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2014-2015 All-Age & Shooting Dog Invitational Championship Winners

The National Amateur All-Age and Shooting Dog Invitational Championships are for the top 12 dogs that earn the most points in invitational points trials throughout the field trial season.  Last years All-Age Invitational Championship was held at Ames Plantation in Grand Junction, TN and the Shooting Dog Invitational at Neil and Sandy Walkers, Round Pond Plantation in Leslie, GA. Both of these venues will be where these Championships will be held again in 2014.

These two champions Cocklebur Treasure Quest and Great River Class are automatic qualifiers in the 2014 National Amateur Invitationals due to their championship wins in these prestigious trials last season. The All-Age Invitational will be held December 8, 2014 and the Shooting Dog Invitational will be held December 12, 2014.

2013-2014 National Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational Champion: Great River Class owned and handled by Brian Sanchez.

2013-2014 National Amateur All-Age Invitational Champion: Cocklebur Treasure Quest owned by Bubba and Amy Spencer and handled by Bubba Spencer.