“Inspire and promote outstanding Amateur Bird Dog Competition while supporting and conserving Upland Habitat.”

The AFTCA’s mission is to advocate and support Amateur Bird Dog Field Trial competition in quality events and to strive to make available to amateur participants extraordinary Upland Bird venues on which to compete.

To foster and increase interest in and knowledge of Upland Game Birds and their conservation in order to perpetuate them for future generations.

To organize for the purpose of strengthening our capacity to meet our objectives of improving the status and existence of Upland Birds and the genetics and performance of Bird Dogs.

2017 Invitational Points Standing

Shooting Dog
* = a previous AA or SD Invitational Champion
Dog Owner Total
Touch's Fire Dancer Keith Wright 256
Phillip's Off Line Nathan Phillips 231
Touch's Smooth Rider Keith Wright 188
Small's White Striker Mike Small 164
Showtime Sam Houston Larron Copeland 162
Showtime Dominator Larron Copeland 154
Elhew G Force Tim Moore 150
Home Big Boy Johnny Atkinson, Grayson Francis, Dwight Smith 139
Manteo's Ace Of Spades Paul Falkowsky 120
Blast Zone Bob Watts 117
Cole Train Dr. Fred Corder 115
Ten Oaks Elkland's Delight Lou Qualitiere 106
Nemaha Night Hawk Pat Mcinteer 103
Erin's Redrum Sean Derrig 102
Rester's Super Chief Cecil Rester 100
Rockstar Andy Buck Neil 88
Mohawk Mill Glory Gary Winall 86
Wild Covey Shockwave Anthony King 84
Nemaha Boot Dr. Pat McInteer 80
Erin's Rebel Rum Sean Derrig 80
Grouse Trails Pride John McKellop III 78
SF Bandwagon Larry Smith 76
Erin's Full Throttle John Ivester 75
Grouse Ridge Gambler Michael Spotts 69
Mac's Hi-Ho Silver Tim McClurg 69
Hendrix's Dak Attack Guy Hendrix 64
Bad Prairie's Billboard Quintin Wiseman 64
R R Craftsman Eddie Berendzen 62
Game Storm Fred Corder 54
Touch's Ghost Rider Eddie Sholar 52
Chupacabra Tyson Traw 52
Hodge's Beast Mode Brian Hodges 52
Erin's Hidden Shamrock Sean Derrig 51
HP Wiggins Express Rodney Shoemaker 48
Game Bo Dr. Fred Corder 48
Misty Morn Masked Man Joey McAlexander 48
Tucalota Blew Ed Mayhew 47
Barcelona Bull Ernie & Karen Saniga 46
Desiree Hunter Wilcox & John Tomaski 45
Dakota Nation Scott Jordan 44
One Day Frost Christopher Hodges 42
Long Gone Porky Lloyd Murray 42
Mac's No Doubt Mac Conyers 40
Reloaded Jim Pendergest 39
I'm Simple Pleasure Hunter's Creek Kennels 36
Ascension Matt Pendergest 36
Rebel Pirate David Williams 36
Showtime Automatic Larron Copeland 34
Sam Ellis Tim Moore 32
Rebel Maiden David Williams 32
S. F. Strongwind Nathan Berendzen 32
Painted Mad Max Jim & Bridget Ledington 32
Shadow's Bewitched N. G. Houston III 32
Mohawk Mill Jacob Gary Winall 30
Mohawk Mill Glory Gary Winall 30
Meadowoods Fast Break Ted Roach 28
Stokley's Frankie B Tony Bly 28
McRee's Glory B Patrick McPherson 24
Crose's Equalizer Michael Crouse 24
RW Betty Boop Roger Watson 20
Mohawk Mill Image Gary Winall 20
I'm Southern Style Hunter's Creek Kennel 18
Game Warden Fred Corder 18
Casey Creek Icy Hot Buster & Pam Tucker 18
Song Rider Bruce Norton 17
Wamsutter John Mahoney 16
Cocklebur Drama Queen Amy & Bubba Spencer 16
Crouse's Zippidy Do M.D. Crouse 16
Hendrix's Signature Burke Hendrix 16
One Day Winnitgirl Christopher Hodges 14
Greensboro Big Wheel Bill Mason 12
Mr. Tommy John J B Jones 10
Buckeye White Knight William Brown 9
Crouse's Ebony Masterpiece Michael Crouse 8
* = a previous AA or SD Invitational Champion
Dog Owner Total
Redland's Jacked Up Joe & Tricia Rentz 918
Waybetter Billy Thom Brigman 244
Sugarknoll Bushwacker Peter Del Collo 226
Daddy's Little Boy Butch Paul Scott 204
Pineywoods Jackpot Darron Hendley 196
American Express Lane Brian Peterson 186
Shadow Oak Doc Brian Sanchez 168
Northern Prairie Addition Glenn Conover 163
Conway Twitty Alan Atkins 161
Thomas Adirondack Turbo James Thomas 160
Solar Eclipse Edmond James 151
Boumeester's Bar None Rich Boumeester 133
AT'A BOY ROY George Kimbrell 127
Seekin A Thrill Ross Leonard 126
Chasehill Baby Bella Erin Stolgits 126
Barcelona Bull Ernie & Karen Saniga 124
Erin's War Creek Allen Linder 121
Touch's Katrina Austin Turley 114
Lester's Prime PoisonLane Brian Peterson 112
Rentz's Fire and Ice Joe & Tricia Rentz 111
Hale's Kickstarter Dr. Jeffrey A Hale 109
Strut Nation Scott Jordan 108
BMB's Free Ride Brandon & Jennifer Blum 102
Heard Hill's Misbehavin Buck & Lynn Heard 102
Miller's Special Edition Fran and Jack Miller 100
Miller's Unfinished Business Fran & Jack Miller Benjy Griffith 99
Iron and Oak Ross Leonard 97
Beckworth's Firefighter Alan York 97
Harbor City Cruz Tom Brigman 96
Cache Creek Red Zone Ron Shuman 85
Miller's Bring The Heat Fran and Jack Miller 82
Dubose's Daddy Boy Bobby Dubose 79
Mac's Hi-Ho Silver Tim McClurg 78
Little Girl Creek ernie saniga 76
Miss American Pie David O'Brien 74
West Mountain Sunny Days Kim Sampson 73
Conecuh's Power Play Ted Roach 72
Touch's Diamante Austin Turley 71
Dakota Nation Scott Jordan 70
Shagtime Scout Chris Cagle 67
Steel City Karen c.robert reed 66
Nemaha Night Hawk Pat Mcinteer 66
Miller's Dialing Hot Line Scott Griffin 60
Conecuh Station Joe Kidd Ted Roach 58
Bo Bunda Jack Arlington 56
Miller's California Dreamer Fran Miller 55
Touch's California Dream Tom N. Griffin 54
Heard Hill's Jaybird Buck & Lynn Heard 52
Pink Pistol George Kimbrell 51
Lindleys Mojo Leif Lendrop 50
At'a Boy Roy George Kimbrell 48
Walden's Ridge Playboy David Steele 48
Northwoods Charles Bill Owen 48
Sims Ramblin Rex Junior Sims 46
Hollywood Honey Edmond James & Martin Michaels 45
North Country Girl David McKay 44
Game On Joe & Kent Walker 44
Dezasterous Jax the Ripper Matt Smith 42
Woriotos Crazy Daisy Scott Little 40
Lindley's Rambler Leif Lendrop 36
Country Rose Edmond James 36
Lester's Prime Poison Lane Brian Peterson 36
Magnolia's Rising Blackhawk Tom Hall 34
Crouse's Gerri Wind Michael Crouse 34
Daphne's Gage William R Rogers 32
Phillip's Windline Ray Pinson 32
Micro City Sue William Brown 30
Windbush Dash Mark Meier 30
Dragonfly Jim Hughes 28
Lolita Scott, Lisa, & Hayden Little 24
Jessie's Bonanza ted foust 22
Calvary Sergeant William Goodwin 21
Swift Justice Jim Tande 21
Rare Nugget Arnold Hall 20
Waybetter Rocky Carl & Collin Bishop 20
Kelly's Rebel Louie J. Sean Kelly 18
Stylish Mustang Sally Tom Curtsinger 18
Doc's Haven Jill Dr. Billy McCathern 17
Song Rider Bruce Norton 16
Chupacabra Tyson Traw 15
Country Club Butch Mike Griffin 12
Emmalite Austin Turley 12
Crouse's Dot Dot Dot Michael Crouse 12
Katlyn's Jan William R Rogers 10
Homestead B Jeff Marshall 10
Blue Darter Tyson Traw 10
Crouse's Zippidy Do M.D. Crouse 8
Taylor's Simply Southern Jeremy & Tammy Taylor 7
Crouse's Icee Beauty Michael Crouse 6
Nosam's Full Ride T MASON ASHBURN 6
Erin's Goodtime Is Mitch Solt 6

What’s going on...

02 Mar 2018 News > Championships ~ Drawings

2017-2018 National Amateur Derby Championship Drawing

Sunday, March 11, 2018
Huntingdon, TN
Judges: David Williams, Allen McPherson

1a. Touch’s Malcolm Story, PM, Wright
1b. Hendrix’s Dak Attack PM, Jonathan Burch

2a. Nemaha Rio, PM, McInteer
2b. Miller’s Dialing Hot Line, PM, Bonner

3a. Dunn’s True Decision, PM, Dunn
3b. Rester’s Amazin Grace, PF, Rester

4a. Dubose’s Daddy Boy, PM, Dubose
4b. Barshoe La Traviata, PF, Harmon

02 Mar 2018 News > Championships ~ Drawings

2017-2918 National Amateur Quail Championship Drawing

Monday, March 5, 2018
Ames Plantation, Grand Junction, TN
Judges: Bill Mason, Frank LaNasa

1a. Game Bo, PM, Corder
1b. Crouse’s Smokin Joe, PM, Crouse/Schalk

2a. Hodge’s Beast Mode, PM, Hodges
2b. Chipper Jones, PM, Epp

3a. Hendrix’s Signature, PM, Hendrix
3b. Cole Train, PM, Corder

4a. Bad Prairie Billboard, PM, Wiseman
4b. Crouse’s Ebony Masterpiece, PM, Crouse/Schalk

18 Feb 2018 News > Championships ~ Drawings

2017-2018 National Amateur Free-For-All Drawing

Thursday, February 22, 2017
Sedgefields Plantation, Union Springs, Alabama

Judges: Pat Varner, Rick Furney
Reporter: Morgan Brewer

1a Miller’s Henesy, PM, Richardson
1b Smokin Joe’s Rambo, SM, Bruner

2a Neely’s Paint the Town, PM, Linder/Sanchez
2b Neely’s Rock & Roll, PM, Neely/Atkins

3a Miller’s Unfinished Business, PM, Miller/Miller
3b Lonetree Showbiz, PM, Owen/McDuffie