A Letter from the President

With the new website coming online, I will make periodic comments about AFTCA activity. They will be intended to keep the field trial community abreast of happenings within the organization.

First, let me say thanks to Torben Hansen, Frank LaNasa, Betty Shearhouse and Michael Shears for their tireless effort in helping put together the new AFTCA website. This has been a demanding task to put together a functional, useful and informative site for the organization and its members.  As we move forward, there will be some glitches and issues to resolve, but the finished product should be an exciting product for our use. Efficiency, information and ease of use have been of primary focus during this process.

Secondly, I look forward to serving as your President. Together we will tackle challenges as appropriate and hopefully improve our organization. The AFTCA board is a group of dedicated individuals, and have been a pleasure to work with the past few years. We are committed to helping the sport progress and adapt as we face issues the future will bring.

The new field trial season is rapidly approaching. I wish each of you a successful, happy and safe year during your efforts as a participant and competitor.

I would encourage you to contact regional officers and trustees should the need arise. They are more than willing to assist when needed. Do not hesitate to contact me if I may assist you. Contact information for all trustees is included on the website.

Jim Crouse
AFTCA President