15 Sep 2013 News > Announcements

New AFTCA Website

The Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America is pleased to announce the launch of their new public website. There are many exciting enhancements to the website including a new Member’s only area. Simply create a website account by using an email of your choosing, log in to the new AFTCA website and you will have access to this new exclusive section.

Once you’ve joined, you will be able to:

View Dog Wins – View the dog wins table. Simply search for your dog or sort the columns to easily locate your dog’s information. Upon approval of the submitted ‘Online Essential Data Forms’, the database will be updated instantly. Win certificates will be immediately assigned and the dog wins table will be updated to reflect these changes. Each certificate will have a unique number associated to it for reference.

Essential Data Form – Complete the ‘Online Essential Data Form’. This simplified form allows for Field Trial Chairs (or secretaries) to submit their stake information. In order to make this form as easy as possible, the form was created for certain data to be prefilled based on the dog’s registration number. As soon as you enter the first 2 characters of the dog’s registration number, a drop down menu will appear for you to select the correct number. The more numbers you enter, the more refined the search becomes. Once a dog’s information is entered, all the data will be populated on future stake submissions. This will take away repetitive tasks that were a part using the hand written form.

Website Profile – Create and update your own personal website profile. In this section, you can change your password and update your own contact information.

Manage Dogs – Add and manage data on your dog(s). Even if your dog has not yet won an event, you’ll be able to enter their information using the FDSB registration number. Once entered in the system, your dog’s information will be available to the Field Trial Chairs. Important: Please note that only the dog’s owner should associate their own dog to their account. Only the dog’s owner should add new dogs. If someone else besides the dog’s owner adds a dog, please contact Piper to resolve the issue.

Part of the many website upgrades was the addition of an administration section. It was created for internal use to help automate many administrative tasks, saving our organization many hours of repetitive work. Amoung many things, this will also help our Wins Certificate process going forward.

This is only version 1.0 and we are already working on the next round of updates. In the next release, we’ll be adding in the ability to download dog wins certificates as PDFs and we’re including the ability to pay membership fees online. We’ll also be adding in ways to visually display how Invitational Points are calculated.

With the launch of Version 1.0 we recognize that the AFTCA website is an ongoing project and this new website will be expanded to meet the needs and ideas of the membership. On the initial release of the website, you’ll notice that there will be several repeated references to some of the club names shown on the Clubs page. We ask that you be patient with the new display of your club names. We’re still cleaning the old data and the duplicate club names will be resolved shortly.

The AFTCA would like to give a special “thank you” to Betty Shearouse of Chattanooga, Tenn. A successful amateur trialer, Betty’s invaluable contributions came at the expense of a great deal of her personal time over the past year. Her effort went way beyond the term “volunteer”.

Future website enhancements beyond the next release will also include a classifieds section and an online store where field trial related products will be displayed for online sales. We look forward to your input.

This new website will constantly be upgraded to better suit your wants and needs.