2013 National Amateur All-Age Invitational

“BIRDS”!! Rang out 24 times during the running of the National

Amateur All-Age Invitational at Ames Plantation in Grand Junction, TN,

 between December 10-12.  Crowned Champion Cocklebur Treasure

Quest’s handler, Bubba Spencer of Medon, TN, hollered those words 3

 times during this three day event. Handler David Williams of Cordova,

 TN shouted the same 5 times to secure the runner-up position for his

 pointer male Rebel Pride.


Twelve dogs from as far away as Ohio, Iowa, New Jersey and North

Carolina were no match for the local 5 year old petite white and orange

pointer female named Cocklebur Treasure Quest, affectionally known

as “Ellie”.  Day 1 saw Cocklebur Treasure Quest on course 5, where she

had a nice limb find at 13 with a stop to flush at 14.  She then backed

Dakota Mystery on the pond dam at 19.  Quest had a 3rd

find at 38 coming out of the alfalfa field.  Day 2 held no birds for

 her, but she ran a showy front running race with style and grace. She

 repeated that performance in the call  back series. The young husband

and wife team of Bubba and Amy Spencer knows what it takes to get a

dog to this Championship.  Amy Spencer secured “Elle’s” position in the

Amateur Invitational with a superb win at the Ames Amateur and

several other placements that won her 2013 Region 6 All-Age dog of

 the year.


Rebel Pride handled by David Williams was runner up. Rebel Pride has

 the benefit of another husband and wife team, David and Angie

 Williams.  This 3-year old pointer male had a find at 53 on day 1 after

a lengthy absence and coming to the front on his own.  Day 2 had Rebel

Pride difficult to handle, but with birds at 16 and 19 and a unproductive

on the back side of Morgan Swamp at 41. The call back had Rebel Pride

on course 2 where he produced birds at 53 by the Keegan house and

again at 55 in the Jim Braddock field. While Rebel Pride’s race was

strong  but erratic on day 1 and 2 his bird work was impeccable which

 earned him his place in the call back series.

A detailed write up will follow in the American Field.            

Angela Williams