“Inspire and promote outstanding Amateur Bird Dog Competition while supporting and conserving Upland Habitat.”

The AFTCA’s mission is to advocate and support Amateur Bird Dog Field Trial competition in quality events and to strive to make available to amateur participants extraordinary Upland Bird venues on which to compete.

To foster and increase interest in and knowledge of Upland Game Birds and their conservation in order to perpetuate them for future generations.

To organize for the purpose of strengthening our capacity to meet our objectives of improving the status and existence of Upland Birds and the genetics and performance of Bird Dogs.

2018 Invitational Points Standing

Shooting Dog
* = a previous AA or SD Invitational Champion
Dog Owner Total
Nemaha Boot Dr. Pat McInteer 109
Erin's Full Throttle John Ivester 81
Knight's White Lady Bill Owen 79
Ponchos Monte Carlos Gary McLarney 79
SF Saltwater Larry Smith 78
Jumpstart Frank LaNasa 66
Worsham's Silver Comet Joe Worsham 49
Ascension Matt Pendergest 47
SF Bandwagon Larry Smith 46
Pendy's Good Grace Matt Pendergest 42
Phillips Storm Line John Milton 39
Rocky Ridges Second Chance Grayson Francis 26
Pleasant Run Gal David Hendricks 16
Dialed In Jim Pendergest 14
Bonafide Bocephus Darrell Miller 13
Little More Shine Kristine Hammons 12
* = a previous AA or SD Invitational Champion
Dog Owner Total
Nosam's Rock Creek Ray Wheeler 211
Strut Nation Scott Jordan 208
One Day Frost Christopher Lane Hodges 205
Touch's Hail Stone Alexander Rickert 162
Spring Brook Maximus Russell Ogilvie 126
Boumeester's Duramax Rich Boumeester 115
Nemaha Cinch Pat McInteer 103
Erin's Hearts On Fire Sean Derrig 103
Ten Oaks Annie A Jeanette Heise 91
Jumpstart Frank LaNasa 87
Crouse's Samuri Warrior M. D. Crouse 82
Calico's Mr. Wonderful Alex Smith 78
Calico\'s Touch of Class Muriel Primm 77
Lily An Creag David Creagan 72
Northwoods Charles Bill Owen 69
Miller's Upgraded Version Fran and Jack Miller 68
Mac's Hi-Ho Silver Tim McClurg 66
Nemaha Rio Pat Mcinteer 62
Touch's California Dream Tom N. Griffin 61
Traveler's Split Rail Greg Sand 54
Taladega Elias Richardson 52
Grand River Gold Digger Mike Lareau 42
Nottingham's Storm Warning Roger Dvorak 36
Little More Shine Kristine Hammons 34
Miller's Unbridled Forever Brian Sanchez 34
Dezasterous Jax the Ripper Matt Smith 34
Backcountry Tornado Chris Catanzarite 34
Thor For President daphne Rogers 32
One Day Freeze Lane Hodges 30
Quail Trap Will David Hawk 28
Storm Rider Roger Dvorak 24
Barlow Charles Turner 20
Guards Two Dollar Bill Ronnie Rogers 17
Guard Rails Little Annie Gene Casale 17
High Drive Awsum Justice Allen Linder 16
Highbanks Back N Black Bill Nelson 14
Roses Are Red Tim Hammons 12
One Day Winnitgirl Christopher Lane Hodges 10
Crouse's Gerri Wind Michael Crouse 6

What’s going on...

10 Dec 2018 News > Championships ~ Drawings

National Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship Drawing

Dec 12, 2018
Sportsmen’s Association Grounds, Grovesprings, MO
Judges: Gailen Cooper, Caleb Bryson

1a. Wolf Creek Colby, PM, Dan Crunk
1b. Sulther Creek Woodman, GSM, Emmet Sasser

2a. Skyview High Regard, SF, Jason Patty
2b. Hainline’s Silver Star, PF, Jeff Hainline

3a. Ruth’s High Flying Goose, PM, Mike Roper
3b. Bye Bye GG, PF, F. Schoenborn

4a. Blair’s Witch Project, SM, Greg Blair
4b. Beauchoup Creek Buck, SM, Don Heisner

06 Dec 2018 News > Championships ~ Drawings

2018 – 2019 National Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational Championship Drawing

Dec 7, 2018
Round Pond Plantation, Leesburg, GA
Judges: Judd Carlton, Mark McClean

Day 1

1a. Iron and Oak, SM, Ross Leonard
1b. Pineywoods Jackpot, SM, Darron Hendley

2a. Conway Twitty, PM, Alan Atkins
2b. At A Boy Roy, PM, George Kimbrell

3a. Sugarknoll Bushwacker, PM, Pete Del Collo
3b. Rentz’s Fire and Ice, PM, Joe Rentz

4a. Mac’s Hi Ho Silver, PM, Tim McClurg
4b. Back Country Bonnie, PF, Kevin Joyce

23 Nov 2018 News > 20th Century Fund

Another 20th Century Fund Success Story

20th Century funding has been a tremendous asset to field trial clubs all across the country. Following is a short description of benefits the West Kentucky Wildlife Management Area and clubs using the area have received.

Since 2007 the area has used 20th Century funding to improve habitat in several ways. Use of heavy equipment was one of the first ways funding was used in cooperation with the area management team.