National Amateur Grouse Championship

Marienville, PA



National Amateur Grouse Championship will begin Thursday October 23, 2014 at 7.30 am at Lolita Rd course 1. 8 braces will be run each day if possible. If only 7 braces are run the next brace should be ready to go the following morning. Best of luck to all and good luck. 


1 Grouse Trails Adrenaline     PF   John Mckellop
  Dew Sweeper     PM   Dick Straub
2 Sutter's Backcountry Race     SF   Lawrence Sutter
  Grousehill Bell     PF   John Campocci
3 Anna Leike Kiah     SF   Robert Matson
  Bullerina     PF IS Karen Piwinski
4 Riley's Rowdy Shadow     PF   George Hetrick
  Pouncy     SM   Dick Straub
5 Cover Charge     PM   George Crumlich
  Spitfire     SF   Mike Spotts
6 Texas Blackeyed Pea     SF   Jaeger/Sutter
  Full Blast     SM   Dick Brennaman
7 Bob's Elhew Josie     PF   Bob Phillips
  Bog Brook Rigby     SF   Tim Kisieleski
8 Kendle Hills Fox Fire     SF   Tim Perschke
  Double Duece Molly     PF   Doug McMillin
9 Mains Sunshine Hunter     PM   Tom Mains
  Sutter's Real McCoy     SM   Lawrence Sutter
10 Michter's Rock N Rye     SM   Jarrod Specht
  Thunderhills Ghostride     PM   Brennaman/Tsepelias
11 Bob's Elhew Jill     PF   Bob Phillips
  Phillips Half Moon     SF IS Doug McMillin
12 Justin's First Chance     PM   Steve Swauger
  Grouse Ridge Lucky     SM   Pete Flanagan
13 Grouse Trails Pride     PF   John McKellop
  Mains One Dot     PF IS Tom Mains
14 Chasehill Little Thudd     PM   Tim Kisieleski
  Nobody's Shadow     SM   Bob Wheelock
15 Impact Player     SM   Mike Spotts
  Double Duece Dexter     PM   Doug McMillin
16 Grousehill Dixie     PF   John Campocci
  Foxfire Huckleberry     PF IS Dean Avillion
17 All In     SM   Thor Kain
  Straight Forward     SF   Dick Brennaman
18 Star's Misty Willow     SF   Peter Casgrain
  Out Of The Shadows     SF IS Bob Wheelock
19 Rocky Point Lilly     SF   Doug McMillin
  Timberdoodle Princess     SF IS Dave Blackley
20 Fire Away     SM   Pete Flanagan
  Willowwoods Boone     SM   Chris DeMattio
21 Long Gone Studley     SM   Lloyd Murray
  Sutter's High Jynx     SF   Lawrence Sutter
22 Uptown Girl     SF   Lloyd Murray
  Bar P Matty     PF IS Brian Ralph
23 Ruby's Shadow     SM   Bob Wheelock
  Montera's Little Demon     SF   Bill Henke
24 Bog Brooke Okie Dokie     SF IS Tom Richardson
  Jonsey's Rebel Revenge     SF   Tim Kisieleski
25 Suemac's Coventry     PF   Richard Brenneman
  Timberdoodle Hobo     SM   Dave Blackley
26 Bob's Elhew Julie     PF   Bob Phillips
  Grouse Ridge Force     SM   Pete Flanagan
27 My Cousin Vinny     PM   Lawrence Sutter
  J's Shadyhills Titan     SM   Jeff Angott
28 Long Gone Buckwheat     SM   Lloyd Murray
  Sutter's Backcountry Hillis     SM   Lawrence Sutter
29 Bob's Miller Daisy     PF   Bob Phillips
  Doodlesridge Mia     SF   Richardson/Mueller
30 Grouse Ridge Sarge     SF   Flanagan/Johnson
  High Impact     SM   Mike Spotts




National Amateur Pheasant Championship Results

Dresden, Ohio

October 17th, 2014

Drew 34 dogs


Winner- Whites Solid Reward, John Ivester

Runner Up – Malina’s Miss Matrix, Bill Brown


Image : Left to Right - Jim Crouse - Judge, John Ivester, Marty Whoulghmuth, Ray Wheeler, Bill Hoover - Judge, Bill Brown, Tim McClurg, Ted Goodyear and Randy Hopkins.


2014 National Amateur Pheasant Championship



2014 National Amateur Pheasant Championship


Dresden, OH


1 Marque's Real Fancy   PF John Ivester
  Micro City Sue   SF Bill Brown
2 Bondsman   PM Matt Pendergest
  Great River Magnum   PM Brian Sanchez
3 Windfall April Fools   PM Joe Guzman
  Raag's To Riches   PM Ray Wheeler
4 Hollywood Bo   SM Regis Linn
  First Class Tye   PM Vernon Vance
5 Wendyhill Hammerin Hank   PM Kent Merryman
  Game Bo   PM Fred Corder
6 Cottonwood Reward   PM John Ivester
  Creek Side Tom   PM Marty Wohlgamoth
7 Ghost Bell B   SF Marion Brown
  Mac's Silver Dollar   PM Tim McClurg
8 Caladen's Rail Hawk   PM Fred Corder
  Glenmere's Gentlemen Jake   PM Jeff Haggis
9 Dunn's All Get Out   PM Will Dunn
  White's Solid Reward   PM John Ivester
10 Comanche Moon   PF Bill Brown
  First Class Silver Colt   PM Vernon Vance
11 Windfall Size Matters   PM Joe Guzman
  Shawnee Hills Cloud   PF Regis Linn
12 Greta B   SF Marion Brown
  Dunn's Tried And True   PM Will Dunn
13 Marque's Awesome Reward   PM John Ivester
  Cole Train   PM Fred Corder
14 Dunn's Guitar Man   PM Will Dunn
  Mac's Hi Oh Silver   PM Tim McClurg
15 Malina's Miss Matrex   SF Bill Brown
  Reloaded   PM Jim Pendergest
16 Glenmere's Sentinel   PM Jeff Haggis
  Far Star   SM Marion Brown
17 Creekside Pete   PM Marty Wohlgamoth
  Raag's Miss Lightfoot   PF Ray Wheeler


Certificate Date Stake Placed Total Dogs Bonus Points Points