“Inspire and promote outstanding Amateur Bird Dog Competition while supporting and conserving Upland Habitat.”

The AFTCA’s mission is to advocate and support Amateur Bird Dog Field Trial competition in quality events and to strive to make available to amateur participants extraordinary Upland Bird venues on which to compete.

To foster and increase interest in and knowledge of Upland Game Birds and their conservation in order to perpetuate them for future generations.

To organize for the purpose of strengthening our capacity to meet our objectives of improving the status and existence of Upland Birds and the genetics and performance of Bird Dogs.

Top Amateur Handler - Challenge for the Blue

We are excited to announce the creation of the largest and most inclusive Amateur Handler Award in the AFTCA’s history and in the sport of Field Trialing starting this season!

For complete details on this new competition for Individual Members and Member Clubs visit Top Amateur Handler

For great Sponsorship opportunities visit Top Amateur Handler Sponsorship

Amateur Handler Award

What’s going on...

07 Sep 2020 News > Championships ~ Drawings

2020-2021 National Amateur Grouse Championship Drawing

National Amateur Grouse Championship Kilkenny, NH September 11, 2020 Judges: Adam Dubriske and Bill Bonnetti   1a. Stokely’s B Ricky, SM, Lloyd Murray 1b. Wild Apple White Lightening, PM, Tim Kisielestic 2a. Moose Look Mac, SM, Jack McNutty 2b. Islander, SM, Capocci/Kazic 3a. Rock Solid Tucker, SM, Douglas Dix 3b. Zuke’s Rambling Man, PM, Marty Zukovich 4a. Wild Apple Spot On, PM, Kisielestic/Doherty 4b. Hog Hill Kissamee Ace, PM, Tim…
25 Aug 2020 News > Announcements

2020-2021 Field Trial Season Announcement- Covid 19

The AFTCA has NOT required a Covid document be released to participate in any AFTCA amateur events or any amateur stakes. This was NOT a requirement to hold the amateur championship by the AFTCA. Re: 2020-2021 Trials This was stated, “One additional, we have required all parties, including gallery riders to sign a Covid document that releases all club members, officers, landowners, aftca, ect, from any liability whatsoever should they…
17 Aug 2020 News > Championships ~ Drawings

2020/2021 National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship

    National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship Circle, MT, August 20,2020 Judges, Tim Schillereff & Alex Rickert 1a. Rebelitta, PF, Austin Turley 1b. Perkins Renegade, GSPF, Chris Perkins 2a. Cap’ N Sam, SM, David Huffine 2b. Traveler’s Split Rail, SM, Greg Sand 3a. Ramblin River’s Rolling Stone, VM, Stapleton/Delude 3b. Name Like Mike, PM, Robbins/Jones 4a. Rocky Knoll Annie, SF, Pat Lockhart 4b. Beau’s Funseeker’s Rebel Roy, PM, Paul…

2020-2021 National Amateur Championship Calendar

National Amateur Championships 2020-2021 Pheasant Shooting Dog, August 20, 2020, Circle, MT, Judges, Tim Schillereff, Alex Rickert Grouse, Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog, September 18,2020 Wisconsin Rapids, WI, CANCELLED Pheasant All Age, Dresdan, OH All Age Invitational, December 7,2020, Ames Plantation Shooting Dog Invitational, December 11, Round Pond Plantation Walking Shooting Dog, Pamplico, SC                                   …
10 Jul 2020 News > Annual Meeting Minutes

AFTCA Annual Meeting Minutes 2020

Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America, Inc. Via Conference Call June 25, 2020 President Rick Stallings welcomed all the Trustees to the 103rd Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America annual meeting of 2020. He thanked everyone for taking the time to join the meeting via conference call. The group was advised that the meeting was being taped for the purpose of constructing the minutes. President Rick Stallings asked for the…