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2013 AFTCA Annual Meeting

Trustee Meeting

Sheraton, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
June 15, 2013

The meeting was called to order by AFTCA President Preston Trimble shortly after the conclusion of the Purina sponsored seminar. The group was advised the meeting was being taped for the purpose of constructing the minutes.

President Trimble asked for the roll call. The following answered: President, Preston Trimble,  Secretary, Piper Huffman, Region 2: Hunter Wilcox, Mike Husenits; Region 3: Johnny Atkinson, John Ivester, Gary Winall;  Region 4: Jim Crouse, Ray Wheeler: Region 5: Tony King, Sean Derrig Region 6: David Williams, Albert Neicase, Region 7: Conrad Plevnic, Bob Baylis, Region 8; Gary Young Region 11: Torben Hansen, Region 12; Ric Peterson, Region 13: Don Frigo, Region14: Lou Qualtiere, Region 16: Larron Copeland, John Milton, Rick Stallings, Region 17: Pat McInteer, Region 19: Frank LaNasa, Trustee at Large; Robert Rankin.

John Milton reported for the Financial Committee. He stated that the finances looked good for the year and that there were fewer expenses which were a positive. The net assets from beginning to end are better than years past. There was a $17,000.00 market value change in the bond portfolio which is good but not to get too excited because the market has reversed. It still takes all our money and sponsorship money to run the operating account.  He believes there needs to be issues addressed such as individual memberships, club memberships or trial fees to help increase money flow. Piper Huffman and Preston Trimble were commended for handling the finances over the course of the year.

Hunter Wilcox gave the 20th Century Fund report. This year recommendations from John Milton for grant money was for $20,000.00 to$ 20,500.00. A total of $15,000.00 was awarded to clubs. The 20th Century Fund Committee consists of Hunter Wilcox, Rick Stallings, Sean Derrig and recently added Ric Peterson. Sean Derrig addressed the fact that the same clubs were getting grants each year and the AFTCA is not getting anything in return. It was stated recognition from these clubs, endorsements to the 20th century fund, or information on how the money was used would be good information to receive back from the clubs that received grant money. It was stated this fund was set up to help clubs but not to give to the same clubs year after year. Any positive feedback in return from clubs given grant money would be a positive reflection on the 20th century Fund. He recognized  the clubs need the money and the 20th Century Fund is more than willing to give to clubs in need to help improve their grounds and facilities. It’s bothersome that these clubs that host the AFTCA National Amateur Championships charge a grounds fee. Basically, the AFTCA is giving in both areas with no return.  Types of advertising from these granted clubs for the 20th century funds would be a positive reflection on the AFTCA and the clubs.  Our biggest thing is to promote the 20th century fund. President Trimble suggested that some ideas be brought up from the committee and the issue be addressed at next year’s meeting.

The grants are as follows: Northern Oklahoma Brittany Club, $2000.00, Fort Campbell Field Trial Club, $500.00, Iowa Brittany Club, $500.00, Ohio Valley Field Trial Circuit, $1000.00, Kentucky Field Trial Association, $1000.00, Georgia Field Trial Association, $1000.00, Continental Amateur Field Trial Club, $1000.00, Central Maine Bird Dog Club, $500.00, Field Trial Sportsman Association, Inc., $2000.00, Stranger Creek Field Trial Club, $500.00, North Carolina Field Trial Association, $1000.00, Grand Valley Bird Dog Club, $1000.00, Camp Robinson Field Trial Club, $1500.00, Boise Valley Pointing Dog Club, $500.00, Holler Point Field Trial Club, $1000.00. Hunter Wilcox made the motion to accept the 20th Century Fund report and Albert Neicase seconded the motion. Motion passed.

President Trimble announced that Trustee Herb Anderson, Region 10  was unable to attend due to his wife being sick, Michael Shears,  Region 6, was unable to attend due to a horse accident and Harold Chadwick, Region 9 was absent due to having to attend a fire and rescue meeting.

Torben Hansen gave the website committee report. He stated the website has been a challenge and Frank LaNasa took the project over and it’s finally moving forward. Frank LaNasa and Piper Huffman presented a demonstration on a few basics of how the website is working. The committee consists of Frank LaNasa, Torben Hansen, Michael Shears, and Betty Shearhouse. Torben Hansen commended Frank LaNasa on the fantastic job he has done and the countless hours and time he has spent working on the website.  All the appreciation is directed towards Frank LaNasa and Betty Shearhouse. Frank LaNasa was given the floor to present his presentation. The demonstration showed how this will help the organization and improve our sport. Software for the organization was created and a website added to it. There are two sides of website, one which was created for secretary Huffman’s work and one for the public side. A demonstration was shown on how easy it is to fill out the essential data forms on the website. They will be submitted to Secretary Huffman and she will be able to approve the data forms before they are posted. Invitational points will automatically be calculated on the website for those trials that have been advertised as Amateur Invitational Points trials. Members will be welcome to the website at no cost to be able to add your information and your dog’s information. This website was designed to make it as simple as possible

Bernie Matthys addressed a few concerns with the website and Frank addressed that they were really good points and would be looked into. The challenges of this website are hoping to be better updated in process and time in obtaining Win Certificates and basic information.  The website is in version 1 and more information and items will be added in the future. It’s a great beginning to the future of the AFTCA. This website can load value into the system to help this organization grow.  Torben Hansen finished with expressing that this is the first test drive and a foundation has been developed that we can use for years to come. Again, he expressed what a tremendous job Frank LaNasa has done and that all the credit should go to Franks LaNasa and Betty Shearhouse. It was determined the hard work, time and dedication by Betty Shearhouse should be awarded with a plaque. Everyone was in favor. Also, Torben asked for a fund readily available for the website and all were in favor.

Frank LaNasa gave the Insurance update. He stated the policies are the same schedules we have had for years with coverage’s and limitations the same.  We constantly look at our liability limit .We are currently at $1,000,000.00 which is the most we can buy. The limits and coverage are at responsible limits. The premium did go up a little but everything with insurance for the AFTCA is right on track.

Albert Neicase pointed out the minutes had not been read and it was approved by acclamation that the minutes would be accepted as presented in hard copy.

As the first order of new business, President Preston Trimble addressed the AFTCA/American Field “compact of understanding”. President Trimble invited Bernie Mathis of the “American Field” to the meeting to help better the understanding and interpretation of the American Field and the AFTCA.   Preston Trimble stated that his interpretation of the compact of understanding is that the AFTCA runs the Amateur stakes and the” American Field” is responsible for the open stakes which is two different things. He commented  that we all would agree that we would like the “American Field” to continue, but his concern is that the sport is not growing and the latest report in the “American Field” was that circulation was down. President Trimble wanted to ask Mr. Matthys, editor and publisher of “The American Field”, if his interpretation of the compact of understanding between the American Field and the AFTCA still exists. Bernie Matthys took the floor and stated that in 1946 officers of the AFTCA met in Chicago, IL. and documented the official understanding between the” American Field”, F.D.S.B and the AFTCA. He stated that this issue was only part of the understanding documented in 1946. It was determined that the field dog stud book would not recognize Amateur Championships if they were not recognized by the AFTCA. The agreement was signed by William Brown and former secretary Leslie Anderson, but he was not sure of the President at that time. Some 40 years later in 1986, the AFTCA requested a meeting in Chicago, IL. spearheaded by President Dr.Angelo Lurus to meet with the Field Dog Stud Book and “The “American Field”. It was agreed:

“To re-ratify the former understanding with the American Field F.D.S.B. in which the Field agrees not to recognize Amateur Pointing Dog Championships which are not recognized by the AFTCA and The Field for ratification by their respective Boards”.

“Minimum Requirements were reaffirmed and expanded to include a required certificate signed by the judges of recognized stakes naming the winners, said certificate to be in printed form and supplied with other report material normally sent to the stake manager”.

The letter of understanding was signed by Dr. Angelo Lurus representative of the AFTCA and Bernie Matthys representative of The American Field and FDSB.  Rick Stallings made a motion to continue as we have since 1986 with the AFTCA and “The American Field”. Albert Neicase seconded the motion and it was approved by all.

A brief discussion on the policy of the language in the National Amateur Championship ads was addressed. President Trimble stated that the AFTCA by-laws only require the name of the club, place, and date of the trial, and the Secretary’s name and address in Championship ads. Championship ads state that placements awarded will not be recognized by The American Field or the Field Dog Stud Book by any participant who is not in good standing with the aforementioned entities. After discussion, it was pointed out that the AFTCA adopted a policy to protect the secretary from taking entries from participants that are not in good standing with The American Field/Field Dog Stud Book from running in these National Championships.  Also, President Trimble brought up the size of the ads. He stated The American Field is the only magazine that tells their customer what size ad to purchase. Bernie Matthys addressed this issue by commenting on the importance of the size of the ad to respect the sponsor and give them the advertising they deserve. On a final note, Jim Crouse said he thought it was a good idea to go over the history of how things have transpired to help enlighten newcomers and all on these issues.

Tracking collar specification review was presented by Torben Hansen. The committee on the Tracking collars meets prior to the trustee meeting. They approved the sport dog Tek 1.0 GPS which meets the weight requirements. The committee brought to the trustees a proposal that the tracking collars need to be turned off when handed to the judges.  It was discussed that the tracking collar rules that are in place now need to be enforced. Rick Stallings suggested that any participant who violates rule 1-11 should be disqualified and the language of this rule need to be stronger. After discussion on this issue, Rick Stallings made the motion that a # 12 rule be added to the tracking collar policy. It was seconded by Gary Winall. The motion was made to approve the Sports dog Tek 1.0 collar to be added to the approved list of collars by Larron Copeland and it was seconded by Jim Crouse and passed unanimously.

Dr. Hunter Wilcox addressed the 20th Century Fund and Setter fund. It is proposed to get these prints moving out of the AFTCA office. The English setter fund is interested in working with the AFTCA on the setter prints. The English setter fund didn’t make an offer, but just wanted to know if we were interested in working with them. It was suggested for a least one year we sell the prints for $100.00. Torben Hansen suggested we sell all the setter prints to the English setter fund for $75.00. The motion was made by Hunter Wilcox to sell the setter prints for $75.00 to the Setter fund and was seconded by Sean Derrig.  Motion passed.

David Williams brought to the floor a proposed by-law change for the number of paid clubs required for trustees. This is an attempt to keep status quo as close to the same as possible. The number of clubs has decreased over the years and some regions don’t have enough clubs to keep the required number of trustees. He proposed to reduce the number of paid clubs required for trustees. As of now, 5-20 clubs have 1 trustee, 21-50 clubs have 2 trustees and 51 and above have 3 trustees which pertain to Region 3, 6 and 16. The proposed change is for 1 trustee for clubs 5-20, 2 trustees for clubs 21-40 and 3 trustees for clubs 41 and over. Mr. Williams stated this proposal would open the door for regions to grow and will make for a more level representation. Sean Derrig did not agree with the proposed by-law change. He would rather see a proposal grandfathered  in instead of a bylaw change. He would like to see in the regions with 3 trustees when a trustee retires you are just left with 2 trustees. His argument is 2 trustees is plenty to run a region and by laws should not be changed. John Milton stated that it bothered him that there is a defect in the bylaws and it would be harder to draft in a grandfather clause. Milton also said that this proposal would solve the issues of the clubs to trustee. A motion was made by David Williams and seconded by Albert Necaise to accept the proposal.  Two votes were taken both times 14 were in favor and 8 did not approve. According to the by-laws, a 2/3 majority is required to pass a by-law change. It failed

Secretary Piper Huffman announced that Garmin and Tri Tronics are in the process of renewing their contract with the AFTCA. They were excited to remain as a major sponsor for the AFTCA. Dale Bush is handling the renewal of the contract. Also Piper Huffman announced a new sponsorship with Whiskey Spirits. They are sending the AFTCA $2000.00 a year and shipping a case of Bird dog whiskey to each of our Championships to raffle off.

With no further business, President Trimble adjourned the meeting.

Trustee Meeting

Sheraton, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
June 15, 2013

President Preston Trimble, called the meeting to order at 5.00 PM with a nice crowd in attendance.

Guests in attendance were introduced.

President Trimble waived the reading of the minutes.

John Milton briefly elaborated on the financial report stating that it has been a great year financially and to be able to end the year with finances higher than we started was great. It was noted that most our Championships have made a profit which has helped.   Mr. Milton also noted that it would be great for any of our clubs and club members to donate to the 20th century fund.

Hunter Wilcox reported for the 20th century fund that a total of $15,000.00 was awarded to 15 clubs. This year will be the first time granted clubs will need to send a letter to the AFTCA in care of Hunter Wilcox documenting how the clubs used their granted money. If they fail to comply with an email or letter the club will not be awarded grant money next year. The 20th century prints are being reduced from $200.00 to $100.00 and the English Setter Fund is going to be able to purchase the setter prints for $75.00. The 20th Century Fund is going to work with them to help rebuild the English Setter Fund. The 20th Century Fund has given well over $ 100,000.00 to clubs and it can’t continue if there is no money coming in. The 20th Century Fund is here to give and all are encouraged to give as well.

Torben Hansen enlightened everyone on the upcoming fabulous new website for the AFTCA. He explained it is the future for this organization and will eventually bring in additional funds. It is designed as a multi task operation and it is a very exciting project that will enhance sponsorship and unlimited possibilities for this organization.

It was announced that the Sports Dog Tek 1.0 was approved and added to the list of tracking devices.

Preston Trimble briefly recapped the meeting.

The Nominating committee Chairman Gary Winall presented the following candidates for trustee by region, Region 2, Hunter Wilcox, Region 2 Regis Linn, Region 3, Johnny Atkinson, Region 4, Ray Wheeler, Region 6, Albert Neicase, Region 7, Ray Black, Region 8, Preston Trimble, Region 14, Lou Qualtiere, Region 16, John Milton. There were no nominations from the floor. Mr. Winall made the motion to accept the slate of trustees with Sean Derrig seconding the motion.  No dissenting votes were cast.  Motion passed.

The executive committee nominated Jim Crouse as President, Torben Hansen, 1st Vice President, David Williams, 2nd Vice President, Rick Stalling, 3rd Vice President.  There were no nominations from the floor.  John Milton made a motion to accept this slate of officers, Sean Derrig seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Secretary Piper Huffman announced there were 2 trustees retiring this year. Dr. Hunter Wilcox spoke in behalf for Mike Husenits. Conrad Plevnic spoke in behalf of Bob Baylis. Kind words were spoken for both.

Secretary Piper Huffman presented a plaque for President Preston Trimble in honor of his service for the past two year’s presidency.

The secretary was given a raise.

The meeting was adjourned.