President’s Comments

The last half of the current field trial season is well underway. We have had some severe weather to deal with all across the country this winter. As we move into late winter and spring events, no doubt weather related decisions will have to be made. I would suggest that erring on the side of safety is much preferred when issues arise relating to safe participation of all concerned. I’m sure this aspect of our sport is a high priority for all. I would remind everyone that expedient processing of paperwork, reports, EDF forms and the like make it easier for everyone when handled in a prompt, accurate fashion. As I have mentioned before, it is impossible to maintain accurate point standings, win certificate information and so forth if that information is not tended to in a prompt fashion. In the same vein, 2014 club dues are now payable. In checking with Secretary Piper Huffman, we still have several clubs which have not submitted dues. As mentioned in a previous commentary, club numbers impact the number of trustee serving each region. Please remind your club treasurer to remit dues prior to the annual meeting scheduled for June. Be sure and mark the weekend of June 19, 20 and 21 on your calendar. The annual meeting of the AFTCA along with the Purina Awards will be held in Lexington Kentucky. An interesting and exciting event is being planned for everyone to enjoy. Lexington offers many interesting attractions, something for everyone, if you will. Plan on bringing the entire family! There will be more specific details forthcoming soon. As we begin to prepare for the annual meeting, should you know of an issue the board needs to address, I would encourage you to discuss it with your Regional Trustee(s). Regional meetings offer a great opportunity for dialogue about issues important to the sport. Your input, participation and ideas are important to the success of your AFTCA. Serving the best interest of amateur field trials is an important charge for the Board of Trustees. With your assistance we can accomplish that task.

Jim Crouse
President, AFTCA