President's Comments - T-5 Recovery Device

August 22, 2014

Having had a few inquiries about the recent recommendation for approval of the Garmin T-5, hopefully the following will clear up any confusion on this topic.

The Garmin T-5 has been approved by both the Field Dog Stud Book and the A.F.T.C.A. for use in competition during the ’14-’15 field trial season.



 Jim Crouse

 President, A.F.T.C.A


President's Comments - August 2014

  photo photo_zps7efe00a5.jpg               A new season will “officially” open Monday, August 18, 2014 with the commencing of the National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship in Circle, Montana.  A great entry of 48 was drawn for this stellar event!  Updates and results will be available on the AFTCA website as available.

                Much information is available on the website and I would encourage you to visit at your leisure.  During the past year improvements have been accomplished and there are more to come in the near future.  Please familiarize yourself with the options available for your enjoyment.  Should you encounter any difficulty in using the site, Ms. Huffman will gladly assist if you will contact her.

                Reporting information at the conclusion of a trial is vital to timely records maintenance.  Information pertaining to reporting can be found in my comments dated November 5, 2013. 

                Your officers, trustees and secretary work for you!  I would encourage you to contact any of them should you have a question or concern about the AFTCA.  They will gladly help you if given the opportunity.

                As we begin a new season, please remember many people are involved with keeping our sport thriving and alive.  Private land owners, federal and state fish and game employees, amateur field trialers and others contribute greatly to the success of our beloved sport!  Don’t forget to thank those who contribute significantly so that we all may enjoy the great outdoors and this great sport!

                In closing, I wish each of you a safe and successful field trial season!


Jim Crouse

President, AFTCA


National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship Drawing

 photo pheasant_zps4bf58d9b.jpg


August 18,2014

Circle, MT 


1 Touch's Diamente   PM   Austin Turley
  Virgil Cain   PM   Scott Wilson
2 Tucalota's Rubee   PF   Ed Mayhew
  Painted Nickel Mac   PM   Jim Ledington
3 Nemaha Yankee   PM   Pat McInteer
  Prairie Rambling Sampson PM   Brad McCardle
4 Kenogami Finnigan   SM   Sean Kelly
  Heard Hill's Ms. Q   PF   Buck Heard
5 Red Rock Country Girl PF   Mike Mathews
  Joe's Lil     PF IN SEASON Joe Schaefer
6 Circle Storm Warning PM   Shannon Nygard
  Houston's Blue Diamond SM   Ross Leonard
7 Waygoing Hoot   PM   Mike Stephens
  Lil Miss Sunshine   PF   Frank Lanasa
8 Far Star B     SM   Marion Brown
  Gin N Tonic Live Wire SF   Dave Noell
9 Rocky Knoll Jackson   SM   Patrick Lockhart
  Line Drive Single   PM   Jason Lafrance
10 Heard Hill's Misbehavin PF   Lynn Heard
  Buffalo Creek Patricia PF   Charlie Hjerpe
11 True Confidence   PM   Frank Lanasa
  Nemaha Boot   PM   Pat McInteer
12 IB Sweet Jane   PF   Lillian Favor
  Firefly's Hot Tip   ISF IN SEASON Dennis Hidalgo
13 Power Touch B   SF   Marion Brown
  Trotting Home   PM   Jason Lafrance
14 Jango Fett   PM   Austin Turley
  Against The Wind Joey SM   Sean Kelly
15 Waygoing Amy   PF   Mike Stephens
  Circle Rock Solid   PM   Shannon Nygard
16 Traveler's Blackthorn SF   Buck Heard
  Iron and Oak   SM   Ross Leonard
17 Kootenay River Ty   PM   Sean Kelly
  Levi's Painted Strike PM   Jim Ledington
18 Sam's Creek Holly   PF   Charlie Hjerpe
  Rocky Knoll Peaches SF   Patrick Lockhart
19 Homemade   PF   Frank Lanasa
  Touch's Lite Air Drifter PM   Jason LaFrance 
20 Kindle     ISF   Dennis Hidalgo
  Ghost Bell B   SF   Marion Brown
21 Taliesen     PF   Ross Leonard
  Pride Southern Attitude PF   Scott Wilson
22 Northwoods Nirvana SM   Frank Lanasa
  Northern Prairie Rebel PM   Glen Conover
23 Nemaha Roadmap   PM   Pat McInteer
  Touch's Match Point   PM   Austin Turley
24 Wibaux Sun B   SM   Marion Brown
  Painted Nickel Jake   PM   Jim Ledington


Certificate Date Stake Placed Total Dogs Bonus Points Points