2016 National Amateur Pheasant Championship ~ Drawing

Dresden, Ohio
October 21, 2016
Judges: B.J. Wright & Derek Bonner

1a. Cole Train, PM, Fred Corder
1b. Creekside Tom, PM, Wohlgamoth/McClurg
2a. Windyhill’s Drive By, PM, Kent Merryman
2b. Hollywood Bo, SM, Regis Linn
3a. Dunn’s Tried and True, PM, Will Dunn
3b. SF Mapleleaf, PF, Larry Smith
4a. Caladen’s Rail Hawk, PM, Fred Corder
4b. Mac’s Hi-Oh Silver, PM, McClurg/Wohlgamoth
5a. Raag’s Miss Lightfoot, PF(IS), Ray Wheeler
5b. Hollywood Madam, PF, Regis Linn
6a. Game Bo, PM, Fred Corder
6b. Windyhill’s Rayban, PM, Kent Merryman
7a. Stonefree B, SM, Marion Brown
7b. Creekside Bo, PM, Wohlgamoth/McClurg
8a. Huron’s Creek’s Mr. Twister, PM, William Branham
8b. Dunn’s Breakout, PM, Will Dunn
9a. Game Call, PM, Fred Corder
9b. Glenmere’s Sentinel, PM, Jeff Haggis
10a. SF Bandwagon, PM, Larry Smith
10b. Nosam Rock Creek, PM, Ray Wheeler
11a. Dunn’s Break Job, PM, Will Dunn
11b. Reloaded, PM, Jim Pendergest
12a. Alibi’s Pic, PM, Ralph Gillota
12b. Wibaux B, SM, Marion Brown
13a. Dialed In, PF, Jim Pendergest
13b. Windy Hill’s Hammerin Hank, PM, Kent Merryman
14a. Mac’s Silver Legacy, PF, McClurg/Wohlgamoth

Please check back later in case a redraw was required.

Good luck to all!


2016 National Amateur Grouse Championship ~ Drawing

Moose Junction, Wisconsin
Starts: Saturday, October 22, 2016
Judges: Scott Anderson and Dr. Charles Wolfe

1a Rain Delay, PM, Brent Sittlow
1b Grouse Hollow Niko, SM, Jack Storer
2a Keystone True Passion, SM, Sig Degitz
2b Pine Straw Smudge, SM, Dale Ash
3a Zumbo Stinky Pete, PM, Dale Windhorst
3b Woods R Calling Colby, SM, Bill Fraham
4a Abigale, SF, Ed Graddy
4b Blue Bette, SF (IS), Dave Moore      
5a Hartland Maisy Mae, SF, Tim Kaufman
5b Megan’s Paige Turner, PF, Ben Mergens
6a Tim’s Setter Rosie, SF, Tim Callahan
6b Northern Lights Venus, PM, Sig Degitz
7a Hawthorne Lit Up, PF, Brent Sittlow
7b Rufus Delfuego, SM, Neil Anderson
8a Lake Effect Tilly, SF, Tim Kaufman
8b Woods R Calling Dash, SM, Bill Fraham
9a Tim’s Setter Frank, SM, Tim Callahan
9b Northern Light Rhea, SF, Sig Degitz

Course order:
East Course
New Course
Course 1
2/3 Course
Bear Bait Course
Beaver Dam Course

Open Derby (following championship)         
Judges: Bill Fraham and Neil Anderson

1a Cynder, SF, Sig Degitz
1b Northern Slopes Star, SF, Ed Grady
2a Little Miss Sunshine, SF(IS), Brad Holt
2b War Paint, SF, Paul Cook
3a Northern Lights Sirus, SM, Sig Degitz
3b Northern Slopes Breeze, SF, Ed Grady
4a Cooper, PM, Jeff Hintz
4b Northern Lights Leo, SM, Sig Degitz

Please check back later in case a redraw was required.


2016 International Amateur Woodcock Championship ~ Drawing

International Amateur Woodcock Championship
October 8, 2016
Judges: Leonard Sinclair & Patricia Carney

1a.Wildapple Calvado’s, PF, Tim Kisieleski
1b. Backstep Rudy, SM, Kevin Lahoda
2a. Paucek’s Hickory Bonnie, SF, Kellie Short
2b. Bob’s Elhew Kate, PF, Bobby Phillips
3a. Bog Brock Okie Dokie, SF(IS), Tom Richardson
3b. Caird’s Little Macy Mae, PF, Tim Kisieleski
4a. Ruff Grouse Lilly, SF, Paul Christopher
4b. Old Glory Kate, SF, Austin Parsons
5a. Chasehill Little Thudd, PM, Tim Kisieleski
5b. Bob’s Elhew Holly, PF, Bobby Phillips
6a. Autumn Memory Katie, PF, Kellie Short
6b. Upper Ten Tucker, PM, John Adsit
7a. Bob’s Elhew Jill, PF, Bobby Phillips
7b. Stokely’s Evil Klown, SM, Tim Kisieleski
8a. Bear River Partridge Berry, PF, Austin Parsons
8b. Paucek’s Tomahawk, SM, Kellie Short
9a. Wildapple Polka Dot, PF, Tim Kisieleski   
9b. Bob’s Elhew Julie, PF, Bobby Phillips
10a. Wildapple Spot On, PM, Tim Kisieleski 

Please check back to be sure a redraw was not required.

Good luck to all!                

Certificate Date Stake Placed Total Dogs Bonus Points Points