National Amateur Prarie Chicken Shooting Dog Championship

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

September 19, 2014



1 Phillips Storm Raider PM   John Mathys
  Cedar Creek Skyliner SM   Ed Liermann
2 Ihrke's Coach   PM   Ihrke/Reisner
  Erin's Super Sport   PM   Sean Derrig
3 GF Maximus   SM   Allen Dunbar
  Nemaha Yankee   PM   Pat McInteer
4 Boumeester's Just Wright PF   Rich Boumeester
  Restless Red Bella   SF IS Bob Gove
5 Madtown Bad Boy   PM   Bob Schaefer
  Wards Danhawk   PM   Ron Ward
6 Skydancer Dancing Bell SM   Jerry Moisson
  Notorious Red Bull   PM   John Mathys
7 RW Matty Mae   PF IS Roger Watson
  Lil Miss Sunshine   PF IS Frank Lanasa
8 Skydancer Dancing Blade SM   John Mathys
  Erin's Black Magic   PM   Sean Derrig
9 All That Jazz Jasmine PF   Mike Duvall
  Skydancer Big Time   SM   Dennis Lutynski
10 Seattle Slew   PM   Dave Moore
  Boumeester's Closure PM   Rich Boumeester
11 Homemade   PF IS Frank Lanasa
  Ihrke's Millie B   PF   Ihrke/Reisner
12 RW Katrina   PF IS Roger Watson
  Prairie Hawk's Mama Mia PF   Erin Grossman
13 Derrig'n Dio's Mad Max PM   Tom Derrig
  Restless Red Toolman SM   Bob Gove
14 Ward's EL Thunder   PM   Ron Ward
  Cedar Creek Talon   SM   Ed Liermann
15 Notorious Doc Holliday PM   John Mathys
  Skydancer Dancing Spur SM   Dennis Lutynski
16 Erin's Snowy River   PM   Sean Derrig
  Oakgrove Peacemaker PM   Reisner/Ihrke
17 GF Witch Doctor   SM   Allen Dunbar
  True Confidence   PM   Frank Lanasa
18 Nemaha Roadmap   PM   Pat McInteer
  Ihrke's Winchester   PM   Ihrke/Reisner
19 Erin's Prometheus   SM   John Mathys
  Northwoods Nirvana SM   Frank Lanasa
20 Oak Grove Gingersnap PF   Reisner/Ihrke
  Erin's Galaway Girl   PF IS Sean Derrig
21 Notorious Soldier Boy PM   John Mathys
  Skydancer Hang Fire SM   Dennis Lutynski
22 RW Minnie Dedog   PF IS Roger Watson


Please check drawing later in the day to make sure a redrawing wasn't required.


National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship

Champion: Touch 's Match Point; owner/handler Austin Turley

Runner Up: True Confidence; owner/handler Frank Lanasa



President's Comments - T-5 Recovery Device

August 22, 2014

Having had a few inquiries about the recent recommendation for approval of the Garmin T-5, hopefully the following will clear up any confusion on this topic.

The Garmin T-5 has been approved by both the Field Dog Stud Book and the A.F.T.C.A. for use in competition during the ’14-’15 field trial season.



 Jim Crouse

 President, A.F.T.C.A

Certificate Date Stake Placed Total Dogs Bonus Points Points