“Inspire and promote outstanding Amateur Bird Dog Competition while supporting and conserving Upland Habitat.”

The AFTCA’s mission is to advocate and support Amateur Bird Dog Field Trial competition in quality events and to strive to make available to amateur participants extraordinary Upland Bird venues on which to compete.

To foster and increase interest in and knowledge of Upland Game Birds and their conservation in order to perpetuate them for future generations.

To organize for the purpose of strengthening our capacity to meet our objectives of improving the status and existence of Upland Birds and the genetics and performance of Bird Dogs.

2018 Invitational Points Standing

Shooting Dog
* = a previous AA or SD Invitational Champion
Dog Owner Total
Dialed In Jim Pendergest 425
Touch's Firedancer Keith Wright 376
Nosam's Full Ride T Mason Ashburn 247
Pendy's Good Grace Matt Pendergest 245
Phillips Off Line Nathan Phillips 229
Ascension Matt Pendergest 219
Mohawk Mill Image Gary Winall 198
Mohawk Mill Trail Warrior Gary Winall 189
Touch's Grey Street Keith Wright 182
Rebel Dreamer David Williams 180
Bonner's Excalibur Derek Bonner 177
Misty Morn Masked Man Joey McAlexander 159
Touch's Indiana Joan Keith Wright 140
Mohawk Mill Pirates Legacy Gary Winall 130
Desiree Hunter Wilcox & John Tomaski 114
Nemaha Boot Dr. Pat McInteer 109
Mac's Hi-Ho Silver Tim McClurg 108
Rocking J's Amy Jarry Walton 102
Small's White Striker Mike Small 95
Miller's Just Plain Rowdy Allen Linder 88
Conecuh Station Joe Kidd Ted Roach 87
Erin's Full Throttle John Ivester 81
Ponchos Monte Carlos Gary McLarney 79
Knight's White Lady Bill Owen 79
SF Saltwater Larry Smith 78
She's A Knock Out Tom Curtsinger 73
Cocklebur Drama Queen Amy & Bubba Spencer 72
Jumpstart Frank LaNasa 66
SF Bandwagon Larry Smith 64
Kelly's IB Butler Sean Kelly 63
Showtime Dominator Ted Roach 58
Hendrix's Signature Burke Hendrix 54
Frontline Little Bud Chris Livingston 54
HP Gone Again Rodney Shoemaker 54
Miller's Creative Cause Tom Liesfeld 52
Touch's Smooth Rider Keith Wright 50
Worsham's Silver Comet Joe Worsham 49
CH Pirate's Mean Louise Dennis Kivkko 48
All Out Joseph Hopkins 48
I'm Simple Pleasure Hunter's Creek Kennels 46
Gun's Pistol Pete Colby Tackett 45
Rebel Pirate David Williams 42
Shadow's Bewitched N. G. Houston III 42
Stylish Twice's Nice Taz Tom Curtsinger 42
S F Stetson Larry Smith 42
Phillips Storm Line John Milton 39
Miller’s White Reign Ric Peterson 36
Miller's Dialing In Sean Hauser 36
Swampfox Davey Crockett Johnny Atkinson 36
R R Craftsman Eddie Berendzen 36
Hainline Silver Star Jeff Hainline 32
Shadow's Carolina Molly Verlene's Stephenson 32
Little More Shine Kristine Hammons 30
Greypointe Ligona Doug Meyer 30
Miller's Armed & Dangerous Harvey Crosby 29
Showtime Mocking Jay Larron Copeland 28
Worshams Super Sport Joe Worsham 28
Pleasant Run Gal David Hendricks 28
Dragonfly Jim Hughes 27
Roses Are Red Tim Hammons 27
Rocky Ridges Second Chance Grayson Francis 26
Coldwater Spectre gary mckibben 24
I'm Carolina Wild John Outlaw 24
Rebel Pirate David Williams 22
Nosam's Sweetwater T Mason Ashburn 21
Walnut Tree Fred Steve Mills 20
Lam's High Line Jon Lam 20
Casey Creek Crystal Ice Buster Tucker 18
Dubose's Daddy Boy Bobby Dubose 18
Kennedy's Chocolate Chip Cookie Brad Kennedy 18
R W Penelope Roger Watson 18
Executive Action Richard Peterson 18
HP Wiggins Express Rodney Shoemaker 18
Hoos English Ivy David Creagan 16
Nosam's Jailbreak T Mason Ashburn 16
Sims Ramblin Rex Junior Sims 14
SF Fullcolor Larry Smith 14
Bonafide Bocephus Darrell Miller 13
Wicked Quick Sandy Maclean 12
Crouses's Equalizer Michael Crouse 12
wIBANX Sun B Marion Brown 12
Stylish Go Boy Tom Curtsinger 12
Crouse's Samuri Warlord Michael Crouse 10
Rester's Super Chief Cecil Rester 9
Deerfield John Lloyd B. Miller 8
Erin's Play The Red Dennis Sneed 6
Bromance Jon Humphrey 6
* = a previous AA or SD Invitational Champion
Dog Owner Total
Crown's Black Ice Tracy Swearingen 360
Heard Hill's Misbehavin Buck & Lynn Heard 318
Dragonfly Jim Hughes 297
Waybetter Billy Thom Brigman 295
One Day Frost Christopher Lane Hodges 260
Nemaha Boot Dr. Pat McInteer 239
Harbor City Cruz Tom Brigman 227
Nosam's Rock Creek Ray Wheeler 211
Strut Nation Scott Jordan 208
Hale's Kickstarter Dr. Jeffrey A Hale 201
Northwoods Charles Bill Owen 201
Backcountry Tornado Chris Catanzarite 166
Touch's Hail Stone Alexander Rickert 162
Miller's Unbridled Forever Brian Sanchez 158
Tangled Sheets Johnny Ornsby 156
Rebel Survivor David Williams 156
Traveler's Split Rail Greg Sand 156
Painted Owyhee Sagebrush Jim & Bridget Ledington 153
Neely's Standing Ovation John Neely 145
North Country Girl David McKay 141
Nemaha Cinch Pat McInteer 129
Calico's Touch of Class Muriel Primm 129
Perkins Lakeside Wild Child Chris Perkins 127
Class Act Express Ray Pinson 120
Boumeester's Duramax Rich Boumeester 115
Conway Twitty Alan Atkins 105
Erin's Hearts On Fire Sean Derrig 103
Beckworth's Firefighter Alan York 102
Erin's Ty Breaker Ted Roach 99
Ten Oaks Annie A Jeanette Heise 91
Time Flies Mike Moses 90
Chupacabra Tyson Traw 88
Jumpstart Frank LaNasa 87
Miller's California Dreamer Fran and Jack Miller 87
Panther Creek Merlin Frank Rutland 86
Nemaha Rio Pat Mcinteer 84
Heard Hill's Rebel Polly Buck and Lynn Heard 84
Crouse's Samuri Warrior M. D. Crouse 82
Rentz's Fire and Ice Joe & Tricia Rentz 80
Rebellita Austin Turley 78
Little More Shine Kristine Hammons 78
American Express Lane Brian Peterson 78
Calico's Mr. Wonderful Alex Smith 78
Little Girl Creek ernie saniga 77
Casanova Cowboy Stacey Goodie 76
Roses Are Red Tim Hammons 74
Lily An Creag David Creagan 72
Lester's Prime Poison Lane Brian Peterson 72
Bo Bunda Jack Arlington 70
Miller's Upgraded Version Fran and Jack Miller 68
Neelys Rock and Roll John Neely 66
Mac's Hi-Ho Silver Tim McClurg 66
Sassy Creek Joe McHugh 62
Touch's California Dream Tom N. Griffin 61
Pineywoods Jackpot Darron Hendley 58
Absolute Diva Joyce Taylor 57
Great White Buck neil 52
Sugarknoll Buzzsaw Peter Del Collo 52
Taladega Elias Richardson 52
Klee's Full Moon Rising Roger Duerksen 48
Mac's Silver Chief Tim McClurg 48
CH Pirate's Mean Louise Dennis Kivkko 48
BYE BYE GG Robert Lais 44
Grand River Gold Digger Mike Lareau 42
J Maple Jester Joe & Tessa Hughes 40
Snow Drifter Johnny & Rita Ornsby 38
Miller's Special Edition Fran and Jack Miller 38
Tucalota Blew Ed Mayhew 37
Nottingham's Storm Warning Roger Dvorak 36
AT'A BOY ROY George Kimbrell 34
Swift Justice Brad Kennedy 34
Dezasterous Jax the Ripper Matt Smith 34
Shadow's Carolina Molly Verlene's Stephenson 32
Buckeye White Knight William Brown 32
Thor For President daphne Rogers 32
One Day Freeze Lane Hodges 30
Upper Ten Riley John Adsit 28
Quail Trap Will David Hawk 28
Country Rose Edmond James 28
McRee's Glory B Patrick McPherson 26
J Maple's Wild Holly Joe & Tessa Hughes 24
Brown's Ace Andrew Brown 24
Seekin A Thrill Ross Leonard 24
Storm Rider Roger Dvorak 24
Daphne's Gage William R Rogers 24
Bella Bulli ernie saniga 24
Erin's War Creek Allen Linder 24
Heard Hill's Jaybird Buck & Lynn Heard 22
One Day Freeze Christopher Lane Hodges 20
Prime Passion Lane Brian Peterson 20
Barlow Charles Turner 20
Redneck Shenanigans Trish Babbel 19
Nitro Elhew Gentleman Jack William Osborne 18
Cook's River Ranch Macallan Rolland Barrett 18
Beaucoup Creek Buck Donald R Heisner 18
Game On Joe & Kent Walker 18
Guards Two Dollar Bill Ronnie Rogers 17
Guard Rails Little Annie Gene Casale 17
High Drive Awsum Justice Allen Linder 16
Westfall's Quick Trick Ryan Westfall 14
Highbanks Back N Black Bill Nelson 14
Fox Creek Pepper Michael Fox 14
SF Saltwater Larry Smith 13
Glitz & Glamour Tammy & Jeremy Taylor 12
Rare Nugget Arnold Hall 12
wIBANX Sun B Marion Brown 12
Beaucoup Creek Gus Donald Heisner 12
Woriotos Crazy Daisy Scott Little 12
One Day Winnitgirl Christopher Lane Hodges 10
Rebel's Streak Of White Joe & Tessa Hughes 8
Come Back Lady Soul Joe Edwards 8
Lawless Kentucky Wildcat Jim Lawless 6
Crouse's Gerri Wind Michael Crouse 6
Solar Eclipse Edmond James 6

What’s going on...

From The President’s Desk

As the ink is drying on the 2018-2019 field trial season, I hope each of you made some unforgettable memories of good dogs, good horses, good food, good venues, good performances, most importantly good friends. All too often our dogs’ best efforts are witnessed only by ourselves, when the most cherished ones are shared with friends.

06 May 2019 News > Purina Awards

2019 Purina Awards Program

Congrats to this year’s Purina Amateur All-Age Award winner: Dialed In
Owner/Handler: Jim Pendergest
…and to this year’s Purina Amateur Shooting Dog Award winner: Waybetter Billy
Owner/Handler: Thomas Brigman Jr.

26 Apr 2019 News > 20th Century Fund

20th Century Fund Success Story – Camp Robinson

Most field trialers, particularly those in the mid south section of the country that comprises AFTCA Region 6 will remember the sad evening of April 26, 2014 when a large tornado cut a wide swath through central Arkansas causing tremendous damage to the grounds, kennels and other structures of the approx 2,700 acre Camp Robinson field trial venue in Mayflower.