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2014 AFTCA Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of Trustees of the Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America Inc., was called to order by AFTCA President Jim Crouse at 1:00 p. m., Thursday, June 19, in the Thoroughbred Center, Lexington, Ky.

Trustees were advised that the meeting was being taped for the purpose of constructing the minutes.

President Crouse asked for the roll call. The following responded:

President Jim Crouse; Secretary Piper Huffman; Region 1, Eli Richardson; Region 2, Dr. Hunter Wilcox and Regis Linn; Region 3, John Ivester, Gary Winall and Johnny Atkinson; Region 4, Ray Wheeler; Region 5, Tony King and Sean Derrig; Region 6, David Williams, Michael Shears and Albert Necaise; Region 7, Dr. Buck Neil; Region 9, Harold Chadwick; Region 10, Herb Anderson; Region 11, Torben Hansen; Region 12, Ric Peterson; Region 16, Larron Copeland, John Milton and Rick Stallings; Region 17, Dr. Pat McInteer; and Trustee at Large, Dr. Robert Rankin.

Bernie Matthys of The American Field was present as a guest.

A motion to accept the 2013 minutes as prepared was made by Eli Richardson and seconded by Ray Wheeler. Passed.

President Crouse called for an hour recess for all standing committees to meet and discuss their issues. He welcomed anyone not on a committee to join in.

President Crouse reconvened the meeting at approximately 3:30 p.m.

John Milton reported for the Finance Committee. He stated the AFTCA bond holding are doing pretty well and all risks are to be avoided. The total assets are down approximately $3,000. Secretary Huffman noted that fees for the Invitational Championship were bunched up and two years of expenses were paid in 2013. This expenditure accounts for the difference in loss of assets. Mr. Milton pointed out that the sponsorship funding from Purina had been received today and the AFTCA is greatly appreciative. This sponsorship enables the AFTCA to operate and everyone should support Purina.

In 2013, the 20th Century Fund distributed $17,000 in grants and the finances basically stayed the same as last year. Mr. Milton stated that overall the financials were doing well. He explained that the AFTCA is in compliance with 501(c) 3 requirements. He stressed that grant monies are to be used for wildlife preservation. Eli Richardson made the motion to accept the financial report, seconded by Albert Necaise. Passed.

Dr. Hunter Wilcox gave the 20th Century Fund report. Recommendation for this year’s grants by Mr. Milton was $17,000. A total of $13,250 was awarded. Criterion for the selection of clubs for grant money was what clubs had given back to the AFTCA.

The grants are as follows: Stranger Creek Field Trial Club, $500; Kentucky Field Trial Association, $1,000; Holler Point Field Trial Club, $1,000; Valley View Field Trial Association, $1,000; Bama Quail Club, $750; Field Trial Sportsman’s Association, $2,000; Hatchechubbee Field Trial Club, $1,000; Rock Springs Field Trial Club, $750; Continental Amateur, $500; Ohio Valley Field Trial Circuit, $1,000; Georgia Field Trial Association, $1,000; West Valley Bird Dog Club, $750; and North Carolina Field Trial Association, $2,000.

Eli Richardson made a motion to accept the 20th Century Fund report; Albert Necaise seconded. Passed.

Torben Hansen presented the website report. He commended Frank LaNasa for all his hard work and time on the website. He reported versions 2.0 and 2.1 were up and running with more work scheduled to be done on it as well. The 3.0 version is in the works with some exciting new features that will enhance the website. Secretary Huffman stated that the website was moving forward and getting better. She addressed the workable features on the website, Essential Data Forms, printable Win Certificates, calculation of Invitational points and pictured news articles. Mr. Hansen added that in the near future there will be an AFTCA store on line and the use of credit cards through PayPal will be available. This will help generate income for the AFTCA. Johnny Atkinson made the motion to accept the website report; and David Williams seconded. Passed.

As the first order of new business Torben Hansen reported the dog recovery unit rules 1-12 will remain as they are. The committee will be working with Garmin to help bring new collars in compliance with these rules including the T5. It was stated the field trial fraternity is to follow these rules. Trustees were encouraged to read the rules and become familiar with them to help educate others.

The question was asked if Bernie Matthys of The American Field was in agreement with the same rules of the AFTCA. He stated, “Yes”. That the AFTCA and the (American Field) Field Dog Stud Book are all on the “same page”.

After a lengthy discussion on two issues of the dog recovery units, it was reiterated that the units (transmitter and collar) must weigh no more than 9 ounces and they have to be turned off while in the judge’s possession. A motion to raise the weight limit from 9 ounces to 10.5 ounces was made by Michael Shears and seconded by David Williams. The motion failed.

Larron Copeland brought to the floor the idea of rotating the All-Age Invitational. He stated this trial has lost more money than any other of the National Amateur Championships and it’s been at the same place for a long time. He said many do not attend because of the location, lack of birds and possible weather delays. Mr. Copeland stated this should be one of the better Championships. Sean Derrig concurred the Invitational should be rotated and held at premier field trial grounds with 3-6 courses and wild birds if possible. David Williams noted the Ames Plantation is centrally located and the situation of the birds has been addressed by Ames Plantation personnel. Rick Stallings offered to host the 2015 Invitational with Frank Rutland. Mr. Derrig stated the Ames Plantation is a great venue and he believes the birds will be back. The All-Age Invitational will be held at Ames Plantation in 2014. Larron Copeland made the motion the All-Age Invitational in 2015 be rotated at the discretion of the President. Sean Derrig seconded the motion. Passed.

Reinstatement to amateur status was presented by Larron Copeland. Bob Walthall of Tallahassee, Fla., had applied for reinstatement. Approved.

Membership/Individual Fee was addressed by Michael Shears. He explained his belief that a new business model is needed for the sustainability of the AFTCA. After thoroughly studying different websites, organizations and their fees, Mr. Shears determined he would like to see a $20 fee per dog registered on the AFTCA website.

He enlightened the group that this was something we were already doing. A member has to register their dog onto the website in order to print a win certificate. After some discussion, Sean Derrig proposed an individual membership fee. Herb Anderson made a motion to implement a $20 annual membership fee to participate in any AFTCA sponsored event by July 1, 2015. Albert Necaise seconded the motion. David Williams made a move to amend that motion and increase the amount from $20 to $25. Albert Necaise seconded the motion. All were in favor of a $25 annual membership fee to participate in any AFTCA- sponsored event excluding youth trials. A committee has been appointed to study and review various aspects to this membership fee and will be addressed at next year’s annual meeting.

Secretary Huffman stated all Regions are in compliance with the guidelines for the number of clubs required for 1, 2 or 3 trustees, with the exception of Region 3. Sean Derrig made a motion to give Region 3 a two-year extension to get club numbers up. Dr. Bob Rankin seconded the motion. Passed.

Michael Shears presented background information on the late Lee H. Cruse who gave $100,000 to the 20th Century Fund. He believed recognition for his generosity was in order. He said Mr. Cruse was the one who significantly boosted the 20th Century Fund. Lee Cruse was a shooting dog enthusiast and Michael Shears suggested his name be included with National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship ads with a small statement. Torben Hansen made a motion that the National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship be advertised “In memory of Lee Cruse.” Tony King seconded the motion. All were in favor.

The fiscal year for financial and auditing purposes is on a calendar year. Secretary Huffman said this does not match the AFTCA’s operating calendar. Donald Hundley, CPA, suggested that this be changed so that the financial period and operating calendar coincide. In years past, an audit was a three-year period. He suggested we do a two-year or one-year audit but added he would audit the books however we see fit.

John Milton made a motion to change the AFTCA fiscal year to end June 30, 2014 and the calendar year will commence July 1 to the following June 30. The short period (January-June) will be audited with the previous two years. Ray Wheeler seconded the motion. Passed.

A final note. There was concern that the audit be present at the June annual meeting. John Milton explained the audit report did not have to be presented at the meeting.

Secretary Piper Huffman was pleased to announce that Dogs Unlimited has joined the AFTCA with new sponsorship, giving judges and reporters at all AFTCA National Championships $100 gift certificates. She encouraged anyone who might need dog supplies to order from Dogs Unlimited.

Nominating Committee chair Gary Winall informed of the retirement of Region 13 Trustee Don Frigo, thus creating a vacancy. Mr. Winall has spoken with the president and secretary of Region 13 and both declined to assume the trustee role. Other possible candidates were contacted; all declined. John Milton suggested that at the open meeting it be announced that the president of Region 13 would temporarily fill will the vacant trustee’s seat, if not then the secretary would take over as trustee.

If neither would assume the trustee position, the matter would be discussed at the 2015 meeting.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p. m.

AFTCA Open Meeting

AFTCA President Jim Crouse called the meeting to order at 4:30 p. m. in the Thoroughbred Center auditorium with a nice crowd in attendance.

John Milton briefly reviewed the financial report, stating he had good news and bad news. The AFTCA is spending all our sponsorship money during the course of the year with nothing left. We are about $2,500 in the negative. Funds received from some of the AFTCA National Championships do not completely cover expenses. With membership dues, these finances will help our operations to hopefully be self-sustaining. The good news, the AFTCA is financially stable with $750,000 in investments.

Dr. Hunter Wilcox reported for the 20th Century Fund, informing that $13,250 in grants was awarded to thirteen different clubs. The 20th Century Fund, he emphasized, needs to be promoted in all Regions. All clubs and members are encouraged to support the 20th Century Fund whenever possible.

Frank LaNasa commented on insurance, stating there had been no change on the limits or cost. The AFTCA spent roughly $4,000 for insurance with rates up a modest $60.

Frank LaNasa then covered features — ongoing and upcoming — of the AFTCA website. Win certificates have gone live enabling a person to print their own certificate as long as they have entered their dog in the system. This feature will save significantly on the cost of postage. Invitational points are being calculated with each Invitational points trial added into the database. The goal now is to clean up the database. A lot of the information from the old database did not flow correctly into the new website. It is hoped the cleanup will be complete within 90 days. Additions in the near future will be PayPal for credit card use, sponsor links, classified ads, schedule events, and an AFTCA online store. Trustees and attendees were encouraged to promote the use of the website to report essential data forms. They are easy to fill out and a quick turnaround of the win certificates and numbers will be available. Dr. Pat McInteer asked the upkeep cost of the website; $100 a year is about the cost of keeping it running but there are some outside costs that have to be paid to the website company.

President Jim Crouse briefly recapped the Trustees’ meeting. He then announced the retirement of Albert Necaise and presented him with a recognition plaque, accompanied by appreciative words for Mr. Necaise’s more than 20 years serving as a Trustee.

Nominating Committee Chairman Gary Winall presented the following candidates for Trustee by region: Region 1, Elias Richardson; Region 3, John Ivester; Region 4, Ray Wheeler; Region 5, Sean Derrig; Region 6, Michael Shears and Dr. Fred Corder; Region 7, Buck Neil; Region 8, Gary Young; Region 9, Harold Chadwick; Region 10, Herb Anderson; Region 11, Torben Hansen; Region 12, Ric Peterson; Region 13, Shawn Wright; Region 16, Rick Stallings; Region 17, Dr. Pat McInteer and Don W. Beauchamp; Trustee at Large, Dr. Robert Rankin. There were no nominations from the floor. Motion was made by John Milton and seconded by Sean Derrig to accept the nominations by acclamation. All were in favor.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:15 p. m.

Some dates for the coming AFTCA fall National Amateur Championhips have been confirmed. The National Amateur Chicken Championship will follow the Region 14 Amateur All-Age Championship at Mortlach, Sask., but not before September 12. Drawing will be held September 9 at 8:00 p. m. at Mortlach clubhouse. Judges are Mike Wilkin of Reno, Nev., and Lou Qualtiere of Saskatoon, Sask., who will also report. The Purina banquet will be held Friday evening, September 12.

The National Amateur Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog Championship is scheduled to start September 19 at Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. The National Amateur Pheasant Championship will start October 17 at the Tri-Valley Area, near Dresden, Ohio.