2016 National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship ~ Drawing

Starts: August 20, 2016, Circle, Montana
Judges: John Neely and Jim Ledington

1a. Touch’s Diamante, PM, Austin Turley
1b. Far Star B, SM, Marion Brown

2a. Just Thrilling, PM, Ross Leonard
2b. Ten Oaks Castoff, PM, Lou Qualtiere

3a. I B Anxious, PF, Tom Nygard
3b. Upland Elhew Wildrose, PF, Mike Robbins

4a. Rocky Knoll Jackson, SM, Pat Lockhart
4b. Dawson’s High Chapparal, RSM, Dennis Hildalgo

5a. Traveler’s Black Thorn, SF, Greg Sand
5b. Barlee’s Prairie Star, SF, Betty Shearouse

6a. Redland’s Jacked Up, PM, Joe Rentz
6b. Stone Free B, SM, Marion Brown

7a. Iron & Oak, SM, Ross Leonard
7b. Shearjoy’s Big Money, SM, Betty Shearouse

8a. Gin N Tonic Live Wire, SF (IS), Dave Noell
8b. Joe’s Lil, SF, Joe Schaefer

9a. Nemaha Cinch, PM, Pat McInteer
9b. Canadian Elhew Jocko, PM, Clark Lundren

10a. Tucalota’s White Bread, PM, Ed Mayhew
10b. Ten Oaks Elklands Delight, PM, Lou Qualitere

11a. QPK Bossman, PM, Joe Rentz
11b. Touch’s Match Point, PM, Austin Turley

12a. Gin N Tonic Hot Wire, SF (IS), Dave Noell
12b. Bellita, PF, Gordon Jones

13a. Nemaha Boot, PM, Pat McInteer
13b. Seekin A Thrill, PM, Ross Leonard

14a. Traveler’s Prairie Sioux, SF, Greg Sand
14b. Touch’s Katrina, PF (IS), Austin Turley

15a. Winamp Sun B, SM, Marion Brown
15b. Rendition, RSM, Roger Boser

16a. Rocky Knoll Peaches, SF, Pat Lockhart
16b. Kindle, RSF, Dennis Hildalgo

17a. Northern Praire Addition, PF, Glenn Conover
17b. Upland Elhew Dakota, PM, Mike Robbins

18a. Traveler’s High Point, SF, Greg Sand
18b. Tucalota Blew, PM, Ed Mayhew

19a. Ghost Bell B, SF, Marion Brown
19b. Touchstone, RSM, Roger Boser

20a. Prodigy’s Tre, SM, Ross Leonard
20b. Circle Masquerade, PF, Shannon Nygard

Please check later in the day in case a re-draw was required.      


AFTCA Annual Open Meeting - Reno, NV

President Torben Hansen called the meeting to order at 5:15 PM with a nice crowd.

President Hansen called for the reading of the minutes by secretary Piper Huffman. Eli Richardson made the motion to accept the minutes and David Williams seconded the motion.

The Financial statement is typically given by John Milton however he was not in attendance. President Hansen read the letter sent by Mr. Milton stating the audit report is in order with net assets showing slight improvement over the last two years. There is too much dependency on sponsorships to cover operating cost of this organization. All in all the finances are solid and will continue to improve with the individual memberships.
Dr. Hunter Wilcox reported for the 20th Century Fund. The committee met and awarded 13 clubs grant money. The 501- C3 must be protected and the use of these funds must be for bird habitat improvement. After being awarded a grant, clubs must submit a letter explaining how the money was used. An impressive total of $217,220.00 has been granted to clubs as of this date. Dr. Wilcox encourages donations to the 20th Century Funding in order to help provide funds to give back to deserving clubs.

The Insurance report was given by Frank LaNasa. He stated there are five policies in place Officer’s Package, General Liability, Fidelity, Workers Compensation and Directors and Officers Liability. They have all remained with the same limits and premiums. The only change was the Cyber Essentials which cover liability with the new individual memberships. There is more personal data being collected which needs to be protected.

Michael Shears addressed the group on the membership committee. The individual membership is in place and went into effect October 2015. The executive committee did a great job to accommodate members. As of now, there are 738 members which is a small number. The AFTCA has been too dependent on sponsorship money to operate. These memberships will help this organization grow and hopefully become self-sustaining. Beginning July 1, 2016 the definition of “participate” stated in the by- law pertains to any handler, owner(s) or kennel name listed on the registration papers with the American Field must be an individual member to enter and participate in any AFTCA event excluding youth trials.

Frank LaNasa reported on the website stating it has been very frustrating working with the contracted web company Peacock without the desired results. This past year the executive committee voted to contract AFTCA member, Chris Mathan’s design firm, The Sportsman’s Cabinet to develop a new responsive, CMS website. Secretary Huffman will be able to communicate through the website much more easily and effectively. The goal is to have it up and running by mid-September.

President Hansen addressed the group with the upcoming 100 year anniversary of the AFTCA in 2017.He stated the board had given him permission to order 200 beautiful knives to celebrate with and sell to the public.

It was noted John Milton of Region 16 will be retiring from the AFTCA. He was a past President and has been on the board of trustee’s since 1999. President Hansen commended and honored Mr. Milton with all due respect and thankfulness for all he has contributed to the AFTCA.

Nominating committee chairman Gary Winall presented the following candidates for trustee by region:

Region 2, Dr. Hunter Wilcox; Regis Linn; Region 3, Johnny Atkinson; Region 4, Ray Wheeler; Region 7, Ray Black; Region 8, Preston Trimble; Region 14, Lou Qualitere. There were no nominations from the floor. A motion was made by Rick Stallings and seconded by Jim Crouse to accept nominations by acclamation. All were in favor.

Tony King presented the last item of business, the breed club report. At the annual meeting, the board of trustees voted to elect two more Trustee’s at Large to represent their breed clubs. Mark Johnson was voted in to represent the Viszla clubs and Mike Ethridge was voted in to represent the German Shorthair clubs. Dr. Bob Rankin will remain as Trustee at Large to represent the Brittany clubs and Don Beauchamp remains a trustee and represents the Red Setter clubs. The breed committee can now go to work and reach out to these different breeds hopefully get them involved with the AFTCA.

President Hansen adjourned the meeting at 5:55 PM.


AFTCA Trustee Meeting - Reno, NV

The meeting was called to order by AFTCA President Torben Hansen at 1:00 PM. The group was advised the meeting was being taped for the purpose of constructing the minutes.

President Hansen asked for the roll call. The following replied: Secretary, Piper Huffman, President, Torben Hansen, Region 1: Eli Richardson, Region 2: Dr. Hunter Wilcox, Region 3: Johnny Atkinson, Gary Winall, John Ivester, Region 4: Jim Crouse, Ray Wheeler, Region 5: Sean Derrig, Tony King, Region 6: David Williams, Dr. Fred Corder, Michael Shears, Region 7: Dr. Buck Neil, Region 8: Gary Young, Preston Trimble, Region 9: Harold Chadwick, Region 14: Lou Qualtiere, Region 16: Larron Copeland, Rick Stallings, Region 17: Dr. Pat McInteer, Don Beauchamp, Region 19: Frank LaNasa, Trustee at Large: Dr. Bob Rankin. Trustee’s not in attendance: Region 1: Regis Linn, Region 7: Ray Black, Region 10: Herb Anderson, Region 12: Ric Peterson, Region 13: Shawn Wright, Region 16: John Milton.
John D. Huffman former AFTCA President was present.

Minutes of the 2015 meeting, presented by secretary Piper Huffman were accepted on a motion by Johnny Atkinson and a second by Eli Richardson.
President Torben Hansen announced financial advisor John Milton was unable to attend and had sent him the financial report. He read the report to the group. The Investment income for 11 months ended May 2016 and account listings of the AFTCA investments as of May 2016 are both positive. The returns are good in this market and our investment principle has held its value.  As far as the audit reports go, they are very much in order and show slight improvement in our net assets over the past two years. But, we still show too much dependence on annual sponsor monies to cover operating costs. Milton stated in his report the finances are solid and he is optimistic the AFTCA will improve further as individual memberships are paid.

Frank LaNasa presented the Insurance report. Coverage and policies all remain the same with little changes involved in either. One change that was made on the renewal of the Traveler’s Insurance was Cyber Essentials. This coverage is for personal data getting out and protecting the AFTCA from liability of personal identity theft. With individual memberships we are attaining more personal information through Neon software. This coverage meets the federal guidelines, protects the AFTCA if there is a data breech, and increases the premium by $450.00.
Michael Shears spoke on behalf of individual memberships. He reminded that the change was made in Lexington, KY, 2014, to put the Individual Membership in affect. There were a few bumps as expected but the executive committee worked through these issues keeping us on track. As of today, there are 738 members totaling $18,450.00. Renewals have been increasing every day. The implementation is well on the way as is finding the effectiveness of the memberships. This first year we have spent this money in good order because of the change on the website. We have been able to pay for the transition without having to take funds out of the operating account. He expressed we all want to improve our website and communications through our members. There is plenty of room to grow. Lastly, he commended Herb Anderson for making the first motion 2 years ago and Sean Derrig for seconding the motion to put this in place as well as the work everyone has done in the past two years along with the executive committee in promoting this program.
Frank LaNasa presented the website report. He informed the group about the decision this past winter to change the AFTCA website from Peacock Productions to Chris Mathan of the Sportsman Cabinet. Chris’ firm has tremendous resources and as an AFTCA member, she understands everything about our organization. The website will use  WordPress” as it’s Content Management System which will make it easier for Piper to update content. The new website will be responsive to desktops, smart phones and tablets. “Piper and I have seen the web design and it’s outstanding”, Frank mentioned. The plan is to go live the middle of September. The time and money spent with Peacock has been frustrating but not a total waste. We are bringing a lot of converted data from this website, greatly reducing the cost of moving it to the newly developed site.
Dr. Hunter Wilcox reported on behalf of the 20th Century Fund. The committee met with applications from fourteen clubs. They choose to give grants to thirteen clubs. A total of 17,300.00 was awarded to the following clubs: Field Trial Sportsmen’s Assn, $2000.00; Ohio Valley Field Trial Circuit, $1000.00; Georgia Field Trial Assn, $1000.00; Virginia Amateur Field Trial Assn, $2000.00; Cahaba Bend Field Trial Club, $2000.00; Kentucky Field Trial Assn, $1500.00; North Carolina Field Trial Assn, $2000.00; Oak Ridge, $1000.00; Cedar Valley Field Trial Club, $500.00; Holler Point Field Trial Club, $1000.00; North Missouri Field Trial Assn, $ 800.00; Central Maine Bird Dog Club, $500.00; Camp Robinson Field Trial Club, $2000.00.

Every club that gets a grant must submit a letter to Dr. Hunter Wilcox by December 1st explaining how the funds were spent. This fund has to go to habitat improvement to protect the 501- C3. The club that was not awarded grant money did not turn in a letter last year explaining the use of their funds. Prior to this year an impressive total of $199,920.00 has been granted to various clubs.

 Dr. Wilcox stated $3000.00 was given in honor of Tom Honecker which has never been spent. He suggested putting in circulation perpetual trophies with Mr. Honecker’s name on them for National Amateur Championships such as The Quail Championship and Shooting Dog Championship. Dr. Wilcox made a motion for David Williams and Dr. Fred Corder to come up an idea and decide how to use these monies. It was seconded by Sean Derrig. The motion passed.

A 10 minute break was taken to enable the membership committee to meet in order to define the term “participate” in the by-law passed last year, 2015, in Montgomery, Alabama. The by-law stated; “an individual membership fee must be paid to participate in AFTCA sponsored events excluding youth trials”. After a lengthy discussion the motion was made by Sean Derrig that “a participant is a handler, owner(s) or kennel name on the registration paper with the American Field to enter and participate in an AFTCA sponsored event excluding youth trials”. Harold Chadwick seconded the motion and it passed.

John Ivester made a motion to include the verbiage in the American Field ad’s for every AFTCA event; “you must be an individual member to enter your dog”. Michael Shears seconded the motion. The motion passed.

As the first order of new business Tony King discussed the opportunity for the AFTCA to reach out to other breed clubs specifically the German Shorthair and Viszla. He expressed these breeds are big on numbers and they would be an asset to this organization. They would expand our base and increase our memberships. In 1993, a Trustee at Large was elected to represent the breed clubs. Tony King made the motion to amend the last sentence of Chapter One, Article V, Section 1 which states “in addition, a Trustee at Large to represent the breed clubs shall be elected” to read, “In addition, a Trustee at Large to represent each of the following breed clubs; Brittany Breed clubs, German Shorthaired Pointer Breed Clubs and Viszla Breed Clubs shall be elected”. Sean Derrig seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Tony King made a second motion to accept Mark Johnson proposed Trustee at Large to represent Viszla breed clubs, Mike Aldridge proposed Trustee at Large to represent German Shorthaired breed clubs and Dr. Bob Rankin Trustee at Large to represent Brittany Breed Clubs. Jim Crouse seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Torben Hansen brought up the discussion of a letter written requesting a change in the number of dogs an amateur can run. After a brief discussion no changes were made. No amateur shall handle more than two dogs not solely owned by him or some member of his immediate family in any amateur stake.

President Hansen advised the group of the upcoming 100th year anniversary of the AFTCA organization in 2017. He stated the AFTCA needs to celebrate and acknowledge this special time. He proposed a knife to represent and sell for this 100 year celebration. Rick Stallings made the motion to accept Mr. Hansen’s recommendation and authorize the purchase of 200 knives. Jim Crouse seconded the motion. All were in favor. The motion passed.

The discussion of circumventing the rules of regaining amateur status was brought to the floor. A rule is a rule with no changes. A person must wait three years for reinstatement of amateur status.

With no further business, President Hansen adjourned the meeting at 4:00 PM.

Certificate Date Stake Placed Total Dogs Bonus Points Points