is purchased.

The AFTCA has given much thought to implementing a way of becoming self-sustaining; we have had various committee meetings over the last few years in an attempt to secure a business model that makes sense for our organization. Over the years the only way the AFTCA has held its financial ground is through our wonderful sponsors.

The Board of Trustees made the discussion a few years ago that relying on sponsors was not the most financially sound way to run an organization or business, thus the membership fees.

I know some have seen our financials and question the need for additional funds, but they do not realize that a majority of those funds are Twentieth Century monies from which the interest is distributed to various clubs and organizations throughout the nation to promote field trials, field trial sites and improve wildlife habitat. The Twentieth Century is funded by prints, donations, memorial donations and other fund raisers nationwide. When you take into consideration AFTCA funds only, revenues from clubs and individuals throughout the nation, the AFTCA is not self-sustaining. It is the hope of all Trustees to stabilize our financial situation for generations to come, and not be complacent with the present. The Trustees and the AFTCA membership has an obligation to see that all generations to come have the opportunity that we have had to enjoy this great sport.

Secretary Huffman is in the process of setting up a link with Neon, software that will be on the AFTCA website where an individual will fill out an application for membership and pay their $25.00 fee by check or credit card. An email will be sent directly to the member with a receipt of payment and membership ID number. This individual membership link will be available on the AFTCA website November 1, 2015. There will be a grace period until January 1, 2016 on obtaining Membership and entering into trials with your Member ID through the club. We realize some issues will arise. Once this grace period is over, Individual Membership will be strictly enforced.

Piper Huffman, Torben Hansen, Michael Shears