20th Century Fund

Founded in 1917, the AFTCA made a major step forward at the 1986 annual meeting. It was at this time that trustee John O'Neall Jr. proposed establishment of the 20th Century Fund. The purpose of the Fund was to strengthen the AFTCA financially, computerize our records, secure and/or manage field trial grounds, stimulate interest in bird dogs and field trials and finally be financially in a position to act when an unusual opportunity presents itself as long as this action is in the best interest of the AFTCA and field trials.

To this end and through the diligence of AFTCA President Dr Angelo Lurus and ably assisted by attorney John McNamara, 501(c)(3) tax exempt status was achieved for the AFTCA. This was no small feat. Not only was an avenue obtained for charitable donations, but interest from this Fund could be dispersed to club venues for the betterment of field trials.

Trustees Dwight Smith, Jack Fiveash, Harry Townsend and Pete Frierson were trusted with growing the Fund and placing the monies in safe conservative investments.

As time went on, an opportunity presented itself to acquire a large tract of field trial ground. Long and thoughtful trustee discussion came to the conclusion that this single tract of ground would not be in the best interest of the AFTCA. Not only would the finances associated with management and maintenance be prohibitive, but the location would benefit few at the expense of many. It was decided rather to, when possible, provide financial assistance to multiple field trial venues.

Every year since 1995, monies have been dispersed to clubs submitting properly prepared applications. The 20th Century Fund Committee carefully reviews each application giving special attention to venues that are willing to host a National Amateur Championship.

Donations to the Fund are possible through many avenues: endowments, memorials, per dog fees and simple donations are all appreciated. In addition, the Print Program is another excellent method. Many thanks to those individuals who stepped forward to become a Print benefactor. It is through their generosity, that this whole program is possible.

As a print purchaser, not only do you receive a handsome print of your choice, but this is a tax deductible contribution as permitted by law. These prints also make great gifts for judges, reporters and field trial honorees. If each club purchased just one print per year, the Fund would grow by $80,000!

Since 2008, contributions have greatly diminished. However, trustee John Milton has wisely managed our investments so that even in these times disbursements have been made. Just since 2002, in excess of $160,000 has been given back to venues throughout the U. S. and Canada.

We ask that you keep these facts in mind when considering your upcoming tax deductible contributions. In addition, please ask your member club and its members to support the Print Program. Our goals are always the same "THE BETTERMENT OF FIELD TRIALS"

Hunter Wilcox

AFTCA Trustee, Region 2

Chairman, 20th Century Fund Committee

(Download) An Open Letter to All Field Trailers

20th Century Fund Donation

extent of the law. Be a part of field trialers helping field trialers, make your check payable to the 20th Century Fund and mail to....

Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America

C/O Piper Huffman, Secretary

2873 Whippoorwill Road

Michigan City, MS 38647

20th Century Fund Application Form

(Download) 20th Century Application Form

The AFTCA's 20th Century Fund reviews all applications for funding very carefully. Your applicationis considered along with many others received each year. All funding decisions are reached at the Annual AFTCA Trustees meeting which takes place in June of each year. You will be notified following that meeting as to the results of your funding request.

There are many issues involved as we review various applications. The following are a few of the variables, which reflect either positively or negatively on any funding request.

  • What Amateur Field Trials does your club regularly host? Our charter is based on Amateur field trialing and we always base our funding on benefits to amateur trials.
  • Will the funding result in a personal asset to a landowner or lessee? We do not approve funding which results in an individual's personal asset. It is the goal of the 20th Century Fund to perpetuate Amateur Field Trialing. We recognize that access and improvements to field trial grounds are part of that perpetuation. WE do not however fund applications, which will result in an increase in personal assets.
  • All active AFTCA member clubs in good standing are eligible for 20th Century Funding. To apply this application must be completed and we request that you include as much supporting documentation as possible so that we can review your application on its merits.

Note: Your application will be reviewed by the 20th Century Fund Committee and a decision regarding your funding request will be made annually at the National Meeting of Trustees.

- Print application and mail or email -

Piper Huffman
2873 Whippoorwill Road
Michigan City, MS 38647
Email piper.huffman@aim.com

Listed below are clubs and venues that have financially benefitted from the 20th Century Fund for 2013:

Listed below are clubs and venues that have financially benefitted from the 20th Century Fund for 2012: